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Black Sisters is the familyship between Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa from the Harry Potter fandom.


Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa Black were born to Cygnus Black and Druella Black (née Rosier). Bellatrix, the eldest, was born in 1951 and Narcissa, the youngest, was born in 1955. On their father's side, their cousins were Sirius and Regulus Black.

As members of the wealthy Black family, they grew up in comfortable surroundings. However, their family wasn't entirely loving, as they disowned anyone with pro-Muggle views. The sisters attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1960s and were all sorted into Slytherin, as was normal for Black family members.

After Hogwarts, they took very different paths. Bellatrix followed family traditions and became a dedicated Death Eater, Andromeda opposed her family beliefs and got disowned as a result, and Narcissa was somewhere in between.

The three sisters all got married, but for different reasons. Bellatrix, a pure-blood supremacist, married fellow Death Eater Rodolphus Lestrange solely based on blood status, and did not have any romantic feelings for him. Narcissa married Lucius Malfoy, who was also from a wealthy pure-blood family, but unlike the Lestranges' marriage, love was involved. Andromeda Tonks defied family traditions by marrying Muggle-born Ted Tonks, and, as a result, was disowned from the Black family.

Bellatrix and Narcissa cut off all contact with Andromeda following her marriage to Ted Tonks. Narcissa and Bellatrix remained close, and were allies of Voldemort. While Bellatrix was completely devoted to Voldemort, Narcissa was never loyal to him, and was never an official member of the Death Eaters. Instead, Narcissa was loyal to her son Draco, and betrayed the Death Eaters to protect him.

Andromeda and Bellatrix were enemies. During the Second Wizarding War, Bellatrix killed both their cousin Sirius and Andromeda's daughter, Nymphadora Tonks.


The Black sisters have some popularity in fanon. Fanart and other fanon material of the three is common. Often, focus is on their Hogwarts years, prior to Andromeda marrying Ted. Some headcanon that after the Second Wizarding War, Narcissa and Andromeda at least somewhat reconciled.



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