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Brjeaus is the friendship between Beauregard Lionett and Fjord from the Critical Role fandom.


A Show of Scrutiny

Molly asks where Beau went, just as guards pass pulling Beau along in chains yelling for help. Molly jokingly asks if it's part of the show, but Fjord says that it's not. Fjord and Jester then head inside to try and get Beau out.

They reach the cells and Fjord and Jester ask why Beau doesn't get a seat with the law-master. The guard says that it was because she was uncooperative and gets to see the law-master in the morning, but Fjord asks if they can see her now. Beau backs him up saying that she's injured and that it was just the wrong place at the wrong time. The guard says he'll get her, and Fjord thanks him. The law-master arrives, and Fjord quickly apologizes and lies that Beau's sister had been in a similar situation as Toya and it just made her want to protect her. Jester says that it was her adoptive sister, and Beau says that she had practically raised her. The law-master says that Toya is under investigation, Jester and Fjord saying that they're staying at the same place as them. Beau says that she'd be willing to cooperate with the investigation and the law-master agrees to let Beau go free, but says that they are not allowed to leave the inn till the investigation is done. They're then escorted back to the inn.

Beau turns to Fjord and asks why he said that Toya was her sister. Fjord explains that he was trying to say that Beau had a sister in a similar situation, and that's why she tried to protect her. Beau says that she was just going along with Fjord, and he says that she did pretty good. He asks if she saw anything, but she didn't. Jester asks why Beau would save Toya since she turned all the people into zombies, but Fjord and Beau aren't entirely sure that's true.

As they talk to Caleb about magic, Beau points out that Fjord has used magic before, but Fjord says that he's still trying to learn. Beau asks if Fjord's had his ability since he was a kid, but Fjord says that it's recent. She asks if something happened and he says yes, but doesn't clarify.


As the group is walking, Beau walks up to Fjord and offers to teach him some self defense. She also invites him to join in on her morning, but Fjord doesn't think he could keep up. Beau encourages to still join and not to be so down on himself. He asks if he would have to do everything she does, she says yes. His body would need to be in top shape if it's going to be his weapon. Fjord points out that he tried the intense workout before, and everything just ended up hurting for days. Beau says that's everyday of her life, surprising Fjord since she doesn't show it. Beau admits that the pain kinda turns her on, making things very awkward. Beau says that she hopes that doesn't dissuade him from wanting to workout with her as he replies with a sarcastic "not at all". He does take her up on her offer as they awkwardly try to move past it.


Curious Beginnings

  • Beau and Fjord debate whether to accept the payment.
  • Fjord gives Beau his extra gold.
  • Beau says that Jester called Fjord handsome.
  • Beau tells Fjord that she liked Yasha.
  • Beau jokes about Fjord being allergic to Frumpkin.
  • Beau moves Frumpkin away from Fjord.
  • Beau agrees with Fjord about not saying they made money.
  • Beau accidentally says that Fjord has the same name as her.

A Show of Scrutiny

  • Fjord says that it's good to know that Beau does not like jails.
  • As the lawmaster comes down, Fjord tells Beau to remember her "sister".
  • Fjord thinks it's a good idea to get Beau's wound looked at.
  • Fjord and Beau check to make sure that Nott hasn't taken any of their stuff.
  • Beau says that she's known Fjord and Jester a day or two longer, and both she and Fjord agree it's not that deep.
  • Fjord tells Beau that she needs a better disguise.
  • Fjord says that he'd hate to leave Beau behind, as Jester offers her disguise kit.
  • Beau calls Fjord manly and asks him to speak so that she can copy his voice.
  • As Fjord is about to leave, he asks Beau if she wants to come with. She says yes and he warns her no to do anything stupid, as they exit.
  • Beau, Jester and Fjord bring up the snake they fought before meeting the others.
  • Beau says that she's not an egomaniac and points out that Fjord and Jester helped her defeat the snake.
  • Fjord says that they've been gone for awhile, and Beau thinks that they need to go back.
  • Fjord and Beau agree with Jester to go out at 2 am.
  • Fjord asks who's stealthy, and Beau says that she is pretty good


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Many fans of the show enjoy Beau and Fjord's interactions, although their friendship was off to a slow start. Fans of the two really took note of their friendship during the Ocean Arc, when Fjord was captain, and Beau was his first mate.

On AO3, Brjeas is the fifth most written relationship for Beau, and Fjord.



Beau&Fjord tag on AO3


  • The ship name "Brjeaus" is a play on of the term "Bros", which is typically used for close male/jock friendships. The spelling is a play on the way Beaureagard's name is spelled, and the silent J in Fjords name.
  • Travis (Fjord) and Marisha (Beau) sit next to each other while playing.


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