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“There he goes again. Bokuto gets depressed easily, but it's just as easy to pump him back up again.”
— Yukie Shirofuku from Chapter 96

BokuYukie is the het ship between Kōtarō Bokuto and Yukie Shirofuku from the Haikyu!! fandom.


Yukie is one of the female managers at Fukurodani, while Bokuto is the captain and ace. The two of them are friends. Bokuto often borrows money/notes from her although he has a tendency to forget to return anything to her. Yukie also often makes fun of Bokuto because of his hair and his intelligence. Although, she is likely joking.

Yukie and Bokuto both share a love of food, this is shown in episode 11 of season 2. During the barbeque; both of them are shown stealing food from their peers. In the 46th chapter of Haikyuu-bu!!, Bokuto and Yukie compete against each other in an eating competition. Yukie wins the first time, leaving Bokuto only more desperate to defeat her. He challenges her once more after volleyball practice. Yukie has the lead the entire contest, but just before she takes her last bite, she claims she cannot eat anymore and lets Bokuto win. While Bokuto wasn't looking, Konoha notices that Yukie has been eating from his bowl too. Afterwards, Yukie asks Bokuto what they should eat next.

Yukie is aware of Bokuto's tendencies to fall victim to his mood swings like the rest of the team and knows how she can help bring him out of it if needed. In episode 11, season 2, this is shown by Yukie commenting on Bokuto's hair. The Spring High Preliminary Arc also demonstrates this when Yukie confronts Akaashi and askes him if they should make sure Bokuto is in top condition by telling him a girl in the stands mentioned how cool of an Ace he is. It is implied that this is the usual method of pumping up Bokuto. With that in mind, it can be assumed that this is a method that typically works.

During the Final Arc, Yukie and Kaori watch Bokuto play in the Jackals v.s. Adlers game. The girls, of course, were rooting for their former teammate/classmate, Bokuto.


BokuYukie is not very popular as it is overshadowed by ships such as BokuAka. It's also not very popular because of Yukie's lack of appearance in the show. Despite it being unpopular, there are currently 29+ works of the ship on AO3.

The little fanbase there is, usually depcits them as Yukie making fun of Bokuto and being kind of a flirt and Bokuto often getting embarrassed. Fans also find appeal because of their contrasting personalities. In this case, Yukie being more sarcastic, while Bokuto is less serious and more 'dense'. Most fan art of the ship consists of Bokuto and Yukie eating together because of their shared love of food. Their fun and frequent interactions (considering how much a side character Yukie is) is what fuels their shippers.



Kōtarō/Yukie tag on AO3
Kōtarō/Yukie tag on AO3


  • They both share an interest in food.
  • Bokuto calls Yukie "Yukkipe."


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