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Blitzstone is the slash between Blitzen and Hearthstone from the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles fandom.


Hearthstone is a deaf elf who practices magic, and Blitz is a dwarf son of Freya with an interest in fashion. They met when Hearth tried magic for the first time and accidentally teleported into Nidavellir, home of the dwarves. Since elves require sunlight to live and Nidavellir is underground, he likely would have died had Blitzen not found him and made a sun-bed for him.

Hearth comes from an abusive family in Alfheim, and Blitzen's father died checking on the Fenris wolf's bonds. Hearth and Blitz joined Mimir's service for the chance for Hearth to pursue magic. They were given the assignment of watching over Magnus Chase while he lived on the street, gaining them the titles of his homeless mom and dad.

After Magnus' death, their true identities as a dwarf and an elf were revealed, and they joined Magnus on his quest for the sword of summer to stop the Fenris wolf. They have a hard time being apart, as seen when they separate to escape Ratatosk, and when they reunite in Nidavellir, Hearth nearly knocks Blitzen off his chair in a hug.


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On AO3, Blitzstone is the most written ship for Blitzen and Hearthstone. It is also the second most written ship in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Rick Riordan tag.



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  • They are known as Magnus' "parents," despite being barely four years older than him.
  • Hearth never takes off the scarf Blitz gave him early in their friendship.
  • Blitzen built a tanning bed in his home to save Hearth's life.
  • When Blitz is stabbed and then petrified, Hearth is described as "heartbroken."
  • Hearthstone is willing to return to the site of his childhood trauma to save Blitzen's life.
  • They live together in an apartment above Blitzen's clothing shop.
  • Blitz appears jealous when Hearth's childhood friend Inge confesses her love for Hearthstone.
  • Hearth does not seem to notice Inge's affection whatsoever.
  • Hearthstone is often called by Blitzen as "my elf".
  • After fight in cave near Cape Cod, Blitzen is holding Hearth's head on his lap.
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