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Bratcat is the femslash ship between Bratty and Catty from the Undertale and Deltarune fandoms.



Catty and Bratty always appear together. They are best friends and have the same kind of personality. They use words such as "like" and capitalize certain words, as well as finishing each other's sentences or saying similar lines. They run a shop next to the MTT Resort and sell items they found in the Garbage Dump. According to them, it's good garbage.

In a Neutral Route, the player can ask Bratty and Catty about various details about their lives. The two are big fans of Mettaton. The two used to be close to Alphys, who showed Bratty and Catty where to find trash. However, they haven't been in contact since Alphys became the Royal Scientist. They think that she's probably watching anime all day.

They also know Burgerpants, who works next to them in the MTT Resort. Burgerpants once brought them Glamburgers but quickly ran away before Catty and Bratty could say anything. Bratty thinks of him as a creep. Catty, on the other hand, has a positive opinion of him, as she thinks of him as cute. She even suggests that he could come looking for trash together.


Catty and Bratty still have the same personality traits as in Undertale and are neighbors. However, instead of being best friends, the two hate each other. One time, the two went to see the same movie, only to notice they were the only ones there, much to each other's annoyance.


While not usually shipped romantically, Bratty and Catty are often associated with each other due to always appearing together. Because of this, fanart of them often has both of them instead of separate fanarts for Bratty and Catty. On AO3, it is the most popular ship for both Bratty and Catty, although not a very popular ship when compared to all Undertale ships. Fans were surprised when, in Deltarune, both hate each other. But it clearly wasn't on the same extent as Undyne not knowing Alphys.



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