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Bolinger is the het ship between Bolin and Ginger from The Legend of Korra fandom.


Bolin first saw Ginger while he was visiting Varrick's yacht along with Asami. Varrick stated that the moving picture of an Ostrich Horse was old news and introduced Ginger to everybody. Bolin smiled when he saw her. Later, when the group went to Republic City, Varrick decided to cast Bolin as the character Nuktuk in his new series. He also cast Ginger as Nuktuk's girlfriend. Bolin wanted to replicate this relationship outside of the mover series.

Bolin pursued Ginger but she ignored his advances, saying that he was confusing Ginger the person with Ginger the character. Bolin still would not give up and kissed her on the set, despite the fact that he was supposed to be saving her. Later, the two arrived as a couple to the showing of the series finale. A radio broadcaster even referred to them as a couple which pleased Bolin. However, Ginger called him a knucklehead as soon as they went inside. Later, a group of waterbenders attacked and Bolin fought them all off while Ginger watched and yelled at him to be careful. Afterwards, Ginger referred to them as a couple and kissed Bolin.


Despite the fact that it is semi-canon, the Bolinger ship has not been very popular. Many fans found Bolin's attraction to Ginger to be odd and found it to be creepy when he forced a kiss on her. Many felt that the attraction came out of nowhere. The majority of fans were still caught on other ships such as Boleska or Borra and did not want to see him with Ginger. A lot of fans were also confused if they were ever actually a couple, since Ginger said that they were a couple but then Bolin left the city and briefly got back together with Eska. This ship still has a few supporters though as it is semi-canon.



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