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Blight Siblings is the family ship between Amity Blight, Emira Blight and Edric Blight from The Owl House fandom.


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Amity, Emira and Edric Blight are the current children of the Blight family, their parents have big plans for Amity while the twins do has they please by causing trouble. This has Amity ratting her older siblings to their parents whenever she catches the twins doing something they shouldn't. Deep down the three do care about one another, but their hard to please mother has Amity being the perfect daughter she wants her to be, while the twins are left as a second thought for not meeting her standers.

Around the time that Amity met a human who ends up in the demon realm, the twin have had enough of their sister telling on them and decide to get even by getting their hands on her diaries. Knowing that Amity has placed them in her secret room in the liberty and that she doesn't like the way that Luz the human has made her look bad, the twins get the idea to rope Luz in their search for Amity's hidden diaries during the night of the wailing star. Amity knew that the twins were up to something and manages to catch them in the act, even thuogh the Twin's earlier actions place their younger sister in danger later on. That is why the twins become protective of Amity to make up for their actions, while still embarrassing her in front of Luz like any siblings would. This shows that the siblings have become much closer than they were before, as "Adventures in the Elements" has the twins telling Luz that they love their sister.

The said episode also the twins over seeing Amity's training on the nee, while still embarrassing their sister in front of Luz when they tell her that Amity still uses a training wand. "Adventures in the Elements" also reveals that despite Amity's young age, she is more mature than the twins who commonly act childish in more ways an one; but are still able to look out for their sister. As they did prepare dinner for Amity for when she takes a break from her training, before Amity and Emira tell Edric that he shouldn't eat or keep the bat he found as a pet. When Luz's actions accidently causes her to anger the Slighter Beast with Amity's training wand, the youngest Blight becomes powerless to help her siblings when the beast captured the twins, due to Luz using all of the wand's energy and Amity wasn't sure that she can use her new fire spell without. Despite that fact, Amity takes it upon her self to help her brother and sister from the Slighter Beast, knowing that she is one of the only people that can save them from being eaten by it. Even though Emira wasn't sure if Amity is able to use her new spell on her own, she chose to tell Amity the right words that filled her sister with the confidence she needs to pull it off. As it allows Amity to save the twins and the Owl Lady. When the rescued twins over hear Luz and Amity wanting to begin a secret Azura book club, they tease their sister by saying that they'll tell everyone about it.

The Blight Twins led Amity their assistance again in "Enchanting Grom Fright," as the three take it upon themselves to help Luz prepare for her battle with the Grom. As Luz offered to take Amity's place so she couldn't have to face her worse fear. Edric revealing his worse fear of "being alone forever" while Emira's is "being stuck with you forever," show that they understand why Amity doesn't want to be the Grom Queen; and the fact that the two enjoy creating chaos in any shape or form. Similar to how the Twins got took up on Grom Nite, Amity was having trouble with finding the courage to ask Luz to be her Grom date.

When their parents were trying to gain investors for their latest Abomination creation in "Escaping Expulsion", the Twins were left in charge of showing their guests in while Amity was forced to serve as the demonstrator. When Amity causes the pitch to go wrong and it leads to their parents forcing Principal Bump' to kick Amity's friends out of Hexside, the Twins help their sister to save Luz from their parents' creation; as long as Amity doesn't tell their mother that they helped them. Amity appreciates their help, but knows the Emira and Edric well enough to know that the twins can't help themselves when it comes to pranks. That is why she throws the summoned "Hex me" notes back at the twins before giving them a serious "I'm watching you" look. As Amity was too much in a hurry to deal with their childish pranks.

There were many hidden sighs that indicate Emira and Edric knowing that Amity fancies Luz, from how they tend to tease their sister in front of her crush. Even though the two did made fun of Amity long before their younger sister began to like the human as a friend.


Eda's Requiem

  • The three watch King's live video stream message to his father.


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The Blight Siblings are one of the main canon family ships in the The Owl House fandom, next to the Clawthorne Sisters and the semi-canon Owl House Family, as fans continue to fall in love with their sibling bond. After their parents were finally revealed in season two, fans began to feel sorry for the three and gained a new perspective for the siblings rivalry that the three had in season one. Most Blight siblings fan works have Emira and Edric helping Amity whenever they can, like making sure that their sister gets to be with the person she loves.

On AO3, the siblings have over 235+ family/gen fanfics. Tumblr and Deviantart is also filled with drawings and screengrabs of the three together.



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Blight Family refers to the ship between the three, Alador Blight and Odalia Blight
Blight Twins refers to the ship between Edric and Emira


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