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Blood Mint is the femslash ship between Ruby Rose and Emerald Sustrai from the RWBY fandom.


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Ruby and Emerald first met after Ruby accidentally bumped into Emerald in the dorm hallway at Beacon. Emerald helped Ruby up, though unbeknownst to Ruby, Emerald is merely posing as a student from Haven alongside Cinder and Mercury. Emerald becomes friendly with Ruby soon after though it is clearly an act as Emerald roles her eyes at Ruby when she isn't looking.

Between meeting near the end of the second semester and the beginning of the Vytal Festival the two develop a strong "friendship". When Team RWBY go out for lunch to celebrate progressing to the next round in the Vytal Festival, Emerald appears to give Ruby her wallet she dropped, though it was most likely pick-pocketed from Emerald in the first place. Emerald congratulates Team RWBY on their win which makes Ruby blush and fumble with her words. Ruby invites Emerald and her team to their victory lunch but she declines. Afterwards Emerald vents her frustration with having to pretend to be friends with Team RWBY, not understanding how they can keep up a constant positive attitude.

The two do not interact directly during the fall of Beacon but Ruby finally becomes aware that Cinder and the rest of her team are responsible for Grimm invasion. Ruby and Emerald finally meet again months later at Haven where they fight against each other as both their teams try to gain the relic of knowledge.


Blood Mint is a rarepair within the RWBY fandom. While it's fanbase it small, many who don't necessarily ship Blood Mint still believe that Ruby had a genuine crush on Emerald during their Beacon days as she is the character Ruby has blushed for. Their fake friendship also lends its self naturally into fake dating tropes.



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