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Billdip is the slash ship between Bill Cipher and Dipper Pines from the Gravity Falls fandom.


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Bill is mentioned briefly a few times in earlier episodes of the show, however him and Dipper meet for the first time just by the end of the 1st season, in the episode called Dreamscaperers. When Gideon makes a pact with Bill, so he'll steal the safe code from Stan's (Dipper's uncle) mind, Dipper, his sister - Mabel and Soos decide to enter his brain and save him from the dream demon. They meet Bill already at the entrance to the shack in Stan's head. Bill says a pun "I had a hunch I might bump into you," then temporarily burns out a hole in Dipper's torso. A moment later, Dipper asks the demon what he wants with Stan's mind. Bill tells him exactly what he wants and how he'll steal the promised code, since he doesn't believe the trio will stop him. And yet, they turn out to be able to. As Gideon eventually ended a deal with Bill, since the demon lost the code, because of Mabel, he lets the trio go, after they come out to be smart enough to beat him up. He states he's impressed with them, that they're much more clever than they look like and might come in handy someday, so until then he'll be watching them. Then he disappears.

The demon appears again in the 2nd season, in episode Sock Opera. Dipper wants badly to figure out the password to a laptop, thanks to which he could learn the identity of the author of the journals that gather all the mysteries and facts about the creatures from Gravity Falls. As he tries, Bill secretly watches him. After many, many unsuccessful tries, the demon appears to him in a dream, praising his persistence. He then asks Dipper, if he missed him, visibly trying to tease him. Of course, Dipper answers "hardly", as the last time he saw him, Bill tried to steal a code from his uncle's mind. The demon states that he's been keeping an eye on Dipper, since then and that he's impressed with him. He says he deserves a prize and gives him a head that's always screaming, as a joke. Eventually, he hides it laughing as he scared the boy. Then, Bill adds up that he likes him and pokes him, offering Dipper to give him a hint on the password. Obviously, not for free, wanting "a small favor" in return. Dipper refuses, reminding him that he defeated Bill the last time. The demon laughs at it, repeating his words in a sarcastic manner. Bill says that if Dipper changes his mind, he'll be here. As he speaks, he embraces the boy with his arm and pokes him again. Then he makes an impression of how Dipper will behave when he gets up and disappears, thereby waking him up.

Eventually, Dipper gets only one more try on guessing the password, because of too many failed entries. The laptop counts down the minutes to destroying its contents, when Bill appears before the boy again, noticing what's happening. The demon tries to convince Dipper again into making a deal with him. He says that all he wants in return is a 'puppet'. As Mabel was working on a to-be-displayed puppet show lately and made a lot of them, Dipper thinks he wants one of those - Bill actually tricks him into thinking that. Dipper hesitates for a moment, since his sister worked hard to make them. However, Bill makes a good point that Mabel didn't do anything for him lately, while Dipper many times sacrificed for her. The boy peeks at a laptop - there are 30 seconds left. And so, he grabs the demon's, lightened up by blue fire hand, thereby making a deal with him. After that, Dipper asks Bill, what puppet is he gonna pick? The demon answers "you", then separating the boy's soul from his body, taking over the latter. Finally, Bill breaks the laptop, despite their agreement. When asked by Dipper why he did it, he states that the boy was too close to figuring out some major answers that could get in the way of his future "big plans". The next thing Bill is aiming to destroy is a journal containing the town's mysteries, that Dipper owns.

After taking over Dipper's body, Bill plays with it, having fun feeling pain or "drinking" soda. In some moments, he visibly does it just to tease, annoy the boy.

As Dipper's journal is going to be used as a prop in his sister's puppet show, Bill - still in the boy's body - drives with Soos and Wendy to the theatre. In place, Bill asks Mabel where the journal is. She answers it's going to be used in the big wedding scene, but she still needs a reverend. He offers that he'll play the reverend, since then he'd get to hold the journal; Mabel agrees.

While Bill finds out the exact object the journal is put in, Dipper figures out how to communicate with his sister. He tells her about Bill stealing his body and wanting to get the book, then saying she has to find it before the demon destroys it, so Dipper can get back to his flesh.

When Mabel takes the journal, Bill finds her, wanting her to give it to him. The girl disagrees, because it's her brother's and the demon points out that she didn't seem to have a problem taking it for her own play or ditching him when he needed her.

Eventually, the siblings defeat Bill again and Dipper gets back to his body. The demon makes it to yet tell them that this isn't the last they'll hear of him, since big things are coming.


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Billdip is one of the most popular ships in the Gravity Falls fandom and the most popular slash ship in this fanbase. On AO3 it is the most written ship in the Gravity Falls tag; as well as for both of the characters.

Most of the fans ship Bill in the human form with Dipper being an adult or an older teenager. However, still a big part of the fandom is opposed to the ship, because of Dipper being 13 years old in the cartoon and Bill over a trillion.



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  • When Mabel sees Bill in Dipper's body, she makes a fusion of their names - Bipper.
  • In Dreamscaperers Bill calls Dipper a "Pine Tree", because of the sign on the Zodiac. It resulted in many of the shippers using "Pine Tree" as Bill's main nickname for Dipper in fan-fictions.


WillDip refers to the BillDip ship in the Reverse Falls AU.