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Boulderfield is the cargo ship between Chris Redfield and a boulder from the Resident Evil fandom.


Boulders have been a part of the Resident Evil games since its conception. They are mainly set up as booby traps which usually result in death. The most notable boulder has been the one from Resident Evil 5 in which Chris Redfield punches it to save his partner, Sheva Alomar.

Resident Evil 1

Chris runs from the booby trap boulder. (2002 RE1 Remake)

In July of 1998, while in the underground tunnels of the Spencer Mansion, booby traps have been set that result in boulders rolling down the hallways. The player, should they be Chris Redfield, has to enact this. Chris pulls out a crank he’s found, attaching it to its port. After a couple of turns, he must run away from a boulder to avoid being crushed to death, in the hope of revealing a door to continue through.

Resident Evil 5

Chris punches the obstacle boulder.

In March of 2009, during the ending fight with Albert Wesker, Sheva reaches the end of a volcanic path. In order to save her, Chris finds that he has to create a stepping stone. By doing this, he moves a boulder at the edge of his path. Hyped on adrenaline, Chris struggles to push, but soon manages to punch the boulder into the lava to save Sheva. With this, Sheva is able to walk across to Chris’ position.


Following Chris’ punching of the boulder in Resident Evil 5, fans often joke that this is “revenge” on it for potentially crushing him in the first Resident Evil.

The whole scene from Resident Evil 5 was so ridiculous - even for the legendary Chris Redfield - that in the eyes of the fandom, it’s become another reason why Resident Evil 5 is one of the more interesting games of the series.



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  • In Resident Evil 8: Village, Karl Heisenberg calls Chris “that boulder-punching asshole”.


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