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BuckyBobbi is the het ship between Bucky Barnes and Bobbi Morse from the Marvel fandom.


New Avengers

Bucky and Bobbi were both heroes presumed dead by their loved ones for a very long time. In the Winter Soldier storyline, it was revealed that Bucky had actually been captured by the Soviets and brainwashed into a killing machine. Steve Rogers used a cosmic cube to restore Bucky's memories and control, and Bucky started to recover and build a new life for himself. A few months later, during Secret Invasion, Bobbi came back as well, as it turned out she had been abducted by Skrulls and replaced by an imposter, who had died in her place. When starting a new Avengers team, Bucky invited Bobbi and her husband Clint Barton to join the team, which had its headquarters in his apartment. Soon after returning to Earth, Bobbi was having trouble finding her place. She disappeared to run her own mission, causing Clint to worry. Bucky used his own experiences in order to explain to Clint what Bobbi might have been feeling.

During the time that Bobbi and Bucky were in the New Avengers, Bobbi helped the other Avengers plan a birthday party for him.

Secret Avengers

After Bobbi had her mind manipulated by both SHIELD and AIM, she managed to escape, and she met up with Bucky and Daisy Johnson in a diner. Since Bobbi and Daisy had recently left SHIELD and Bucky was thought dead to the world, the three of them joined up as free agents and presumably spent some time traveling together.

Tales of Suspense

When Natasha Romanoff died, Bucky teamed up with Clint to look for her. The two of them ended up bickering a lot, and at one point, Bucky said to Clint, "Bobbi was right; you are bad at this stuff" in order to get under his skin. This may have been a reference to their time together after Secret Avengers—in any case, it worked in order to rattle Clint.

Unstoppable Wasp

Bobbi mentored Nadia Van Dyne and her friend Ying, who had grown up in the Red Room and escaped as teenagers. She had the idea to introduce Bucky to the girls so that they could all help each other heal from their experiences. Afterwards, Bucky and Bobbi broke into a Red Room facility in order to find documents about Ying's background. They sat with Ying and told her what they'd found out about her family and origin.


Bobbi“Aren't you going to make a wish?”
Bucky“Nah...I'm good.”
— Captain America (2004) #50
“Of course I'll help, Bobbi. Even if I hadn't been connected to them, I would. You didn't have to have them beat me up.”
— The Unstoppable Wasp (2018) #7
Bucky“This is the last time I let you talk me into anything!”
Bobbi“Come on, Bucky. You know I could talk you into literally anything if I felt like it.”
— The Unstoppable Wasp (2018) #10


This is a small ship without a lot of fanworks, but fans of both WinterHawk and Hawkingbird are often fond of this ship as well. Fans of the ship think that these two may be the most suited for each other, just based on their personalities. Because both of these characters are close with Clint Barton, this ship often goes together with WinterHawk and Hawkingbird to create the poly ship of WinterHawkingBird. Fans also appreciate the role that Bobbi and Bucky play as mentors or even parent figures to Ying Liu and want to see the two of them continue to be active in her life.



Bucky/Bobbi tag on AO3


Spy Quartet refers to the ship between Bobbi, Bucky, Clint, and Natasha
WinterHawkingBird refers to the ship between Bucky, Bobbi, and Clint


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