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Breddy is the slash ship between Eddy Chen and Brett Yang from the YouTube fandom.


Brett and Eddy, more commonly known as TwoSetViolin on YouTube, is a Taiwanese-Australian violinist comedy duo.

Where it all began

14 year old Brett and 13 year old Eddy first met each other in mathematics tutoring in a Friday evening at Brisbane. They found out that they both play the violin and clicked immediately. They met again coincidentally in Queensland Youth Orchestra the next day, being the two youngest musicians in the orchestra, they became best friends and have been accompanying each other since then.

They started making videos when they were in university. After they graduated in 2016, they started working in different orchestras. Brett was in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Eddy was in the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Distance was no barrier to their invincible friendship. Eddy started flying from Brisbane to Sydney bi-weekly to find Brett and they continued making videos together.

Kickstarter- where things started to get real

At the end of 2016, the duo gave up their spots in the two professional Orchestras with stable income, and started filming full-time. Their mission is to make classical music more relevant to the younger generation. They quickly organized a month of busking to crowdfund for their first world tour. One day during busking, kickstarter, Eddy said that he ‘had a crush on Brett’ and said ‘he(Brett) is mine’, and also mentioned that he was a jealous partner who checks Brett's Facebook friend requests. On another night, Brett accidentally woke Eddy up, so he crouched in front of Eddy and patted him back to sleep. When they reached their crowdfunding goal , Eddy started to cry and hugged Brett. Brett immediately said 'Bro hug', followed by 'I love you Eddy', to which Eddy replied with I love you too.

Skits and games

Brett and Eddy always play together on one violin, with one holding the bow and the other doing the fingering. They call this ‘Two Boys One Violin’ and claim that only best friends could finish the task perfectly. They have made various special Valentines Day videos in the previous years, including one which Eddy pretended to be a girl, Edwina, who is Brett's girlfriend. They played a duet in this video, called the 'BAE Song', and which by the end of the video, they mentioned that “BAE” is in fact the abbreviation of Brett And Eddy.


The duo has travelled around the world and they recorded their journey on a camera. In one of their videos featuring them playing a scary escape game, Brett said "I love you" to Eddy five times in a row. When someone gets scared or are posed in danger, they tend to show their true feelings; this is a great indicator of how real the ship is.

The Subtle Details

The duo certainly did not publicly announced or confirmed the truth behind the ship, but there are tiny little things that give shippers hints that #breddyisreal.

  • Brett and Eddy are currently living together in the same apartment in Singapore.
  • They posted matching photos on Instagram. Not once, but twice.
    1. First with Eddy posting a picture of him wearing the varsity jacket from @twosetapparel with the caption "My new fav jacket @twosetapparel", where Brett posted a picture of him with the same pose, this time with the caption "Yeah also my fav new jacket @twosetapparel".
    2. The second time Eddy posted a picture of him wearing the spring sonata jumper with the caption "Flower boi", to be followed by Brett posting a similar picture with the caption "I'm also a flower boi @twosetapparel".
  • On 4th November 2020, Brett and Eddy had Hainanese chicken rice for dinner, where both of them posted a story on Instagram to tell their fans. It was an ordinary foodie story, until one notices the caption "With love" on Brett's story (Eddy's story did not contain any words). The fandom engaged in discussion on whether the "love" referred to the food or the person he was having it with.
  • Eddy surprised Brett with 7 Christmas gifts (please refer to the separate section below), and guess what? On 23 March 2021, Brett surprised (this is not confirmed but it probably is true) Eddy with a video of him playing Happy Birthday along with 6 variations of it based on 6 composers' styles respectively (arranged by Jordon He and accompanied by Pualina). If you haven't noticed already, Brett played the Happy Birthday song 7 times for Eddy. Oh what a coincidence. Or was it carefully planned out? Was it a subtle way of showing his gratitude for Eddy's gifts?

Everything on display

In video "5 Most Difficult Violin Pieces", Eddy slapped on Brett's bum, after looking to and from the camera a few times, perhaps considering whether he should make the move. He commented "can't believe I did that" afterwards.

In video "Cabbage", no, just watch the video. It is probably what you see in a married couple's household, i.e. deciding what to cook for dinner, having fun with the food, filming each other cooking, not to mention the chemistry that radiates from them when they play the violin together.

Sharing the same brain cell

Brett and Eddy always get a tie when playing scissors, paper, rock to decide who to go first in charades. The video “Playing all 24 Paganini Caprices in 1 minute?” starts off with Brett and Eddy playing the same note unintentionally. Later in the same video, their editor left a note saying that they got a tie for about 5 minutes straight when playing scissors, paper, rock, prior to the ~40 seconds footage of them getting a tie. They also have unintentional synchronized movements or hand gestures when they talk in front of the camera.

Christmas gift surprise

Eddy prepared some surprise Christmas gifts for Brett in the video "Surprising Brett with Christmas Gifts"-the most special one is definitely the cushion with his silly face on it, captioned "Stroke to get an A440". Brett was amused while Eddy just stood on the side quietly and peeped, hoping to see Brett smile at the “special gift”. In the video, Eddy seemed to be happier than Brett when he knew Brett liked his gifts.

Just like any other couples- always matchy matchy

Brett and Eddy buy many things in pairs, here are a few.

  • Eddy got a new Widenhouse violin (under violinist Ray Chen's recommendation). Hearing that it sounds nice, Brett decided to get one of his own, so now they have matching violins. video:"A New Member in Our Family!" As an afterthought, "our family" implies their friendship could be something more...
  • Brett and Eddy have similar Gucci shoes. (The only difference is that Eddy's pair has a bee embroidery on the brand logo on each side.)
  • They wear apple watches together (well that's normal... but no.) The apple watches are newly bought, from an Apple watch working station in Singapore where services are on appointment basis. They could be walk-in customers who needed to wait for 1-2 hours in queue OR they have planned on getting 2 Apple Watches together. (Credits to @TSinBloom on Twitter)
  • It is possible that Brett and Eddy are sharing clothes (oh what a couple-y thing to do, you know, the gf wearing the bf's hoodie, you get the idea.) One of them has a green jacket and the other wears it occasionally. The jacket owner is likely to be Eddy, this conclusion is drawn because when Brett wears it, the shoulder line seems unfit for him.

The No.1 Breddy Shipper

When talking about Breddy, Ray Chen, a friend of Brett and Eddy, is definitely one of the first names that pops up on shippers' minds. But what exactly has the world class violinist contribute to the fandom?

  • Looking up Breddy fan-fictions or even hinting that he writes some. On Ray's Instagram, he posted a Tiktok where he mentioned that his "Internet search history" included "Breddy fan-fictions", indicating he is indeed, a big fan of the ship.
  • In the same post as above, Ray wrote in the caption- “I don’t see what the problem is 🛳👨🏻‍✈️ #breddy #allaboard#twosetviolin”
  • On one of his Instagram posts, Ray wrote "Congrats to 3M #breddy babies".
  • Ray even wrote #Breddy fan-fictions himself. In the comments of TwoSetViolin's posts on Instagram he wrote, 'Ok I'll start: 📚 (next person continues the story) "Oww! Not too tight Eddy!" said Brett as Eddy quickly unlocked the handcuffs "That pinched my skin." Brett complained as he rubbed his wrist. Even he said it, angry little red marks appeared where the cuffs had made their mark. (to be continued..)' This comment earned 2,058 likes and more than 130 people have left their comments under it.


The following are dialogues between Brett and Eddy or their friends, excerpted from their videos, interviews, Instagram stories, tweets, etc.

  1. In "Imitating Famous Violinists", guest Ray Chen said that "I feel like playing charades with you guys is like... playing against a couple." which Brett and Eddy reacted "Yeah!" to. Also, one of the comments (by Micaela Royo, earning 2.4k likes) which mentioned this part of the video was liked by Brett and Eddy themselves.
  2. In '17 Year Old Brett EXPOSED: "I had dreams..."', Eddy asked "Would you take this guy to the prom?" and gave his answer- "I would."
  3. In "Blind Dating Musicians: Edwina Edition", Edwina (played by Eddy) said "I'm loyal to Brett's Ysaÿe."


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Breddy is a very popular ship among LingLing wannabes (LingLing Wannabes are what the majority of TwoSetViolin fans call themselves). 'Breddy' is the seventh most written ship under the Video Blogging RPF (YouTube) tag on AO3.

Breddy is commonly represented by the bread emoji🍞. Fans use 🐑🍊(sheep and orange) to symbolise the Brett and Eddy as well. (Brett’s Chinese surname 楊 (Yáng) has the same pronunciation as the Chinese word for sheep 羊, while that of Eddy 陳 (Chén) has the same pronunciation as the Chinese word for orange 橙.)



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  • Brett is 29 years old (born 3 March 1992) and Eddy is 28 years old (born 23 March 1993).
  • Brett is 170cm (5'7) and Eddy is 178cm (5'10).
  • Eddy suffers from severe katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches) and hates eating mushrooms.
  • They have a clothing brand- TwoSetApparel which aims at creating comfortable and fashionable clothes for musicians.
  • Brett and Eddy have participated in several competitions together, and have won many prizes.
  • Brett owns a viola (a birthday gift from Eddy).
  • Brett and Eddy's female counterparts are Brettany (with red wig) and Edwina (with blonde wig) respectively. Both of them are featured in their videos on YouTube.


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