Brashshipping is the het ship between Shingo Sawatari and Selena from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V fandom.


Shingo tries to kiss Selena in the opening sequence.

During the Friendship Cup when they Shingo leaned that Selena was from the Fusion Dimension he accused her being a spy. But revealed that the reason for the Obelisk Force's arrival was to take her back to Duel Academy and assumed that they mistook Zuzu as her. They would both become members of the Lancers in fighting the Fusion Dimension.

The two travel together throughout their adventures. Shingo Sawatari refers to Selena as a "Strong-willed woman." to Crow. She is impressed by his duel with Yugo.

Selena started looking for more powerful duelists. This brought concern from Shingo he felt she had lost sight of their mission, but she reminds him that recruiting powerful duelist was part of their mission. In the Xyz Dimension Selena would be brainwashed by The Doktor and later merged into Ray who would reform as Yuzu.


Brashshipping is a less popular shipping. The way they worked with each other, coupling with the ship-tease in the opening lead to them having a decent amount of fans. It rivals other Selena pairings.



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  • This ship gets it's name from how both characters often make hasty or rash decisions.
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