Bispearl is the non-binary ship between Bismuth and Pearl from the Steven Universe fandom.


Bismuth and Pearl met each other when Bismuth was the fourth member of the Crystal Gems. They fought along each other in battles. They apparently fought together to defeat Nephrites, which is an inside joke for the two. Pearl and Bismuth would also spar together. In a flashback in Your Mother And Mine, they are standing next to each other. When Bismuth goes missing, Pearl is devastated. Before Bismuth was poofed, she was making weapons for Pearl and Garnet.

When Pearl first sees Bismuth, she’s teary eyed and jumped into her arms and hugs her, and they make jokes. Pearl is very excited and fangirls Garnet. They comfort each other when they cry about their dead friends, and Pearl puts her arm on her. Bismuth later puts her arm around her. Pearl is the one to tell Bismuth about her dead friends. Bismuth states that she cant take it when Pearl cries.

Bismuth also made a trident for Pearl, which she gives to her. When Pearl goes to Bismuths forge, she squeaks excitedly and claps for Bismuth. Bismuth, Garnet and Pearl are later seem laughing, with Bismuths hand on Pearls waist, but not Garnets. When Pearl and Bismuth spar each other, they playfully trash talk each other while complimenting each other. After they spar, when Bismuth puts her arms around Garnet and Pearl, Pearl blushes.

Later, when they play cards, they are sitting next to each other. Bismuth looks at a diamond card confusingly while Pearl reassures her that it isn’t related to the Great Diamond Authority, Pearl also makes a snarky comment to Bismuth about Lonely Blade.

When Pearl sees Bismuth bubbled, Pearl is so shocked she covers her mouth with her hand. When the CG’s let the bubble go, Pearl looks longingly at her bubble and rubs it, then let’s it go.

When Bismuth is unbubbled, Pearl instantly forgives her and jumps into her arms and laughs. Pearl is rubbing her face against hers. Bismuth blushes.

When the Crystal Gems sing, Bismuth and Pearl are standing next to each other. At the wedding, Bismuth catches a bouquet near Pearl, and Pearl chuckles. When Pearl sees the cluster, she stays right near Bismuth, leaning against her. Pearl stays near Bismuth for most of the battle,

IDuring Change Your Mind, Bismuth enters White Diamonds ship and Pearl jumps into her arms making Bismuth smile. Later, Pearl and Bismuth laugh together when they uncorrupt their friends, and she laughs when Bismuth jumps on Biggs.

Pearl and Bismuth don’t interact in the movie, but it’s obvious that Bismuth cares about Pearl and wants her memories back.

In the Steven Universe future opening, Pearl is first standing near Bismuth, and then again I’m the group shot with all of the characters. Pearl and Bismuth are then both in the dondai together.

In Bismuth Casual, Pearl and Bismuth flirt with each other. They are on a double date: Bismuth and Pearl, Steven and Connie. Bismuth and Pearl are sitting in the back of the dondai together. Pearl unbuttons Bismuths shirt and pulls up her sleeves, causing Bismuth to blush. Bismuth also laughs when Pearl sings her jingle. When they make it to the rink, Bismuth is jealous of Pearls friends. Pearl grabs Bismuths arm and roller skates with her, having Bismuth sweat nervously. Pearl wants Bismuth to meet her friends, and brags to them about Bismuths deeds.

Later, while the two are skating, Bismuth bumps into Pearl while skating (their butts touch) and Bismuth catches her and scoops her up. They skate together and she looks at Pearl longingly when they talk. Pearl gossips to Bismuth about humans, and states that her friends love her. Bismuth tells Pearl she’s already having fun while blushing, implying that Pearl is what’s making her happy. Later, when Bismuth is talking to Steven, Bismuth looks longingly at Pearl and when Steven asks her if she’s there because of Pearl, Bismuth embarrassingly shushes Steven and she and Pearl wave. Bismuth admits that she only came to spend time with Pearl, and not to make friends with humans. Bismuth also looks at Pearl and says that Pearl is happier then usual, and blushes,

Steven then has Sour Cream play one Pearls jingle, having it go out to Bismuth and Pearl. Bismuth blushes and she and Pearl dance on the rink, while the two sing the song, then laugh and skate together.

In Everythings Fine, Pearl acts as Bismuths assistant for her wedding armor class. The armor is modeled on a Pearl, implying that Bismuth and Pearl may get married. Steven breaks Bismuths anvil, and Bismuth gets upset, so Pearl comforts her by putting her arms on her shoulders.

When Steven wakes up from his corruption, Pearl and Bismuth are standing next to each other.


“Bismuth! Ahahahaha! You're back!”
— Pearl to Bismuth, "Bismuth"


Bispearl a popular pairing for Bismuth. This pairing grew in popularity after the episode "Bismuth Casual" aired and it was revealed that Bismuth has a crush on Pearl. It rivals Pearlrose, Pearlnet, Pearlmethyst, Bisnet and Bisdot.

On AO3, Bispearl is the most written ship for Bismuth and the eight most written for Pearl.



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