Dawsonsstl Dawsonsstl 14 hours ago

A Ship

So, have you people heard of FeenRis?

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Paulcaleb12 Paulcaleb12 4 days ago

My best mlp ship

Spike & Rarity ralenship is the best ship in MLP

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Geritaescanon Geritaescanon 6 days ago


amo el gerita

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about my username

i'm not a moth i'm a prince just to make that clear. Kris came up with the name as a joke but it was better than the other ones.

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so me and Susie were "hanging out" till we saw this skeleton looking guy.he wasn't talking but it looked like he was using sign language or something...it was just...weird...

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Janemize Janemize 15 days ago

My last goodbye to all of you

Hey, long time no see, it has been a while.

It was really fun contributing and sharing my preferred ships here.

But now it's time to say goodbye, for real.

I created a blog post just to say that I'm leaving not only this wiki and FANDOM, but the whole internet.

Anything I done on this account doesn't represent my current persona. I don't like any ships right now. And I did many wrong choices back then that I'm ashamed and sorry about. We all make mistakes, grown up and learn that it's bad and shouldn't be done again. Sorry if it's too vague, but I don't want to talk about it at all.

All I want is to start from scratch. Thanks for everything and goodbye.

(In case you're wondering: No, this isn't a suicide note. I'll be fine, I promise)

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RedArcher RedArcher 15 days ago


Hey everybody, I need everyone's help. I'm sure some of you are familiar with the popular rebooted She-Ra series on Netflix and that it just had it's big finale over a month ago. According to the creator of the show, Noelle, said that if the fans want to see this show to continue, like a sixth season or a movie, then the petition that's been created with that purpose in mind needs to spread like wildfire, which means it's needs to be signed, shared, and spread. I'm asking folks, if they're interested, to sign this petition:

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Ispeakartsu Ispeakartsu 17 days ago


WHat is this? Ohh okay!


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PercyAndAnnabethForever PercyAndAnnabethForever 21 days ago


Recently i read and watched tHG (hunger games). What are some of your tHG ships? Mine are effie x hymlitch (omg pardon my spelling) and what i'm calling toast (katniss x peeta aka everlark) for sure! Feel feel to show me the light on any ships from here!

With love, Cat

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SomeAnimeIdiot SomeAnimeIdiot 22 days ago

TF even is this lamo

i dont know what this even is. but i ahve bald miu iruma. its great. lmao.                                                 


                                                                                                                 miu iruma x bald is  g r e a t  ngl its my #1 otp.

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TomboyGirl3336e TomboyGirl3336e 29 days ago

Dream X Georgenotfound

I love this ship and I think it is so amazing and grate but I am sorry sorry to CRUSH YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS of them ever getting together.

although we can all tell that dream and George love each other like love love each other it's not likely that they will ever get together.

Georgenotfound currently lives in Brighton, England on the flip side Dream Lives in Orlando, Florida. Witch if you dont know is 4,346 mi apart so ya. But we can keep imagining them getting together and making fan art of them kissing and everything you know awkwardness but it's most likely not going to happen and I'm super sorry I love this ship just as much as you do. But don't take my word for I could be wrong they might end up like long-distance dating you know maybe …

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Matchateacos Matchateacos 11 October


I feel like Kirukaede is underappreciated in the fandom. Don't get me wrong! If you ship them with someone else your valid! But their dynamic is so cute and I feel as if we got more screen time with the two then people would appreciate it more! It's a huge comfort ship of mine and I just wish more people would love it like I do. If anyone else ships Kirukaede please tell me so that we can rant about it together lol

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BitchBoiUwU BitchBoiUwU 9 October

First day, lmao!

I feel like i should have already had an account on here. Why didn't I?? The world may never now....

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Huntingolives Huntingolives 3 October

OliveBlog 1

Hai Olive here. Before you get upsetty spaghetti yes this is shipping related. It has shipping in it since I'll be posting head canons and ship of the day things here. There will also be other things but the post will have shipping related things I assure you. Anyways listeners let's see what I have in store for you.

-Story Time (could or could not be shipping related)

-Some Pick Up Lines and Jokes cause I'm a funny person. I'd say the same for my brother but he's just funny looking. (Sometimes shipping related sometimes not)

-Word of Advise (could have shipping or not)

-Litte Events (Again it could have shipping in it but at times it might not)

-Fic Recs (Yes this will def have shipping content and it's gonna be juicy. Hence why this is shippi…

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NinaYai NinaYai 2 October

Today's Journey and second Blog Post 10-2-2020

Hello everyone I've been busy with exams but im doing great now thank you. 

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i am shippy

  • i love shipping people.
  • i am NOT a human 
  • i ship: armourshipping adrienettete jaya.
  • i am your WORST NIGHTMARE
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NinaYai NinaYai 27 September

Today's Journey and first Blog 09-26-2020

Today I read the beginning after the end so that all I have to say BYE oh yeah and I'm a Fujoshi 

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Katnxip Katnxip 22 September

oh no

im about to make a decision on shipping wiki i will soon regret 

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Irumasan Irumasan 20 September



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PercyAndAnnabethForever PercyAndAnnabethForever 20 September

My introduction

What's up. Names Cat. So... heh i don't know what to talk about. I've never had a blog before. I've never ever even read a blog before! Okay...um... so you know my name's Cat... I'm in alot of fandoms. Mostly gonna be in the Shipping one and the Riordan one. Ok so...um...haha. I really don't know what i'm doing. Um... i'll just tell you a lil bit about myself. I LOVE to read. It's my favorite hobby. I think I was influenced alot by my fourth grade teacher but i did start to love reading in first grade. Um... in first grade i was already at a ...third grade level? I don't remember very well. Anyway, I've read pjo, hoo, divergent, hp, dork diaries, juney b. jones,, and sherlock homes. Those are the seiries i can name off the top of my head. …

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TTGFan64 TTGFan64 18 September

New image

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Pls just love me Pls just love me 9 September

deku x shigaraki

" Let them talk izuku,no matter what they think or say I'll be with you until you your self kill me"
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Stormourner Stormourner 9 September

Loveshipping Dialogues

I'm not much of a story writer but the short dialogues is all I can do.

Horace from Armello (© League of Geeks) x Inmate #43B from Tooth and Tail (© Pocketwatch Games) x Dr. Madge Honey Badger from Zootopia (© Disney)
Inmate #43B: bring back my family 🎶

Horace: my brothers and sisters betrayed me 🎶

Dr. Madge Honey Badger: I'm here to cure your broken hearts 🎶

Marshal from Animal Crossing (© Nintendo) x Elyssia from Armello (© League of Geeks)
Marshal: I will build a heart on the walls 🎶

Elyssia: no one can be between our walls 🎶

Volodar from Armello (© League of Geeks) x Tsubone from Aggretsuko (© Sanrio)
Tsubone: Retsuko! I want to introduce you to our new accountant 😁

Volodar: greetings, Retsuko it's a pleasure to meet you 😊

Retsuko: oh hell no....😧


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RABNerd VP RABNerd VP 3 September

No-Stub September 2020

Our usual rule of deleting stub pages will be put on pause till the end of the month, so if it has been a stub page for six months you have a little extra time to edit. However, the skeleton rule does still apply.

If you see a page in there that you know anything about, please add to it. All the rules for how a page is no longer considered a stub are also listed there. If anything confuses anyone feel free to ask any of the admins for help, or leave a comment below if there are questions. You can also look at previos years posts to see if your question was answered.

Thank you all for your time, and Happy Shipping!

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Virvar Virvar 25 August

2020 Ship Battle Tell-Tale TV

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Space.redacted Space.redacted 19 August

Just stuff about me ig, im new to this forgive me haha

Sup guys, gals and nonbinary pals, this is kinda an introduction for me, it might be messy but its whatever i guess haha. just here to say all my fandoms and ships an maybee a few fun facts u may wanna know :)

Im just gonna drop my list of anime ive seen uh its decent sized, kinda small but its swwag:

-Fairy Tail

-That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

-Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

-Demon Slayer

-Boku no Hero Academia

-Ouran High School Host Club

-Black Butler

-Himouto! Umaru Chan

-Danganronpa (ive played all the games as well)

-Yuri!! On Ice(still watching it haha)

-JJBA(still watching)

-School Live




-Your Lie in April


-Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

-Sakura Trick


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MelancholicHeart56 MelancholicHeart56 8 August

Maybe It's Best I Take a Break

I don't know how else to explain how I feel but sad.

I really love this site. It feels like the only place I can geek out and share my love for certain ships and interacting with others who also share my love for the same pairings. And I enjoy making discussions regarding ship-related topics and love reading the answers I get on my post, if I'm lucky enough.

Though lately, I've genuinely felt bad and ashamed for even liking my favorite ships due to seeing regular posts saying why my ships are problematic and why it's the wrong way to ship. I'm not saying any usernames because I don't encourage harassment.

I don't wanna block users because it seems petty on my end. So I guess the best option for me is to take a long break from the wiki.


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Hero :3

Heh hi everyone I'm new to this and don't know how to work anything but the ship page bc IM smart like that. So plz tell me how to work this darn thing for mah iPad

(The total is ment to say hello) plz forgive my spelling...
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Techno Bunny Techno Bunny 29 July

IzuOcho(Don’t know if I spelled it right)

Let me just tell you that I love this ship and I hope that it becomes canon(which it will) and I hope you agree with me,I respect your opinion if you like a different ship like TodoDeku.

I just made this blog because I wanted to tell you all how much I love this ship, So yeah, I think IzuOcho is a great,non-toxic,and amazing ship💖 if you wanna day your opinions in the comments

also plz don't be mean cause I'm a sensitive bean

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Stormourner Stormourner 26 July

Heartship - Themes For The Loveshippings

finding a suitable vocal song for each individual loveshipping isn't easy because I have to think of a title or find a lyrics that reminds me of a loveshipping. please do not recommand me to any songs because they might not satisfies me and I do not want to disappoint you. some of the individual loveshipping will have two or more themes and anyways enjoy listening

[My Fanbase]

Bingo x Lila
Bluey (© Joe Brumm)
James Hype - More Than Friends (Bounce Remix)
Bodi x Darma
Rock Dog (© Mandoo Pictures)
Haddaway - Rock My Heart (Extended Mix)
Darkeater Midir x Black Dragon Kalameet
Demon's & Dark Souls (© From Software)
DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark - Everlasting Love (Album Version)
Hopper x The Quartermaster
Tooth and Tail…

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add more fandoms :)

Eddsworld fandom:







-Tomsusan(as a cargoship)

Add more camp camp ships and the hazbin fandom

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About me 2 + Questions and Answers:

I'm a person closed both of feelings, as of heart (even if it's not like that), i don't literally cry in any movie or anime. (Yeah, i didn't really cry in Coco). But, i'm a lovey-dovey person in my inside that needs some attention.

I don't really like movies or series from Netflix or another platform, i only like watching Youtube and explore Tumblr (also, i play Roblox).

I like watching Ao3. Literally any ship i love.

Also, i will tell the ships i like that are probably to be Canon:


IruAzz. (Yep, i'm 99% sure that this is going to be canon, their interactions, Alice's admiration for Iruma make them a perfect couple asfafhasgagfa).


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About me

Hello, so i will introduce myself so they can know me better.

My name it's Fujoshi-san, but they can call me Cam, that it's my aka name. Oh, they can also call me Nee-chan too! I love those nicknames on me :)

  • I don't have any Husbandos in any anime, i don't really like them but if i could say one, it would be Wangnan from Tower of God.
  • My waifu it's Yuri Jahad from Tower of God.
  • I used to ship Het ships before, now i'm more into slash ships (yuri too, but not too much). My favorite manwha it's Love it's an illusion and Tower of God.
  • My favorite character from anime it would change because i watch many anime and i use to change my favorite character, but anyways i will say it, it's Deku, Iruma Suzuki and Naegi Makoto (yes, i said one, but i just na…
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My own Blog Post -w-

So, this is my first time writting a Blog, so don't judge me if i have some mistakes, my english it's just too bad ;-;.

I'm recently doing a ship page named Hayaryuu, i'm going to add all the info i find in the anime and the manga, sorry if it's too long that ship page, but ya'll need to understand that the ships have to be a bit large like Zutara.

Leaving that aside, i will try to talk about me.

I love watching anime, but sometimes i can get tired of it cause it's too much for me watching another anime after watching one. Also, i like to find out what ships are in every anime, but sadly for me, every anime it's full of Het couples, i don't say i don't like them, i just got too used to ship Het ships before and i got a bit tired of it, but th…

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Tiffanyfireblade Tiffanyfireblade 12 June


hi im fairly new to this place and i see a lot of posts about something called BHNA (i think i spelled it right)

can someone explain what that is?

and also why there isnt a page for Fitzskimmons

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Okida26 Okida26 10 June

List of my ship-related "TED Talk" posts

Here is a list of my "TED Talk" posts, but first, an explanation:

  • 1 What is a "TED Talk" post?
  • 2 My "TED Talk" Posts so far, organized by fandom and time:
    • 2.1 Undertale
      • 2.1.1 AU Realization #1
      • 2.1.2 Narra-Chara Theory Leading to Charisk Evidence?

A "TED Talk" post is a post where I ramble about a realization I have about something, like for example, ship evidence, or AUs that would show said ship. I put "Thank you for coming to my TED Talk." at the end of the post to mark both the end of the post, and the post's nature.

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Okida26 Okida26 10 June

The Charisk Squad discussion page

Here is the page for the Charisk Squad. Remember, this is just for the fun of it. Here, we just relax and chat and stuff.

  • The "Glitchtale S2 Ep5 is much sadder because NOOO MY SHIP" Squad
  • The  "Getting a tumblr acc just to view content by noinaedamiiz" Squad (Note: may also include content by dreamy-94)
  • The "Literally a couple hundred tabs open on Chrome just for mah ship" Squad

  • Okida26 (Founder of this particular group of users)
  • Boomrex
  • Marcus Mattson
  • Ghaztly92
  • Pinkmistle06
  • Samanthapov
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Yukiranrights Yukiranrights 9 June

How to make a userbox

Help I'm gonna die

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Stormourner Stormourner 31 May

Doom Slayer's Lagomorph Family

this is a crossover familyshipping list of the lagomorph characters as the Doom Slayer's family member and more will be added. I asked an admin to purge the original blog post so I can make a new one because as the title suggests that I will be adding pika characters if I can find them because rabbit and hare characters are infinitely common throughout the medias and the pika characters deserves a lot of love and attention.

[My Fanbase]

Amber Valebriar
Armello (© League of Geeks)
Hataraku Onii-san! (© Tomovies)
Cottons (© Jim Pascoe)
Rivals of Aether (© Dan Fornace)
Armello (© League of Geeks)
Animal Crossing (© Nintendo)
Cottons …

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Sealking1 Sealking1 31 May

Ok nevermind

Ok i have the badge now i think it was a glitch in my tablet.

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Sealking1 Sealking1 31 May

Im trying to get the introduction badge

So yeah im trying to get the introduction badge and as far as i can tell ive done all the requirements, does anyone know if there is something else i have to do, becuase i dont have it.

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Gemmaniac Gemmaniac 28 May

Ships that are yet to be added

At the time, I don't really got the spare time to create the pages for the following ships but here're some off the top of my head:


Rocketshipping (James x Jessie)

LionHeart Shipping (Leon x Sonia)

True Rival Shipping (Leon x Raihan)

Lochness Dragon Shipping (Nessa x Raihan)

Shy Goth Shipping (Victor x Marnie)

Punk Rock Professor (Piers x Sonia)

Haullie Shipping (Hau x Lillie)

Postwick Shipping (Hop x Gloria)

Hazbin Hotel:

Charlastor (Charlotte Magne x Alastor)

Spider Moth (Vagatha/Vaggie x Anthony/Angel Dust)

The Moth's Explosive Firearms (Vaggie x Cherri Bomb x Angel Dust)
Chaggastor (Charlie x Vaggie x Alastor)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

The Key to My Boomerang (Nana x Harith)

Cyan Tiger (Wanwan x Ling)

Crimson Flower (Hayabusa x Hanabi)

The Devi…

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Ely the Potato Ely the Potato 20 May

My weird preferences

Ok now, I seriously don't know what to do. I ship Komahina but I'm starting to lowkey ship Sansmaeda (which is against my law) because of an MMD (you don't wanna know its name). I'm kinda confused because of this and I think I can't be fixed. I don't know who to talk to bcuz nobody will understand soooo yeah. (same with Naezono and Nakaede, Connverse and Stevenel and some others)

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Sonicswift95 Sonicswift95 11 May


Hi, my name is sonicswift, but everyone calls me sonic or ampi. I hope I can help this wiki

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The reason Kacchaco is my OTP

So the reason why I have Kacchako is my OTP because for one reason is I relate to Ochaco a lot and I have a HUGE crush on Bakugo. Another reason is because of Two Heros when Bakugo was dancing with Ochaco, I don't know if that was in the movie but another thing from Two Heros was when Bakugo saved Ochaco like we know he isn't one to save others. I also have other reasons I would rather not share. Please do not hate me for liking this ship.

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Shadcreamfan2004 Shadcreamfan2004 1 April


Hey guys. I think I'm gonna retiring from this wiki...I can't tell why...

It's been fun guys, goodbye.

Love yall

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Yu-Gi-Oh GX Writer Confirmed that Alexis and Jesse ended up together after answering my theory.

hi everyone. i took advices to heart and found the writer Shin Yoshida. i asked him about my theory and you all are gonna be surprised today. he responded to my theory and confirmed that Asuka and Johan ended up together in Episode 179 offscreen. he explained to me that before finishing GX he intended Judai and Asuka to be a thing but couldn't figure it out after he fused with Yubel. so instead he revealed a scripted relationship that was cut. Dreamshipping is officialy the canon shipping of GX.  i never thought my opinion is true....what a blessing! the writer of the GX Anime also stated that Alexis had feelings for Jaden and she stopped confessing cause she secretly loves Jesse in secret. so don't be upset about this because it got confi…

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i have a theory that Asuka and Johan ended up together in Season 4

hey everyone as you can see i'm posting this blog for you all. my theory is that Asuka and Johan ended up together at the Graduation Party of Season 4. that's my theory. i know to you it doesn't make sense but i think Alexis and Jesse could be canon and official if one of the writers of the show that focus now on Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens Shin Yoshida confirms them as couple together. why i have a theory like this? for two reasons. remember the Episode where Asuka tried to confess to Judai? why did she stop? my theory is that she stopped confessing cause she secretly loves Johan since the Dark World Arc of Season 3. to me in Season 3 Johan was the real hero cause of his sacrifice before Yubel took over his body to possess him as Dark Johan. i want a…

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DanganronpaRein DanganronpaRein 30 January


Hello! This is an update for the fandoms I'm in! I am a newcomer to the Your Turn To Die series! I love it so much and we must protect Kanna, Nao, Gin, and Nao from this world! My favorite floor master is maybe Miley Sue or Mountain Dew girl (I forgot the name). My ships are:

Joe x Sara

Sou x Majority Votes

Nao x Reko

Sou x Kanna (A bit)

I am also not the My Hero Academia wiki! You'll be able to see some of my posts on there! I am a shipper, and we need to protect Eri at all costs, no buts. Anyway, these are just some updates on what I'm doing!

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