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BlackSun is the het ship between Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong from the RWBY fandom.


Volume One

Sun is introduced winking at Blake in slow-motion as he runs past her, with a choir of angels in the background. After Blake accidentally reveals she is a Faunus to her team, she flees and runs into Sun. They spend two days together before she confides in him about her history with the White Fang, which she does before she confides in any of her teammates. Afterwards, Sun helps Blake fight Roman Torchwick and his White Fang thugs.

Volume Two

Blake and Sun's romantic dance (Volume Two)

Just before the food fight, Sun can be heard telling Neptune how amazing Blake is. Later when the team decides to investigate, Sun and Blake are made partners for it. Blake goes with Sun to the school dance where she can be seen dancing and laughing with him all night long.

Volume Three

Blake blushes at Sun (Volume Three)

After Sun's victory in the tournament, he points to Blake in the stands and she blushes, affectionately calling him a dork. Sun is also the first character to know that Blake has left Beacon at the end of the season, and he informs the others of it.

Volume Four

After Blake runs off, Sun chases after her to help her with whatever she's doing. During their fight with the dragon Grimm, they both catch each other in the bridal position, where Sun even playfully exclaims "My hero!". When Sun catches Blake, he pokes fun by saying, "This is the part where you say it." to which Blake rolls her eyes. Sun is later introduced by Blake to her parents, Kali and Ghira. They have tea together and Kali admits that she "likes him" (Sun) to Blake, to which Blake herself gets flustered. When Sun is later recovering from being stabbed by Ilia, Blake also calls him "my hero" in return, a callback to him rescuing her earlier in the volume.

Volume Five

Blake kisses Sun on the cheek (Volume Six)

Sun continues to help Blake fight the White Fang while in Menagerie, as well as restore it to its once more peaceful ways. They are seen having another tea "date", just like in Volume One, and they blatantly flirt while talking about more serious issues. Blake also admits that she tends to describe people through just one word. She has yet to decide on a word for Sun, but as of now, said word is "earnest". At the Battle of Haven he encourages Blake to help her teammates and later again urges Blake to reunite with her friends. Right before this, Blake and Sun also briefly fight Adam together. When he runs off, Sun is about to follow him, but Blake doesn't want to, fearing that they might be lured into a trap. When Sun is about to go back and fight the rest of the enemies on his own, Blake stops him by putting a hand on his shoulder and telling him to be careful, to which he smirks and replies "No promises". Blake then turns her head and looks down to smile before running to help her teammates.

Volume Six

After the Battle of Haven, Sun sees Blake off at the train station as she heads off to Atlas. Blake kisses him on the cheek as a farewell, and he leaves the station with Neptune in tow. Neptune comments that it feels like he's giving up on her but Sun corrects him in saying it was "never like that" and he's just happy to have been able to support Blake, because that was what she truly needed before anything else.

RWBY: Before the Dawn

While giving Yatsuhashi of Team CFVY a tour of Vacuo, Sun mentions that his team was still annoyed at him for ditching them to head to Menagerie with Blake. Yatsuhashi criticizes Sun for leaving "to chase a girl". Sun denies this, saying it wasn’t like that, but thinks to himself "Not entirely", acknowledging he did partially go to Menagerie due to his crush on Blake. While investigating a fight club in the selfsame novel, Sun himself claims to enjoy being bossed around by strong women.

Scarlet also acknowledges that Sun's "time with Blake in Menagerie had changed him" and Sun had become more devoted to large causes due to Blake's influence on him. Sun firmly believes that "her mission was way more important than just settling back in at Haven and picking up his studies" and states that he doesn't regret leaving his team to help Blake in Volume 4.

RWBY Chibi

Sun asking Blake out on a date in RWBY Chibi (season one, episode 24)

Albeit considered non-canon, RWBY Chibi counts more than one BlackSun moment throughout its seasons. For example, Blake and Sun are seen going on an implied date to the library in episode 14 of season two. Moreover, Sun is also seen asking Blake out at the end of season one - she accepts gladly after teasing him a bit ("That's the cheesiest thing I've ever heard"), but they are interrupted by Neptune, who takes Sun away, much to Blake's sadness. During this scene, the audience cheers loudly and even goes "aww/woo!" when Blake accepts Sun's invite. In season three, Sun is displayed in one of Blake's dreams, together with Neptune, Velvet, the shopkeeper, and a fish.

Sun and Blake are also seen recording a beauty vlog together in Season 2 Episode 13, and are having a lot of fun with it. Blake indirectly calls Sun a dork again during said vlog (reference to the blushing scene in Volume Three).


This ship sailed in the first volume and had a large push throughout the first five volumes. Blacksun is the primary rival to Bumbleby, which has sadly lead to a big, still on-going shipwar. Those who don't like BlackSun will often ship Sea Monkeys, Sunflakes, Strawbana or Bunanas instead.

Blacksun is believed to be Blake's second biggest ship and Sun's biggest. On AO3, it is Blake's fourth most written-for ship and Sun's second. Fans of this ship are hopeful that the two will see each other again in volume 10.



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"I knew you'd look better without the bow."


"Emphasis on dork."


"Jury's still out on that one, but I'm leaning towards earnest."


"You showed me that sometimes you need to be there for a friend even when they don't want you to be. I was drowning in guilt and fear. I tried to push you away, but you didn't give up on me."


"But I have a feeling you haven't seen the last of me."




  • In the RWBY Volume Four soundtrack is the main BlackSun leitmotif/song, called "Like Morning Follows Night". One of the verses from Sun's POV specifically says that he'll wait until Blake "will finally see the love that is him". Hence why it is believed that one day, as a callback to Blake assigning everyone a word in Volume Five, Sun's will be "love" and not "earnest" anymore.[citation needed]
  • In the RWBY Volume Three soundtrack, another BlackSun related composition is "Not Fall In Love With You". The song's writer, Jeff Williams, stated that the track is not related to any couple in particular, yet, in the show, it played only once, specifically during the scene in which Sun winks at Blake and she blushes. Hence why many fans think of it as an early BlackSun anthem.
  • BlackSun is characterized by many callbacks and parallels. For example, Sun tells Blake that she "looks better without the bow". Later on, when the two are going to the dance together in Volume Two, Blake tells Sun that "he looks better with a tie". And so on.
  • During the "date" scene in Volume Five, Blake and Sun are seeing drinking from open coconuts while sitting at a table. Each of their drinks has a little umbrella (typical drink decoration) and, coincidentally, Blake's umbrella displays a pattern very similar to Sun's tail, while Sun's is purple with a pattern of flowers, connecting to Blake's secondary theme color and her last name Belladonna, which likely references the Atropa belladonna, a plant with purple flowers.
  • So far, Sun is the only person that has been given what the fandom calls a "kitty" smile from Blake ( :3 ) at the end of Volume Four.
  • Arryn Zech stated at Supernova 2018 that as far as she knows, "Sun is meant for Blake".[1]
  • Arryn Zech compared Blake and Sun to Marinette and Adrien from the show Miraculous Ladybug, who form the semi-canonical pairing of Adrienette.[2]
  • In The World of RWBY: The Official Companion book, Arryn Zech states that "Sun and Blake are adorable together, with cute chemistry."[3]
  • Michael Jones, voice actor for Sun Wukong, has shown support for the ship, asking in an interview for Blake to ”notice the man” and stating that, “Sun’s put in a lot of effort”[4].
  • Their ship name comes from Sun's name and Blake's name meaning Black in old english.


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