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Brierson is the het ship between Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski from the YouTube fandom.


The two meet when at a dating show called Date Takeover where Lexi would chose who would get to date her brother, Pierson was there and won. She was later welcomed into Brent's friend group. After when Brent and Eva went their separated ways. Brent's little sister Lexi Rivera started to ship them (really hard) she created a video where she is a third wheel when she set them up to go on dates and create a ship name (this ship name). To force them to fall in love with each other. Lexi while asking Pierson questions about her brother, Lexi asked Pierson if she would ever want to be her sister-in-law, to which she laughed and said yes to. Lexi also asked questions about Pierson to Brent, but he wasn't sure about their relationship in 5 years. They were also caught on camera when Pierson was seen feeding Brent a watermelon. However at the end of the day it didn't work. The two are seen in each other's videos and are seen in their friends videos. Some of them where they were forced to kiss do to a bet or a dare. Or being tricked by their friends to be on dates. In one video from Brent he took Pierson and some of their friends to Disney World. After they came back their friends decide to host a wedding for them, by Ben Azelart being the pastor for them.

In other videos Brent has played pranks on Pierson. He did a video where he was arrested by cops while he was meeting her father. Both Pierson and her father were scared and questioned and officer on he did and to which she replied that he stole something, it was her heart. Brent also pranked Pierson with her mother. In another prank video Brent had make up artist to look like he was having an allergic reaction, Brent would also tell her that it was a prank and she'd learn that he's allergic to peanuts. He also had a video where he Eva and Pierson to see who knows him better, Eva won that, He also pranked her in that same video when they were celebrating Mark his editor's birthday who at the same time it was also her birthday. He later surprised her in his room full of balloons and photos hanging on them. Celebrating her birthday, and Brent told her that he knew it was her birthday. Lexi also pranked her brother, were she had make up artists make it look like she was beaten up. She and Pierson faked an argument and make it look like they had a fight. As Brent showed up and tired to stop them from fighting they both laughed and said it was a prank. Pierson asked that she could really beat up his sister. Brent would asked what was the point of them faking a fight Pierson said that she'd kissed the guy she like, as the moment was getting tense, Lexi left as she thinks that a fight between her brother and Pierson was about to happen. Brent has also pranked Pierson on having a girl act as his ex-girlfriend, and when he faked an argument his mother and told her to shut up surprising her.

Pierson as also pranked Brent and their friends, by having a guy pose as her boyfriend, as said that she got tired of her waiting her him to make his move on her. When Brent met a mini version of himself, mini him gave Pierson flowers said that since Brent wasn't going to make the first move he was. Both Brent and Pierson have also been in a 24-hour challenge with each other where they duct taped one of there has together and spent the whole day with their hand stuck together. And in another video Brent and Pierson had got married for 24 Hours, while Brent was setting up a video to see if some of their friends like Alex's pink hair. He had Alex hiding in the back and when Pierson entered the car she mentioned the wedding and that pink hair wasn't her favorite unknowing that Alex was listening the whole time. Brent and Pierson got their 24-hour wedding done and Brent and Pierson and their friends went on a private jet, and spent their 24 hours on a honeymoon. They also did challenges and games while there. They have also done a Chapstick challenge with each other where they kissed each other. During that challenge they have faked kissed each other as Brent applied the Chapstick to his finger. Pierson also faked kissing him by having Caleb kiss him, they kissed each other for real. In one video Brent would ask Pierson to a date with him to Paris to which she said yes to. Pierson called her boyfriend for 24 Hours and board a plane to Paris. They would later arrive at Paris and went on their date. They would later talk about their expression in Paris and talked about them going on a date as friends and both of them don't want to get into a relationship.

In a video where Brent showed his finally remolded home, Pirerson stayed at Brent's home for 24 Hours and then later the next day Pierson didn't want to leave before Brent kicked her out. In a video where Pirerson got a new car, Pirerson showed her new car to her friends including Brent. In a video that was titiled "WHY I WON'T DATE MY BEST FRIEND" they answered some of their fans questions, They see Pirerson's mother in one of the responses saying that Brent looks cute. Later they responded to another questions about if "they ever do it" but the questions wasn't very spefic so they said that they have went for a drive together. Thy also responded to a question about their celebrity crush. They also responesed on what age did they have their first kiss, Brent was 16 and Pierson's was 13, a fact that surprised Brent. Pierson also stated that she doesn't have a preference to which ship she likes. Brierson or Twierson. It was also said by them if they like each other, Pierson told Brent that he's cool sometimes, while Brent tried to come up with an answer. They revealed their fears in another question, Brent revealed that he's afraid of passing out while Pierson said it was spiders. Another question came up on what make Pierson turn on Brent. To which she stated that she saw him without his shirt and that he's was looking good. Pierson didn't want to explain about if they had a dream about one of another. They also said their reason if they were to date and break up with each other after she repeatedly hit him with a pillow. Their reasons about is about them being the selfiess type. They also didn't answer the question if they kissed of camera and Brent coverted the camera with making fake kissing sounds.

Brent and Pierson have also play a prank together, but pranking Pierson's family. Later in that same video Pierson joined Brent's version of The Squid Game. Pierson lost that the game.


The two are often seen with each other on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. They are also seen in their friends' YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. In some post they kiss each other it's either for a joke or a prank or a dare from their friends. It's been unclear if their dating. Pierson seemly haves some feelings for Brent. In some off Brent's videos he calls her "His Crush" in title of his videos. This ship is so popular with their friends and fans. That it rivals against Breva or any other ships from their friends or any other ship like Twierson. And it was stated that Lexi Brent's little sister already she's sees as her future sister-in-law.



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