Brason is the cargo ship between Jason Grace and a brick from the Camp-Half-Blood Chronicles fandom.


The true status of their relationship remains unknown; however, it seems to be quite hostile what with the damage Jason sustained from his injuries caused by brick.

In Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze, Jason Grace, along with ex-girlfriend Piper McLean, gets captured on the Roman emperor Caligula’s yacht. While Apollo and Meg McCaffrey try to find Caligula, the ex-couple manage to break free and fight the emperor themselves. Alas, Jason Grace was fated to die. He, knowing this, accepts fate and sacrifices himself so the others might live.


This ship started as a crack ship and has never been considered as more than that. Most fan art dramatically portray the couple eating spaghetti in a Lady and Tramp -esque style, riding a Ferris wheel, and enjoying a beautiful sunset together.


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