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“Okay, Bobbi, time to reintroduce the world to Mockingbird and all her kickassery...”
— New Avengers (2004) #56

Bobbi Morse is a character from the Marvel fandom.


Earth 616

Bobbi Morse, a biology PhD from Georgia Tech turned SHIELD field agent, was assigned by Nick Fury to a mission in the Savage Land to track down Ka-Zar and ask him to assist SHIELD. During the mission, Bobbi and Ka-Zar developed feelings for each other, but each were too attached to their respective homes for the relationship to ever get off the ground.

Bobbi later left SHIELD to become a freelance agent. She ran across Clint Barton while investigating suspicious activity at Cross Technological Enterprises, and after finding out that they made a good team, the two of them eloped. They moved to LA and started the West Coast Avengers, a close-knit, more casual version of the original Avengers team. At some point, Bobbi became pregnant, and she and Clint were looking forward to having the baby, but then she miscarried.

Much later, Bobbi was abducted by Skrulls, who replaced her with an imposter. The imposter fought along the West Coast Avengers and died in action, causing Clint to leave the team. Years later, it was revealed that Bobbi was still alive, and she returned to Earth. Her relationship with Clint was shaky, and due to their respective traumas from things they had experienced over the last few years, they decided to split up amicably.

At some point, she dated Lance Hunter, an MI6 agent, but it didn't last very long.

She returned to SHIELD and began working with Parker Industries as a liaison. As one of the few people who knew that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were the same person, their friendship grew quickly. They tried dating for a little while, but they split up due to not having much in common outside of work.

She met Nadia Van Dyne during a superhero team-up, and Nadia confessed that Bobbi was her role model, which meant a lot to Bobbi. Janet Van Dyne, Nadia's stepmother, took Nadia under her wing, and Janet started an organization for Nadia and other teenage girl scientists. She brought Bobbi on as a scientific mentor. Since then, Bobbi and Janet have become very close, and they joke about being married and raising teenagers together.


Bobbi was a loyal SHIELD agent for many years. She met freelance mercenary Lance Hunter on a mission and they fell madly in love, but she was always keeping secrets from him, as she was a SHIELD agent and he wasn't. Eventually, this caused them to get divorced.

Later, Bobbi recommended to Phil Coulson that he hire Hunter for SHIELD missions. Coulson eventually offered Hunter a full-time job at SHIELD, which would have been the solution to their marriage problems, except that Bobbi wasn't actually working for Coulson; she was working for a different SHIELD faction run by veteran Robert Gonzales. Eventually, the two factions merged. When Bobbi was kidnapped by Grant Ward and Kara Palamas, Hunter realized how much he loved her, and after she saved his life by jumping in front of a bullet meant for him, they rekindled their relationship.

After months of physical therapy, Bobbi finally went back into the field. After a few missions, Bobbi and Hunter were forced to resign from SHIELD for political reasons. They continued working together and dating, almost getting re-married.



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HawkingWidow — the ship between Bobbi, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff
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Earth 616

Clint Barton

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Lance Hunter

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Earth 616

Janet Van Dyne

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Janet and Bobbi are the adult mentors at Nadia Van Dyne's G.I.R.L. organization for teenage girls with exceptional achievements in science. They've become very close, and they joke about the fact that they're co-raising Nadia and her friend Ying.



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