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:[https://www.fanfiction.net/movie/Avengers/?&srt=1&r=10&c1=134460&pm=1 Bucky Barnes (Avengers films)] on [https://www.fanfiction.net/ FanFiction.net]
:[https://www.fanfiction.net/comic/Marvel/?&srt=1&r=10&c1=134451&pm=1 B. Barnes (Marvel comics)] on [https://www.fanfiction.net/ FanFiction.net]
:[https://www.fanfiction.net/cartoon/Avengers-Earth-s-Mightiest-Heroes/?&srt=1&r=10&c1=57940 Bucky (Avengers comics)] on [https://www.fanfiction.net/ FanFiction.net]

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Bucky Barnes, also known as The Winter Soldier, is a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.



Bucky Barnes was a close friend to Steve Rogers. He was recruited to become a member of the Howling Commandos before plummeting off a train and presumed dead. Though he survived and began a HYDRA soldier under the alias, Winter Soldier. After Steve Rogers confronts him, he becomes a close ally during the response to the Sokovia Accords.


Bucky Barnes was the child sidekick to Steve Rogers. He joined Captain America in multiple missions, before being presumed dead after he tried to defuse a bomb. Later, it became apparent that Bucky was resurrected as a soviet assassin, under the code name the Winter Soldier. He later regains his memories before briefly taking the mantle of Captain America.



Carolucky - the ship between Bucky and Caroline Forbes
WinterCarter - the ship between Bucky and Peggy Carter
Winter Science - the ship between Bucky and Jane Foster
Winter Shock - the ship between Bucky and Darcy Lewis
Winter Widow - the ship between Bucky and Natasha Romanoff
Winter Witch - the ship between Bucky and Wanda Maximoff
WinterUnderwood - the ship between Bucky and Dottie Underwood


Bucket - the ship between Bucky and Rocket Racoon
Howky - the ship between Bucky and Howard Stark
SamBucky - the ship between Bucky and Sam Wilson
Stucky - the ship between Bucky and Steve Rogers
T'Chucky - the ship between Bucky and T'Challa
WinterHawk - the ship between Bucky and Clint Barton
Winter Iron - the ship between Bucky and Tony Stark
Winter Spider - the ship between Bucky and Peter Parker


Winterfrost - the ship between Bucky and Loki


RogerWinterBones — the ship between Steve Rogers, Bucky and Brock Rumlow
Samstevebucky — the ship between Sam Wilson, Bucky and Steve Rogers
Stuckony - the ship between Bucky, Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark
T'Stuckony — the ship between T'Challa, Steve Rogers, Bucky and Tony Stark
WinterIronPanther — the ship between Bucky, Tony Stark and T'Challa
WinterIronWidow — the ship between Bucky, Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff
WinterShieldShock — the ship between Bucky, Steve Rogers and Darcy Lewis
WinterWidowHawk — the ship between Bucky, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton
World War Threesome — the ship between Bucky, Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter


Natasha Romanoff

Main article: Winter Widow


Steve Rogers

Main article: Stucky


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Winter Soldier



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