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Brainia is the het ship between Nia Nal and Querl Dox from the Supergirl fandom.


Season 4


Brainy and Nia met at a pizza place. Brainy was ordering pizzas for him and Alex, and not long after that Nia came and ordered espressos. When Mercy Graves hacked L-Corp, it messed with the aliens' image inducer, including Brainy's. When his alien identity was revealed, the guys working at the store started to engage on Brainy. Nia then stood up for him and paid for his pizzas.  When they got out of there, Brainy told Nia that she looks familiar and asked if they have met before. Nia doesn't seem to think they have, so Brainy proceeded to ask if he may get to know her. Nia said that they could make that happen, introduced herself, and told him to find her.


Nia and Brainy were invited to Kara's brunch party. Brainy drank too many mojitos and ended up drunk. When Nia came, Kara introduced her to J'onn, Alex, and Lena. After a quick nap, Brainy sobered up and noticed Nia was there. Nia thought that Brainy never found her. Brainy said he did find her and then gave a stalkery rundown of Nia’s daily routine. When Nia asked him why he didn't call her, he pointed out that she told him to find her, not call her. 


Kara arranged a Thanksgiving dinner at her apartment, joined by her sister, her mother, Lena, J'onn, Nia, Brainy, James, and Manchester. Brainy rang the door and it was opened by Nia, which then surprised him because he didn't think Nia would be there too. Brainy came bringing flowers for Kara, and told Nia that he was once told to not come up empty-handed.


Kara and Brainy arrived at Nia's apartment offering help. There, Nia fesses up that her family’s from the planet Naltor, and she’s the once-in-a-generation woman who inherited a genetic oneiromancy, which allows her to dream the future. Brainy called her Nura, then denied calling her Nura and deactivated his image inducer to help her control and understand the dreams. He used his powers to send Nia to her dream state, where she continues to see the woman in pain. Nia woke up and told the group that they need to go to Collinwood High School because that's where the troubled woman is.

The trio arrived at Collinwood. Kara instantly picked up there's an Agent of Liberty with an alien-sniffing dog and realizes he's with two other agents. Kara suggested they let the three Children of Liberty covertly tailing them with an alien-sniffing dog take them to Agent Liberty. Brainy distracts Nia with a craft store while Kara catfishes the trio of xenophobes. When Kara approached them, they shoved her into a van. Nia looked down the street and noticed the commotion. She ran back to help Kara and Brainy was forced to follow. The agents kidnapped all three of them and took them to the agents' hideout. There, the agents got nervous and tried to shoot Nia, who saw the event coming. She used it to shot through the chain of her cuffs, and the bullet punctures a tank that leaks steam, giving Kara and Brainy the chance to break free.

After Kara left to help Manchester, Nia and Brainy started investigating the factory. When Nia realized that the place is the location from her dreams, Brainy gave Nia a sweet pep talk about her potential for greatness.


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Brainy and Nia go on their first 'date'. It's actually Brainy asking Nia about pursuing a life of being a superhero.


“You're doing it! You're amazing! You're.. astounding! You're jus..tazing, Nia Nal! And I love you.”
— Brainy telling Nia he loves her for the first time, The Quest for Peace
Brainy“You want to know why I find Miranda Priestly so terrifying? It's because she's cold, she's uncaring, she betrays the people she cares about the most. And last month at Lex Luthor's camp, that... that is exactly how I behaved toward you. ... Even though I love you, I hurt you. If I've kept my distance, it's because I find myself wondering how could I ever let my guard down with you again. I...”
Nia“Querl Dox, I know you. That person who left me at the camp wasn't you. You are caring, and selfless, and good. I want to be the person you let your guard down with. I want you to be able to... fully be yourself with me. Do you want that, too?”
Brainy“More than anything.”
Nia“Then kiss me?”
— Their first kiss, Event Horizon


A lot of fans thought their first interaction was adorable; Nia standing up for Brainy, and Brainy asking permission to get to know her, etc. While many fans on Twitter and Tumblr started shipping these two the moment they were shown together on-screen, some of them, though, only started shipping Brainia after a few episodes because of their chemistry and build-up throughout the season. In most fanfics, Nia and Brainy are both portrayed the way they are in the show. 



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