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BokuHina is the slash ship between Kōtarō Bokuto and Shōyō Hinata from the Haikyu!! fandom.


Bokuto and Hinata have very similar personalities. They both love volleyball very much and would sacrifice a lot of things just to play it. They also both love meat as showed in episode 11 of Season 2. Hinata greatly admires Bokuto because he's the ace of Tokyo's champion school, which is what Hinata wants to be. Bokuto also respects Hinata because of his determination to keep going and his playing style. Hinata also often flatters Bokuto, telling him that he's amazing. This causes Bokuto to be happily and he decides to teach Hinata all sorts of techniques to use during games.

During the summer training camp, Hinata joined Bokuto and Akaashi's team in the 3-on-3 practice match against Kuroo, Tsukishima, and Lev. Of course, the height difference was unfair, but Bokuto and Hinata didn’t seem to mind. Bokuto gave Hinata advice on what to do playing against tall players like them and how to avoid getting blocked, which inspired Hinata. When Kuroo, Lev, and Tsukishima ganged up on Hinata to block him, Bokuto called them out for going for the shortest player. But he was very impressed after Hinata still managed to get a point against the three blockers of their height. He then decided to teach Hinata a new technique, the 'feint shot' attack, which Hinata ended up using against Bokuto in Karasuno's match against Fukurōdani. When Bokuto got confused, Akaashi reminded him that he was the one who thought Hinata that skill.

After the match, Hinata announced Bokuto that Karasuno was not going to lose in a real match against them, and Bokuto happily accepted the challenge. He then told Hinata that before they could do that, they were going to have a meat war. Bokuto has called Hinata his number one disciple several times and Hinata has called Bokuto his mentor.

In Season 4, To the Top, when Karasuno is meeting everyone in the building, Bokuto finds Hinata. He shows to be very happy that Hinata made it to nationals. During the match between Fukurodani and Eiwa, Bokuto shows his 6th weakness, which was that he always wanted to show off. Akaashi tries to convince him to get out of his "emo" mode. When he needs one last push, he tells Bokuto that Hinata had came to watch Bokuto's match. This was just enough to push Bokuto through. During Karasuno's match with Inarizaki, Bokuto watches from the sidelines. He states that despite Hinata's height, he still knows how to handle himself on the court. He continues to cheer for Hinata through out the match.

As of Nov 2018, they are teammates for the Div. 1 volleyball team the MSBY Black Jackals.


This is a very popular ship in Haikyuu!! due to the fact that Bokuto is Hinata's mentor. Some people also say that Bokuto is like a father-figure for Hinata. This is also a very popular ship because of how similar Hinata and Bokuto are and their respect for one another. It is not said in the show, but there are hints pointing that Hinata thinks that Bokuto is a lot like the Little Giant/Small Giant. Bokuto also calls Hinata his "Number 1 pupil", which is also something that made this ship interesting. But even though the ship is very popular, it doesn’t change the fact that they mostly only interact at the summer training camp. This ship deeply rivals with BokuAka and KageHina.



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