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Brandrea is the het ship between Andrea and Brandon from the Beverly Hills, 90210 fandom.


Brandon and Andrea meet as sophomores in high school and have an intense relationship from the beginning. They work together at the school newspaper and it quickly turns romantic, although neither dares to follow through on it. This continues throughout high school where they kiss a lot and even almost sleep together once, but they never start a relationship. Andrea gets pregnant freshman year of college by her boyfriend at the time and marries him, although they later divorce. She also moves away from Beverly Hills to attend Yale University, but she and Brandon remain close.


Brandrea is a common ship in the fandom and Andrea is one of the girls most shipped with Brandon, especially due to their long will they/won't they history in high school, which included a lot of kissing over the course of three years. Some fans are annoyed they never started dating after so many false starts. True shippers feel that this is the best ship for both characters, despite Andrea getting married and Brandon's long history with the blonde.



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