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Boyinaroom is the slash between RoomieOfficial and Boyinaband from the YouTube fandom.


Joel Berghult (RoomieOfficial) and David Brown (Boyinaband) are YouTube Musicians who met as a result of their passion for music production. They posted their first collaboration on June 20, 2014, that was posted to Joel's channel titled "5 Horrible Song Ideas #2 (feat. Boyinaband)".

The ship originated in 2014 as a result of a response Dave made to a tweet from a Roomie fan account on twitter saying they supported the ship after Dave replied to Joel's now deleted tweet saying "I love you". Dave replied to this fan accounts' statement saying "Doomie is the most metal shipping name ever". Both are confirmed straight.


In 2015, Joel moved to the UK in hopes to meet more English speaking YouTubers. As a result, the two were able to create 2 videos together. 1 of them being a performance with Jannik Brune and Currice for a song they wrote titled “Yo-Yo”.

-The other of the two videos entitled “HOW TO REVOLUTIONIZE POP MUSIC (Song + Vlog)” was published as a sarcastic attempt to fix the music industry. In it, Dave and Joel are seen goofing off whilst attempting to create their revolutionary song as every realization they have is followed by the two over rejoicing. Joel commented on the video in 2018 saying “We were having way too much fun and none of the humor translates, I think. We were just giggling throughout thinking that it was hysterical.”

In 2016, the two would publish the first tri-annual google feud game. A tradition that would continue on Dave's channel.


In 2017, the two appeared in 15 videos together as a result of their project in collaboration with Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon. The 4 flew to Sweden and stayed in Joel's fathers’ cabin where they recorded 13 out of the 15 videos.

-In Andrew's video “Making TINES with Rob Scallon & Roomie”, Dave is caught making a sandwich whilst singing Joel's song “Won't Back Down”, to which he follows by saying “subscribe to RoomieOfficial”. Joel overhears such and asks “Are you saying to subscribe to me?” in appreciation.

-In “Can YOU hear Auto-Tune? (Quiz)”, Joel tests his friends with several of his vocal takes to see if they can identify when autotune is present. Several of them proved hard to tell, leaving them to wonder if it is tuned or Joel is just a great singer. Among the 3 of them, Dave scores the highest.

-In the video titled “Ultimate Musician Test”, Dave tests the 3 of them to identify who among them is the best musician. Dave scored the highest and Joel and Andrew tied with an additional 2 mistakes yet, Dave tied himself and Joel at first place.

2018 - 2019

During this period, Dave is occasionally seen on the channel as he would frequently stay in Joels flat thus, sparking the term “free Dave from the basement”. During this time, Joel was on a mission to “cure” Dave of his depression through memes and positive Facebook groups.

-In continuation to his singing experiments series, Joel sings with helium in 8 genres. He is tasked to write a cocky song thus, he asks Dave for help to head to the streets to seek compliments. Dave declines although, agrees after Joel states that in return he will give Dave his undying love. Dave himself compliments him saying he is a great friend.

This period was also a peak for the two as they would publish one of their most successful songs titled “Congratulations” in collaboration with Pewdiepie.

-In the behind the scenes of this video, Joel is seen drunkenly running and recording which Dave mocks and praises him for as he had not slept as a result of jet lag.

In December 2019, Joel attempted to post every day for a month in what is called “Daily December”.

-In “She answered THIS wrong?! (Funny game show answers)”, Joel and Dave test their knowledge with various quizzes. Some to test whether Joel knows basic English and one to test whether they are more logical or emotional in a relationship. Here, Joel explains how he isn't fond of hugging others as it alludes to the fact you “yearn” to feel someone yet, Dave says that drunk Joel is “the biggest hugger in the world.”.

-In the video “Mildly Infuriating Things (w/ Boyinaband)”, Joel makes an attempt to infuriate Dave by making him run tasks with him around the house continuously.

-Dave would then post his most recent video (at the time of writing) titled “Why, millennials WHY?! | Google Feud (with my sad friend Roomie)” which is a continuation to the Tri-annual Google feud tradition. In it, Dave and Joel would purposely make awkward gestures each time they win and laugh it off.


As a result of Joel moving to the US, videos with Dave are made through Discord. In a video titled “Things That Sound Like MUSIC (w/ Boyinaband)”, Joel makes a reference to Boyinaroom by sharing to Dave some ship art on “accident” to which they laugh off.


In September of this year, Joel got "married" to the Italian bass YouTuber, Davie504. This ceremony had been long-awaited as it had been a promise Joel made once he would reach 6 million subscribers. This caused dispute within the fanbase as people felt Dave had been more deserving thus, drove a few to argue amidst Joel's Wikipedia page as Dave had been noted as Joel's spouse. This was later changed to Davie, which consequently led to its section deletion all together.



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