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Bowuisley is the poly ship between Bowser, Prince Peasley and Luigi from the Super Mario fandom.


All three characters appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga attempting to stop Cackletta and her schemes in some way. Luigi and Bowser traveled together to retrieve Peach's voice, while Peasley wished to save his own kingdom. In some form, this would mean the trio were temporary allies. However, Bowser soon loses his memories and ends up being possessed later in the story.

Luigi originally did not wish to come, however, likely out of fear. Despite this, Bowser ends up mistaking Luigi for a minion, which forces him to come along. A hand from Bowser's air ship ends up picking up Luigi as he attempts to run away. It is worth noting Luigi was never 'unlisted' as a minion, meaning he might technically still be one in the legal sense.

Peasley, on the other hand, is shown to be fairly respectful towards Luigi. The prince will give important key items to Luigi rather than Mario. He is also one of the few npcs to not forget Luigi's name, yet is the only one to forget Mario's. Peasley may also occasionally step in to deliver the final blow in specific boss fights, as well as guide the bros on tasks.

While Luigi knows both Peasley and Bowser, neither Peasley nor Bowser have properly discussed each other. Peasley had dealt with Bowlettaーa possessed Bowser controlled by Cacklettaーand the Koopa's floating fortress. Bowser, on the other hand, knows of the Beanbean Kingdom's locale, meaning he's likely traveled there previously. Despite this, he never discusses the royal family there. Their only interaction together has Peasley wrap up Bowser as a present for the Mario Bros. He is later airdropped at his castle by said brothers.


The ship formed due to the popularity of its sister ships. While Bowuigi had formed recently, content of Luisley can be dated back to Superstar Saga's release. Thus, Bowuisley was created as a compromise for Luigi to be with both characters. Typically, content can be found on Tumblr.



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  • Bowser x Prince Peasley - the ship between Bowser and Prince Peasley
  • Bowuigi - the ship between Bowser and Luigi
  • Luisley - the ship between Luigi and Prince Peasley


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