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Birdflash is the slash ship between Wally West and Dick Grayson from the DC Comics and Young Justice fandom.


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Young Justice Season 1


After breaking into the Justice League files, Dick says that they could go investigate the fire at CADMUS. Wally says that if Dick is going, then he's going too. They look to Kal and he agrees to go with. At CADMUS, Wally runs up the side of the building to save some people, but ends up slipping. Dick comments that it was smooth, and races up to scale the building. He gets to a window and pulls Wally inside.

When they are attacked by the CADMUS monsters, Dick is able to slip away to an access panel and Wally and Kal follow behind. Wally says that he's being a great team player, and Dick says that he thought they were right behind him. They then get into the elevator which Dick makes go down. Wally says that up is the way out, but Dick wants to see CADMUS's Project Kr.


As Dick escaped from the pod, he complains that Batman would be mad at him for how long it took to get the locks picked. Wally can't believe that that's what Dick is worried about and Dick opens the pod. He tells Conner to get Kal while he gets Wally and goes to pick the locks on Wally's wrist. They start to run out as one of the scientists threaten to get them. Dick says that the guy isn't whelmed and Wally asks what's with him and the "whelmed" thing.

As they fight Blockbuster, Dick starts to notice how the building is coming down around them. He tells Wally to get over to him and Wally rushes to his side. He shows Wally a schematic and tells him his plan. He asks if he's got it, and Wally does. Dick tells him to go, and they set the plan in motion.


After Dick goes through a possible explanation as to why Kobra is on the island, Wally sums it up and says to radio Batman. Dick says that Kobra must be hoarding the stuff and that they can't leave. Not until he knows why. Wally is annoyed that he only refers to himself, but Dick points out that the team needs a leader. Wally asks how that's supposed to be Dick when he's a 13 year old kid who ducked out without a word, but Dick points out that Wally isn't much more mature at 15 who blew their cover at the first chance he got. They continue to argue until Wally points out that Dick doesn't have any powers. Dick says that neither does Batman, but Wally says that he's not Batman. But Dick says he's the closest thing they got.

Dick is hacking through the computer and Wally joins him. He asks what Dick has and Dick says that it's a formula for Venom mixed with something else. Wally looks at the formula's and says it's Venom mixed with the Blockbuster formula. Making it stronger and permanent. He asks how Kobra could get ahold of Blockbuster, and Dick says that the buyer must be supplying it. He tries to contact Kaldur, but all he gets is static.


Dick is riding his cycle to Gotham when Wally runs up next to him. He see's that Wally also changed into super gear and Wally says he feels naked in civilian clothes. He asks if Dick is still tracking the parts, and Dick says that they were heading through Gotham, but they his school?


Dick is getting attacked by soldiers, when Wally arrives with the others and saves him. Dick is happy to see a familiar face, and Wally asks if he's also got memory loss. Dick says that he lost six months and wants to compare notes.


Young Justice Season 1

Independence Day

  • Dick questions how Wally can't just be "whelmed".
  • Wally and Dick fist bump when they're welcomed into the hall.
  • Wally asks how Dick is getting into the League computer, and Dick says it's the same system as the batcave.
  • Dick grabs Wally's arm when he rounds the corner.
  • Dick says that at least Guardian got Wally's name right.
  • Wally and Dick hold back Conner from attacking Kal.


  • Dick tells Wally not to tick off Conner.
  • Wally says that Dick's hacking is "sweet".
  • Dick grabs Wally's hand when he uses his grappling hook to escape.
  • Wally and Dick high five before cringing in pain.

Welcome to Happy Harbour

  • Wally and Dick arrive at the hideout at the same time.
  • Wally gives Dick a punch in the arm.
  • Dick gets annoyed by Wally flirting with M'Gann.
  • Dick hits Wally upside the head.
  • Wally and Dick hold hands when Wally removes Dick's from M'Gann's.
  • Wally makes fun of Dick for not being able to share his secret identity.
  • Dick says that Wally is fast with his feet not his mouth.
  • Dick makes fun of Wally for getting a nosebleed when he tries to vibrate through walls.
  • Wally makes fun of Dick for bringing his utility belt everywhere.
  • Wally calls Dick out on being rude to Red Tornado.


  • Wally asks Dick what to do next, only to see that he's disappeared. He hates when he does that.
  • Wally says he'll steer clear as soon as he finds Dick.
  • Wally reminds Dick that he can't read his mind on what he's doing.
  • Dick makes fun of Wally thinking and Wally makes fun of Dick wanting to be leader.
  • Dick whacks Wally on the back.
  • Wally says that he'll get all the intel before Dick.
  • Dick gets Wally to agree with him on Kaldur leading the team.


  • Dick says that Wally hit on his teacher and got served when she asks what he did wrong.
  • Wally grabs Dick so he doesn't get hit by the laser eyes.
  • Wally tells Dick that Conner's lost it.
  • Dick asks for help in disassembling the android, but Wally points out that his head already exploded.


  • Dick gives a moment of silence for Wally, who had to return to school.
  • Dick tells Wally to let up on Artemis since she did save him with her arrow.


  • Wally mentions that Dick is with Batman in Gotham.


  • Dick and Wally see something in the tent.
  • Dick says that M'gann won't be very impressed with Wally's mind.
  • Wally forgot how much he hates it when Dick disappears all the time.
  • Dick tells Wally and Artemis to get a room.


  • Dick throws a communicator to Wally.
  • Wally talks Dick through building an EMP.
  • Dick tells Wally to make a distraction.

Alpha Male

  • Dick agrees with Wally on wanting answers.
  • Wally and Dick are both made at Kaldur for not trusting them.


BirdFlash is one of the more popular ships in the DC Comics fandom, as well as being extremely popular in the Young Justice fandom. It is commonly seen among fans as one of the core fanon Robin ships, alongside TimKon and DamiJon. Most shippers like the ship due to their similar fun personalities.

On AO3, BirdFlash is the most written ship for Wally and the fifth most written for Dick. It is also the tenth most written ship in the Teen Titans - All Media Types tag, the ninth most written in the Nightwing (Comics) tag, the fourth most written in the The Flash (Comics) tag, the third most written in the Teen Titans (Comics) and Young Justice (Comics) tags and most written in the Young Justice (Cartoon) and Young Justice - All Media Types tags.



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  • BirdFlash got its name because Bird = Robin/Nightwing and Flash= Flash/Kid Flash.



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