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Blackfrost is the non-binary ship between Loki and Natasha Romanoff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


The Avengers

Loki is walking back and forth in his glass cell when Natasha comes to interrogate him. Natasha asks Loki about what he has done to Clint and Loki tells her that he has expanded Clint's mind. Natasha continues by questioning about what will happen to Clint's mind once Loki gets his victory. Loki then teasingly asks if she has a feeling for Clint. Natasha denies it, stating that love is for children and that it's the debt she owes. Loki walks backwards, asking Nat about her history. After Natasha told him favor Clint has done for her, Loki asks again about what Natasha will do if he vows to spare Clint. Natasha assures that she is not letting Loki out of his cell.

Loki laughs, confessing that he likes how Natasha bargains for one man when her world is in the balance. Natasha explains that she tends not weep over regimes which fall every day. Loki asks about what Natasha wants, and Natasha says that she simply wants to clear the red in her ledger. Loki taunts her by mentioning all of her misdeeds, and that saving a man no more virtuous than her will not change anything. Loki stands angry, remarking Natasha's attempt as basest sentimentality and a child a prayers. He concludes her as pathetic. He continues taunting Natasha by telling her that all her dark past will always be a part of her. Loki then slams his cell walls, making Natasha flinch. He swears that he will not touch Clint until he makes Clint kill her slowly, and after that he will split Clint's skull.

Natasha turns around and walks away from Loki, condemning Loki as monster. Loki laughs again, telling her that he is not the monster she has brought. Natasha concludes that Loki plans to unleash the Hulk. It turns out that she has tricked the information out of Loki, while making him believe that his threats had gotten to her. Once Loki realizes, he is surprised by it. Natasha thanks Loki for his cooperation and leaves him in his cell.

With help from her allies, Natasha and the rest of the Avengers were able to save Earth and bring Loki back into their custody. Since their shared goal to stop Loki is what helped Natasha to help with her allies. Natasha later sees Loki off as Thor brings his brother back to his home realm, so Loki could face his punishment. While she takes a short brake from what Loki has put her through.


The Avengers

  • Natasha flies the quinjet as they transport back Loki.


The shipping began in one scene of The Avengers when Natasha asked Loki if he's mad when he was arrested. Fans believed if Natasha and Loki are canon, Loki would say to Natasha something that would make up for the Avengers then hook up with her.

Loki and Natasha's personalities clashed but fans think it mix well. Other than that, they believed that the ship work as both are reformed villains. Fans feel like if they were to get along, Natasha would accept Loki for who he is, having to hear about his hard background. She would be more understanding to him and be someone who would always have his back. It would start off as a friendship and grow into something even bigger with time.

Many fanworks involve Loki being punished after the events of The Avengers by being changed into a human, sometimes Natasha was his handler or teacher, or sometimes they just meet again. Other than that, some also involving Natasha being included in canon events where she was not present, like Thor: The Dark World or Thor: Ragnarok.



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