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Boschlow is the femslash ship between Boscha and Willow Park from The Owl House fandom.


Boscha and Willow both attend Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Boscha is one of the popular students at Hexside who bullies Willow. It is unclear if Boscha's dislike of Willow comes from trying to mimic Amity, who distanced herself from Willow, or if simply due to their different social status at school. Whatever the case, Boscha is particularly unpleasant to Willow whenever she gets a chance.

In "Wing It Like Witches" Boscha's bullying becomes much more intense after Willow unintentionally disrupts the attention and praise Boscha normally receives when grudgby season begins. In class Boscha mocks Willow's hairpin and sticks gums in her hair before making a point of following Willow and her friends around all day to harass them. They face off in a grudgby match due to Luz's intervention and while Boscha is still unimpressed by Willow, her friends ask to play more games with her.


Boschlow was one of the main ships that came out of the early Owl House fandom, besides Lumity. While no where near as popular as Lumity, it shares some similar traits such as one characters being very antagonistic to another, and may be part of the reason is gained fans. Some Boschlow shippers have suggested not actually wanting the pair to become canon due to Boscha's bullying and only find the ship appealing in headcanons and jokes.

On AO3, Boschlow is the most written ship for Willow and Boscha. It is also the third most written ship in The Owl House (Cartoon) tag.



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