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Bucky Barnes is a character from the Avengers fandom. He is a genetically altered super soldier who was brainwashed to kill for HYDRA for seventy.



Bucky was born in Shelbyville, Indiana. After the death of his father at Camp Lehigh, just before World War II, he was unofficially adopted as the camp's mascot. During his time at the camp, he became an expert on the ins and outs of military life and befriended Private Steve Rogers.

After accidentally discovering that Steve was Captain America, Bucky insisted on becoming his partner. The two fought Nazis together.

On Bucky's final mission in 1945, he tried to defuse a bomb planted by Baron Zemo on a drone plane. The plane exploded in mid-air, seemingly killing him.

The explosion did not kill him, and his cold-preserved body was found by Soviet soldiers. He was taken back to Moscow, revived, and programmed to become an assassin code-named the Winter Soldier.

After decades of being forced to kill for the Soviets, Bucky regained his memories during a confrontation with Steve and became overwhelmed with guilt over his actions.

After Steve's death, Bucky took up his mantle, becoming Captain America for a time. He later gave up the title and returned to his former Winter Soldier code name.


Born in 1917, Bucky grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He met his best friend, Steve Rogers, at a young age after saving him from some bullies, inspired by his bravery despite his small stature.

Bucky was drafted into the United States Army after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He and his unit were captured by HYDRA forces during a battle at Azzano, Italy. They were sent to work in a weapons facility. Bucky eventually became too weak to work, and was taken to be experimented on by Arnim Zola.

Weeks later, Bucky and the rest of the prisoners of were rescued by Steve, who had undergone a radical physical transformation due to Abraham Erskine's Super Soldier Serum. Bucky, Steve, and several other rescued prisoners formed a specialized unit called the Howling Commandos, destroying HYDRA facilities across Europe.

On Bucky's final mission with the Commandos, he, Steve, and Commando Gabe Jones boarded a train with the intent to capture Zola. Bucky fell off the train during a fight with HYDRA soldiers, and presumed to be dead.

Bucky, however, was not dead. He survived the fall due to Zola's experiments. He was found by HYDRA soldiers and captured. His memory was erased and he was subjected to heavy brainwashing, turning him into the unfeeling Winter Soldier, HYDRA's elite assassin. According to Natasha Romanoff, he performed over two dozen assassinations over fifty years, including Tony Stark's parents.

In 2014, Bucky came face-to-face with Steve for the first time since becoming the Winter Soldier. Steve helped Bucky regain his memory, and he went on the run from HYDRA, hiding out in Romania as he tried to remember his past and deal with his guilt.

After a battle against Tony Stark, T'Challa offered Bucky refuge in Wakanda. He stayed there for several years after Shuri, T'Challa's sister and Wakanda's lead scientist, found a way to remove HYDRA's programming from his brain.

Bucky was the first to disintegrate after Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half the universe.



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Natasha Romanoff

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Bucky and Natasha are in a relationship in the comics. They first had a relationship while Bucky was still under the control of the Soviets. They rekindled their romance years later.



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  • In the films, Bucky currently uses the alias White Wolf, which was given to him by several Wakandan children. In the comics, the White Wolf was T'Challa's adopted brother Hunter.
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