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Boostle is the slash ship between Ted Kord and Michael Carter from the DC Comics fandom.


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Ted and Michael are best friends. They became close during their time in the Justice League International. They stayed close after the disbandment of the team.

Booster blamed himself for Ted's death, since he didn't listen when Ted was trying to him about Maxwell Lord. Booster went back in time to save Ted, but when they got to the present, everything was wrong. They discovered that Ted's death was how the Justice League found out about Maxwell Lord's evil plans. Booster doesn't want to send Ted back, but Ted doesn't give him a choice, heading back in time and sacrificing himself to save the world.


Booster Gold and Ted's relationship has been speculated to have romantic subtext for years. Many are quick to ship the two. Their relationship is easy to get behind and has multiple jumping off points for shippers. Before the New 52 fans of the ship didn't care if they got together, as long as DC brought Ted Kord back from the dead. After the New 52, fans are now just hoping for an interaction.

After the release of the Injustice II comic, fans began to speculate if the timeline's versions of Ted and Booster were together. The comic never specified but left some hints. Fans continue to speculate even after both characters death's in the timeline.

On AO3, Boostle is the most written ship for both Michael and Ted. It is also the most written ship in the Justice League International, Booster Gold (comics) and Blue Beetle (comics) tags.



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  • The ship name comes from Ted's code name "Blue Beetle", and Michael's code name "Booster Gold"




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