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“It's okay... We're getting out of here. You an' me.”
— Bucky saving Sharon, CAPTAIN AMERICA: 2005 #32

BuckySharon is the het ship between Bucky Barnes and Sharon Carter from the Marvel and Marvel Cinematic Universe fandoms.



Captain America 2005

In Captain America 2005, Sharon worked alongside Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers to find the Winter Soldier, and take down the Red Skull. After Bucky had regained his memories and was no longer the Winter Soldier, at first Sharon was wary of him, but overtime the two became very close.

Their story started when Sharon was first sent on a mission to find Jack Monroe. During her investigation, the Winter Soldier knocked her out and took her as bait for Captain America. After she was saved by Steve, him and Sharon (alongside Nick Fury and other allies) worked together to find the Winter Soldier. After Steve Rogers' assassination, Bucky and Sharon both got captured by Dr Faustus. When Bucky managed to escape his cell, he made a plan to get out and take Sharon with him. When Bucky found Sharon crying on the floor, he comforted her and tried to motivate her to escape with him. Since she was still unable to resist her mind control at the time, Sharon knocked him out and took him to Dr Faustus.

At the end of the comic, Bucky works with Sam and Natasha Romanoff to save Sharon and take down the Red Skull.

Captain America: REBORN

When Bucky got captured by Norman Osborn, Osborn demanded that Sharon turn herself over to him, or she'd once again have the death of Captain America on her hands. Sharon immediately made the choice to turn herself in, in order to save Bucky. However she never gained Bucky back. Instead, the Red Skull used her to bring back Steve Rogers, and control him.

At the end of the comic, the Avengers defeat the Red Skull, and Sharon and Bucky reunite with Steve Rogers.

Winter Soldier 2018

Sharon helps Bucky set up a program that helps him save criminals who want to leave the life of crime. Whenever Bucky would have trouble on these missions, he'd have Sharon and Tony Stark heal him and fix his arm. Bucky and Sharon seemed to be very close, and the two remained good friends after everything. Recently, Bucky took in a kid named RJ (who was modeled after him by HYDRA) and tries to save him.

During the Issues, Sharon often gives Bucky advice, and the two occasionally stay with each other. They have each other's back when the other needs help, and Bucky has immense trust in her and her capabilities. In Issue #4, Bucky confides in Sharon about RJ, and the two pet his cat Alpine together.


Civil War

The Winter Soldier fights Sharon Carter in Civil War. After fighting against her, T'Challa and Natasha Romanoff, he manages to get away. At the end of Civil War, Steve Rogers kisses Sharon Carter and Bucky smiles at them from the car.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier the two have very brief interactions, but remain allies as they try to stop Karli Morgenthau. Occasionally, Bucky is seen staring at Sharon or helping her during tough situations. When Bucky and Sam meet the scientist (Nagel) who re-created the Super Soldier serum, Sharon fought off mercenaries outside to keep them both safe. Bucky gets more aggressive with Nagel as he hears Sharon fighting them off. When Sam told Bucky what Sharon had done- not just for Steve- but for him, during Civil War, Bucky reacts to his words sadly. He knew what it was like to live on the run, live in constant fear and stress, and Sharon helped not only Steve and Sam, but also him.

MCU: What If...?

Bucky and Sharon work together alongside the remaining Avengers during an apocalypse. While their scenes are limited, the two are shown to be close companions. When Sharon is in danger, Bucky races to get to her side. Unfortunately, before he could get to her, Sharon got bit and killed by an infected Steve Rogers. Bucky kills Steve and takes his shield after.

Comics: What If...?

In an alternate universe, it is shown that Sharon and Bucky (who is Captain America here) are in love.



“Hey... Come on. You can do this, Sharon. You can--”
— Bucky, Captain America 2005 #32
“...Save him...”
— Sharon trying to save Bucky, CAPTAIN AMERICA: 2005 #32
“Even on this world there is love between a Captain America and Sharon Carter--”
— What If...? Bucky and Sharon.


— Bucky recognizing Sharon in Madripour.

What If...?

“..Sharon? SHARON!”
— Bucky hearing Sharon scream on the train, What If... ZOMBIES!


BuckySharon is more popular amongst comic fans. While Winter Widow and Staron are the most popular (and canon) ships for Bucky and Sharon, there are some who like their relationship romantically. Most however only like them as best friends. Considering how Sharon is Steve's one true love and Natasha is the love of Bucky's life, some keep their relationship as platonic, and jokingly refer to them as “In-Law's”. Alongside their comic relationship, many liked their interactions and scenes in the MCU's What If..? as well.

There was also a rumor on the set of TFATWS that Sharon and Bucky would get a romantic relationship on the show. Many fans supported the pairing, however this turned out to be a false rumor. Fans also wanted Bucky and Sharon to be romantic due to Emily VanCamp's and Sebastian Stan's chemistry on and off the show.

Some fans prefer SamSharon since they think their dynamic could be more interesting. However, there are fans that ship both BuckySharon and SamSharon as an OT3. Either way, there is no rivalry amongst those who prefer BuckySharon over SamSharon and vice versa. Platonically, the pairing is very often depicted alongside Staron, Winter Widow and SamMisty.



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CapFam refers to the ship between Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky and Sharon
Madrifour refers to the ship between Sam Wilson, Helmut Zemo, Bucky and Sharon
SamBuckySharon refers to the ship between Sam Wilson, Bucky and Sharon


  • Bucky and Sharon are one of the closest friends of Steve Rogers.
  • In Captain America: ESCAPE Issue #619, Sharon assists Natasha Romanoff to save Bucky Barnes despite it being an international incident.



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