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Buddie is the slash ship between Evan "Buck" Buckley and Eddie Diaz from the 9-1-1 fandom.


Season 2


Hen, Chimney, Bobby and Buck are discussing the firefighter calendar, when Chimney points out the new guy behind him, and how handsome he is. Buck see's him and asks Bobby who he is. Bobby explains that he's Eddie, their new recruit. Buck asks what they need him for, but Bobby assures him that Eddie's history in the army makes him a good fit. He offers to introduce him to Eddie, and leads Hen and Chimney over as Buck watches.

On the way to a call, Buck asks Eddie if his full name is Eduardo, but Eddie says it isn't. He then asks if people call him Diaz, but Eddie also says no. Buck thinks that they need a nickname for him, since everyone else has one, and Eddie asks if he should take Buck seriously. Chimney says that he never does, and they all laugh much to Buck's annoyance.

As Buck is working out, Eddie walks over and starts his own. Buck pulls out his phone and starts to take some selfies, but Eddie says that he's in the wrong light. Buck says that he doesn't need light to look good, Eddie rolls his eyes and goes back to his workout. Chimney asks what he meant, and Eddie explains how they need warmer lighting to make you look good, and pulls out his phone to show some examples. Buck walks over and see's the picture's and says that it's cheating for Eddie to use a professional photographer for the calendar contest. Eddie corrects him and tells him that his niece did them. Eddie asks what Buck's problem is and Buck says that it's Eddie. He has too high of a comfort level for someone who only just arrived. Eddie says that he didn't mean to step on anybodies toes, and knows that Buck is going through some stuff since his girlfriend dumped him. Buck says that she didn't dump him, but Eddie just doesn't want Buck to feel threatened by him since they're on the same team. Buck asks why he would feel threatened by him, and Eddie agrees. They do the same thing, Eddie has just also done it while being shot at.

In the ambulance, Buck guesses that Eddie's seen a lot of shrapnel wounds, which Eddie has. Buck then asks if he's ever seen someone with a length of rebar in their skull, and Eddie asks what they're measuring. Buck says that working in L.A. means that they still see some pretty nasty stuff, when Eddie stop them. He looks at the grenade stuck in the man's leg and realizes that it's live. He yells at the ambulance to pull over.

They X-Ray the mans leg and see the round inside of him. Buck is confused since he thought it already went off, and Eddie explains how it actually works. They can't get the grenade out and had to call in someone who will be up in an hour, but Buck says that the man doesn't have an hour. Eddie says that he'll do it, since he's treated this before, and Buck says that he'll do it with him.

Eddie and Buck enter the ambulance and start to prepare to remove the grenade. Eddie asks Buck if he's ready and Buck nods. They start, Buck trying to keep the man's leg open while Eddie removes the grenade. Eddie instructs Buck on how much pressure to apply, and they get it out, Buck holding open the box for Eddie to place it in. They wheel the man into the hospital, and take a second outside. Eddie tells Buck that he's a bad ass under pressure and that he can have his back any day. Buck says that Eddie can have his, causing Eddie to snicker. He calls it a deal and they shake hands as Bobby comes up. The ambulance then suddenly blows up behind them, and Eddie asks if they're hungry.

Eddie is playing pinball, as Buck tries to suggest nicknames, but Eddie still says no. Bobby then comes up and tells them they picked a winner for the calendar. Buck says no hard feelings no matter who won and he and Eddie fist bump. Bobby says that's good since they didn't pick him. Buck jokingly says that it was rigged and congratulates Eddie, but Bobby says that it wasn't him either, confusing Buck.


In the truck, Buck notices Eddie on his phone. He asks who Eddie is trying to talk to, and Eddie tells him that it's his son, Christopher. Buck is shocked that Eddie has a kid, and Eddie shows him a picture. Eddie is all he has since his mother left, and Buck asks if he's at school. Eddie confirms, and Buck assures him that Christopher is fine.

Outside of the collapsing high rise, they notice a victim stuck to the window. Eddie asks Buck if that's the eleventh, and Buck thinks it is. He suggest taking the ladder to the fourth floor, and climbing up from there. Bobby gives them permission and they go ahead. As they reach the fourth floor, Buck tells Eddie all the safety precautions that they placed in schools for Earthquakes, trying to assure him that Christopher is in the safest place possible during one. Eddie jokes about Buck saying earlier that that was a high rise, causing them to smile as they climb inside.

They reach the eleventh floor and find the room. They set up a line and open the door. Once inside Eddie starts to make his way to the man trapped between the furniture and the window, while Buck tries to help the woman, Ali. Buck holds the rope steady for both Eddie and Ali, when an aftershock suddenly hits. The window breaks, and the man falls to his death, when Ali's rope comes undone. Buck yells for Eddie to catch her, which he does, but they're dangling out the window.


They're able to get Ali inside, and find a way out when their former path is blocked. They find a new one when they hear a call from one of the rooms. They find a man and realize that he has a spinal injury. Eddie says that they have to move him, but Buck says that they don't have a backboard, and the risk is too big. They look around when Ali finds an ironing board, but Eddie asks how they'll get him down the stairwell. Buck gets an idea and they all head towards the elevator.

As they're packing up the fire truck, Buck realizes that they have service and tells Eddie. Buck drives Eddie to the school, and he quickly runs in and hugs Christopher, as Buck watches on.


As they're walking away from the bar, Buck asks Eddie if Christopher was really the reason that he turned down the girl. Eddie says yes, but they also weren't his type. Buck says they weren't his either, but he was more talking in general. Eddie says that it's more complicated when you have a kid, but Buck calls it a weak excuse. Eddie reminds him that he's still living at Abby's which is more of a weak excuse, when he suddenly gets a call.

Eddie arrives at the hospital, with Buck and tow where he meets his aunt Josephina. He asks if Christopher is fine, but Josephina tells him that it was his grandmother who was hurt not Christopher. She notices Buck, and asks who he is. Eddie tells her that Buck is his co-worker, and officially introduces him. Josephina tells him that he can't keep leaving Christopher with his grandmother, and he knows, when Christopher calls him over. He smiles and goes over to him, leaving Buck with Josephina. Buck says that it must be rough for Christopher and Eddie, Josephina agreeing.

At the fire station, the group is talking to Christopher when, Bobby shows up. Eddie starts to apologize for bringing him, but he had nowhere else to take him right now. Bobby says that he did, the 118. Buck had called ahead and Bobby was able to get it approved by the chief. The alarms go off and they rush to the trucks. Back at the station, the crew take care of Christopher till Josephina shows up. At the end sending him down the fire pole with Eddie and Buck catching him at the bottom.

While making dinner with Maddie, Buck tells her about how he feels bad for Eddie. Christopher is great, he just needs extra help, but getting the help is kind of a huge mess. It shouldn't feel that way, Eddie shouldn't have to worry so much, and Christopher shouldn't feel like a burden. She asks if Eddie feels that way, but Buck says that he doesn't. He loves him and is a really great dad. Maddie asks if Buck's boy crush on Eddie means that he'll be moving on from Abby, but Buck just sarcastically calls her cute.

Eddie arrives at Buck's apartment, asking why he doesn't see any of Maddie's stuff packed. Buck admits to lying about the moving thing, and Eddie asks what's going on. Buck says that there's someone he wants Eddie to meet, and Eddie assumes that he's setting him up on a date. Buck assures him that this is someone he has to meet, she's what he needs, when there's a knock on the door. Buck answers the door to meet his friend Carla. He introduces her to Eddie, and explains that she is a health care aid who might be able to help him with Christopher. Eddie smiles at him as Carla see's what they're working with.


While taking Christopher to see Santa, Eddie invites Buck along and they sit on the side to watch. Eddie expects Buck to bring up Shannon, but he figured that it's none of his business. Eddie didn't expect it to happen, and had only reached out to her so that he could get Christopher into school, and just kinda ended up in bed. Buck finds it understandable and they're not breaking any rules to begin with, since they're still married. Eddie agrees, but still finds it strange that he's sneaking behind his kids back with Shannon. Buck is surprised the Christopher doesn't know, but Eddie doesn't know what he knows. Buck says that Eddie is just protecting Christopher, since Shannon ran out, but Eddie says that he ran out first. When Christopher was first diagnosed, Eddie re-enlisted and told himself it was to pay bills, but it was really to run away. He got called a hero, but when Shannon left, she just got called evil. Buck asks why he's not letting Shannon back in Christopher's life, she's already back in his. Eddie says that's the confusing part, since he doesn't know if he would be doing it for Christopher or himself. Christopher then finishes with Santa, and Buck and Eddie walk over. Eddie picks up Christopher and starts to walk away, as Buck watches. The woman who helped Christopher down, tells Buck that he and Eddie have an adorable son. Buck doesn't correct her, and instead thanks her, before going to join the two.


While Buck is being watched in the hospital, Eddie joins him. He calls Buck trying to unlock the phone from an unconscious Chimney a bold move. which Buck knows since he already got an earful from Athena. Eddie gets it, but doesn't understand how Buck thought he would be able to get away with it. Buck was more worried about Maddie, and how all the extra rules were going to get Maddie killed. He's a civillian however, so the rules don't apply to him. Eddie asks how he's in hospital jail then. Buck remembers how he had told Maddie to start over in L.A. instead of running, that he would keep her safe. Eddie tells him that it's not his fault, and Doug would have found her either way. Only she'd be alone.


As Eddie finishes his call with Shannon, Buck drops down from the truck and jokingly asks when the wedding is. Eddie says that they already are, and asks if they have to get married again. Buck suggests talking to Bobby, since he might be able to get them a discount. He then walks away as Eddie laughs.

Season 3


Buck tries to sleep his day away, but is interrupted by Eddie, telling him to get up. Buck asks why, and Eddie tells him it's morning, he's got things to do. Buck says that he doesn't, but Eddie suggests at least going for a walk. Buck says there's no point. Eddie reminds him that just because he's not a firefighter, doesn't mean his life is over, but Buck doesn't see it that way. Eddie says that the blood clot didn't kill him, and now has his whole life ahead of him, he should take it as a win, should stop feeling sorry for himself. Buck tries to ignore him and head back to bed, when Christopher says hi from the couch. Buck is surprised, but says Hi, and asks what he's doing there. Eddie tells him that Christopher is going to spend his day with Buck. He should take Christopher out, have fun, might learn something from the kid who never feels sorry for himself. He then says bye to Christopher and heads to work.


Buck arrives at the field hospital, still unnable to find Christopher after they got seperated by the tsunami. He calls Maddie and tells her what happened when he sees Eddie there. Maddie asks if he knows what happened, when Buck doesn't answer she tells him that he has to tell Eddie. Buck asks how he's supposed to tell his best friend that he lost Christopher. Maddie tells him that he has to, but Buck insists that he has to keep looking. Maddie tells him he's in no condition, and tells him to stay put so he can help. Buck says no, but she hangs up and doesn't hear.

As Eddie goes to help the new patients, he sees Buck to his surprise. He asks if he's okay, and then asks where Christopher is. He notices Christopher's glasses around Buck's neck and asks why he has them. Buck starts to explain how he and Christopher were at the pier when the tsunami hit. Buck starts to cry as he tells Eddie how he tried everything he could, but he doesn't know how to say it, when Eddie sees a woman holding Christopher. Buck tries to continue on, but Eddie walks past him straight to Christopher, Buck turning to see him as well. As Eddie hugs Christopher, the woman asks if he's Buck. Eddie corrects her and the woman tells him that Christopher was looking for Buck. As Buck watches, the rest of the 118 come over, and he finally collapses in exhaustion, happy that Christopher is safe.

The next day, Buck answers his door to see Christopher and Eddie. Christopher gives him a hug as Eddie walks past and explains all the stuff he brought for Christopher. Buck is surprised that Eddie wants him to watch Christopher, after everything that happened. Eddie reminds him that it was a natural disaster, but Buck thinks more about how he lost him. Eddie tells him that Christopher remembers Buck saving him, and now maybe he can do the sane for him. Buck says that he was supposed to look out for him. Eddie asks if he thinks he failed him, but he's failed Christopher more times than he can count. He loves Christopher enough to never stop trying, and knows that Buck does as well. He places his hand on Bucks shoulder and tells him that there is no one he trusts with Christopher more than him. He says goodbye to Christopher, and thanks Buck for not giving up just before leaving.


While the 118 are shopping, they run into Buck. He tries to play it off as a coincidence, but abandons it and starts apologizing for the lawsuit. Eddie interrupts him and asks what he thought was going to happen, lawsuit was bad enough, but he told the lawyer personal things about the 118. Buck says that he's supposed to be truthful with his lawyer, and asks why Eddie is so pissed. Eddie calls Buck exhausting, they all have their own problems, but they suck it up. Chimney reminds Eddie that Buck didn't ask for his leg to get crushed, but Eddie is more fixated on the lawsuit and not being able to talk to him. He doesn't even know how much Christopher misses him, since he's not around. Buck says that the lawsuit doesn't stop him from visiting Christopher, but Eddie reminds him that it stops him from reaching out to him, he couldn't even call him to bail him out...if that was a thing that happened. Buck asks why he can't see his side, Eddie getting up in his face and saying it's because it's all he see's.


As Buck is putting away the Halloween decorations, he sees Eddie who quickly averts his gaze. Buck asks if that's how it's going to be now, with Eddie constantly ghosting him. Eddie says that he doesn't know what Buck wants from him, but Buck just wants him to talk to him. Even if it's just to say that he's still mad. Eddie says that he's not mad, and takes a moment before asking Buck if he stopped to think about what suing the department would do to them. Buck says that he just needed his job back, he missed it and being part of the team, he never meant for anyone to get hurt. Eddie tells him that his choices impact them as well, that's part of being on a team. Buck says that Eddie is right, and he didn't think, he was just too mad about it all. But he gets it now, and is truly sorry. He'll do whatever it takes to get Eddie to forgive him. Eddie says that he's already forgiven him, that's part of being on a team, but tells him not to do it again. Buck smiles at him and the two hug.


Buck is pulling a package out of his car, when an unfamiliar car beeps at him, confusing him. Eddie steps out, and Buck asks if the truck is a rental, but Eddie says that it's all his. Buck says that he didn't know that Eddie was getting a new ride, and Eddie tells him that it was an impulse buy when the A/C went out in the old one while he and Christopher were on the highway. Buck says that's not like him, and Eddie says that maybe it should be. Buck promises to remind him of that when he's asking for more shifts to cover the payments. Eddie goes quiet for a moment, before asking Buck about the package. Buck smiles, and just says that he found Bobby's old skating partner, Heidi Shotski.


As Buck and Eddie are cleaning up after dinner, they talk about Maddie's friend who is still with her abusive husband. Eddie asks how Maddie is, and Buck tells him that she's taking it rough, but is going to have to realize that she can't save someone from themselves. Especially if you're not around to see it. Eddie looks to Buck, confused, and Buck says that he's sorry for not being there when he and Chris needed him. Eddie says that they're past that, but Buck isn't. He should have been there to talk sense into Eddie, or at least talk him out of buying the truck. Eddie thinks that Buck would have just convinced him to get something more expensive, which Buck takes as a fair point. Eddie says that things got out of hand for both of them, Buck shouldn't beat himself up about it. Buck asks if that's because he'd rather do it, confusing Eddie. Buck asks him to be honest with him, and suggests that Eddie might have been throwing his punches at the wrong guys. Eddie asks if he's really making it about him, and Buck says that the day in the grocery store he was pretty sure that Eddie was going to punch him. Eddie says he wouldn't do it, even if Buck deserved it, since he's on blood thinners. Buck says that he could still take him, Eddie asking if he thinks so, and Buck says he does. He walks closer to Eddie and asks if wants to go for the title. They then go play Street Fighter with Chris.


At Eddie's house, he and Hen are talking while Buck is making gingerbread houses with Chris and Denny. Chris asks Buck if he can spend Christmas with him this year, catching him off guard. Buck looks to Eddie, but Eddie sadly shakes his head no. Buck tells Chris that he'll be working this Christmas with Eddie, which Chris is not a fan of. Buck joins Eddie and Hen, asking if it's just him that thinks Christmas sucks this year. Eddie says that it's not just him.


At Buck's place, Buck slides Eddie a bear and says that all kids call their kids liars at some point. Eddie says that it's different when it's from your own kid, and Buck tells him that he should wait for the "you can't tell me what to do" phase. Eddie says that Christopher was right though, he did lie to him. He made his kid believe in the Easter bunny, and now has to tell him that it's all fake. Buck thinks that he might be over-correcting. Eddie says that he told Christopher that he's like all the other kids, but that's not true since he has CP. There's a lot he can't do. Buck tells Eddie that he read a book on Jim Abbott while in the hospital, and it turned out that he was able to pitch a no hitter, even though he was born with one hand. Eddie asks how he did it, and Buck explains that he practiced different tricks so that he could play the field. Eddie likes the positivity, but doesn't know how much practice will help Christopher stay on a skateboard.

Eddie brings Christopher to the park where Buck and Carla are waiting with a modified skateboard. They hook him up to the skateboard and Buck and Eddie push him along through the park.


Christopher comes to see Eddie at work, showing him what he wanted to bring in for show and tell. Buck comes over and sees that Chris brought over Eddie's silver star. Buck asks if Eddie ever just wears it, and Eddie jokes that he never had an outfit to go with it. Buck takes it and says that if he had a medal, he'd never take it off. Eddie takes it back, and says that they already know that. Chris wants Eddie to tell the story to his class, and Buck asks if Eddie can tell it to fourth graders. Eddie probably can't, but will try and figure something out, just as the alarm goes off for a call.

After Chimeny pulls Hayden out of the well, lightning strikes and the rig starts to fall. Buck pushes Bobby to the side, and in the tunnel debris starts to fall on Eddie. Once things settle, Buck realizes that the hole's been filled, and runs towards it. He yells for Eddie and starts to frantically dig by hand, but Bobby pulls him away since it's useless.

Buck tells Bobby that they have to dig, but the drill is ruined. Buck says they could dig by hand, but Chimney says that the rain would cause a collapse. He asks how long Eddie could survive down there, and then looks around. He believes everyone thinks Eddie is dead, but Bobby says that nobody thinks that. Hen assures Buck that they won't give up on and Eddie and that they'll find him.


Buck sees that the building next to the apartment complex isn't on fire, and they can use it to get to the apartment. Eddie is in disbelief that Buck wants to do a rope rescue, but Bobby says that Eddie is going to go with him. The two rush along the roof and throw their stuff over to the other side. They then back up and take a running start to jump to the other side. Eddie then help Buck lower himself to the correct window, and help him get down with the victim. The roof starts to go, and Bobby tells him to secure the rope and get out of there. Eddie does so, and lets Buck know. Buck acknowledges and tells Eddie he'll see him on the ground.


As Abby is telling firefighters that she needs to get into the train, Eddie arrives and tells her that she can't. She realizes that he's from the 118 just as Buck comes up and sees her. When he says her name, Eddie realizes that she's Bucks ex. She tries to get in the car again, but Buck stops her and she yells that she's trying to find her fiancé. Eddie asks for a description and looks to a shocked Buck as he does. Once they have a picture, Eddie is about to pat Bucks shoulder but runs off before he can.

Season 4


Buck tells Eddie that Hen isn't going to the fire line with them, and it's just gonna be the two of them. Marjan then pulls up and tells Eddie to hurry up. When she leaves, Buck asks if he's going with her. Eddie says that he is, when Buck suddenly realizes that he recognizes Marjan from the times she's gone viral. Eddie is confused and he and Hen head out to their assignments. Buck decides that they're abandoners.


Season 2

Under Pressure

  • Buck looks back as Eddie is putting on his shirt.
  • Buck and Eddie save Hector.
  • Buck tells Eddie that he made a good call.
  • Buck constantly looks back at Eddie while he works out.
  • Buck yells at Eddie that he and Abby aren't broken up.
  • Bobby tells Buck to start playing nice with Eddie.
  • Eddie tells Buck to change the man's dressings.
  • Eddie says that he'll see Buck inside the ambulance.
  • Buck reminds Bobby that he wanted him to bond with Eddie, they might even end up real close.
  • Eddie and Buck smile at each other as they get the grenade out.
  • Both Eddie and Buck jump in and pull Jesse out from the pool.
  • Eddie and Buck stand next to each other in the kitchen.


  • Buck calls Eddie's son, Christopher, adorable.
  • Eddie asks Buck is he's okay, and he assures him that he is.
  • Eddie throws Buck the rope.
  • Buck secures the rope on Eddie and let's him know he's good.

Help is Not Coming

  • Eddie tells Buck and Ali to move.
  • Eddie checks in for him and Buck.
  • Buck and Eddie look to each other when Hen doesn't check in.
  • Buck helps Eddie go down the elevator shaft.
  • Eddie yells at Buck to move.
  • Buck and Eddie arrive to help Chimney and Bobby find Hen.


  • Eddie hands Buck a sharpie.
  • Buck notices Eddie turn down the girl at the bar.
  • Eddie and Buck brush shoulders as they walk.
  • Buck looks on as Christopher and Eddie hug.
  • Buck watches sadly as Christopher and Eddie leave.

Awful People

  • Buck and Eddie sit next to each other at dinner.


  • Eddie and Buck move the couch into Maddie's apartment.
  • Buck thinks that Maddie is talking about Eddie when she calls Chimney cute.
  • Buck asks Eddie what a dynamic rollover is.
  • Eddie interrupts Buck's conversation with Kelly.
  • Buck tells Eddie about some obscure research he's done.
  • Eddie and Buck taunt Chimney over not getting the snack.
  • Buck and Eddie start to feel the LSD at the same time.
  • The LSD makes Buck and Eddie comment on how small the kids are.
  • Buck is delighted by Eddie crying while on LSD.
  • Eddie and Buck sit next to each other while watching the story on the 118.


  • Buck and Eddie find the remains of a hiker.
  • Buck and Eddie joke about a ghost calling 911.
  • Eddie and Buck are able to save the hiker.
  • Bobby tells Eddie and Buck to figure out the power situation.

Buck, Actually

  • Eddie lowers Buck onto the highway sign.
  • Eddie places his hand on Bucks arm to comfort him.

Merry Ex-Mas

  • Buck overhears Shannon and Eddie talk.
  • Buck tries to talk to Chimney about Eddie and Shannon.
  • Eddie and Buck search for part of a victims nose.
  • Eddie smiles at Buck when he says that he's gonna cry over the soldier and his daughter.
  • Buck and Eddie fist-bump.

New Beginnings

  • Buck and Eddie stand next to each other while giving Chimney and over the top congratulations.


  • Buck tells Eddie that Cap takes fire safety talks very seriously.
  • Eddie and Buck show the kids around the trucks.
  • Buck and Eddie joke about the old trucks.
  • Buck corrects Eddie and says that the woman being alive is a miracle.
  • Eddie places his arm on Buck's shoulder.
  • Eddie watches Buck on the ladder.
  • Buck asks what Eddie's doing as he climbs the gutter.
  • Buck tells Bobby that if he did what Eddie did, he'd get yelled at.
  • Buck plans to take an extinguished and jump to the house to help Eddie.
  • Buck is impressed by Eddie's "spider-man" routine.

Ocean's 9-1-1

  • Buck and Eddie break down the wall.
  • Eddie and Buck both agree that the call was pretty weird.
  • Buck sits across from Eddie at lunch.

Bobby Begins Again

  • Buck and Eddie stand next to each other as Bobby tells everyone he's suspended.
  • Eddie and Buck both agree about not caring what Bobby did before.

Careful What You Wish For

  • Both Buck and Eddie go to Bobby for advice.
  • Buck and Eddie reach into the chocolate for the victim.
  • Eddie steadies Buck before he can fall in.
  • Buck tries to stop Eddie from going to Shannon.

This Life We Chose

  • Buck and Eddie wave to the viewers of the livestream.
    • Many of the followers comment on how they should be a couple.
  • Eddie and Hen rush to help Buck.
  • Eddie tells Buck to hang on.
  • Eddie pulls Buck out from under the truck, and help move him to the ambulance.
  • Eddie says things are almost the way they should be, since Buck's not there.
  • Buck thinks that seeing Eddie's ceremony is more important than healing.
  • Buck watches Christopher bring Eddie his helmet for becoming a full firefighter.
  • Eddie and Buck hug.

Season 3

Kids Today

  • Buck and Eddie hug as soon as Buck comes down the stairs.
  • Eddie watches Christopher give Buck his card.
  • Eddie notices Buck coughing.
  • Eddie tells Bobby that Buck will get over it.

Sink or Swim

  • When Hen asks how cheering up Buck is going, Eddie shows them a pic of Buck and Christopher.
  • Buck says that he doesn't know what he'll tell Eddie, since he took Chris out one time, and a tsunami happened.

The Searchers

  • Eddie calls Buck to let him know he'll be late picking up Christopher.
  • Eddie jokes about Buck taking care of Christopher and staying inland.


  • Eddie jokes about Buck not being able to do math.
  • Eddie tells Buck that it's nice to see him again.
  • Buck watches Eddie leave with Bosco.
  • Eddie tells the child therapist that Buck tried to shield Christopher from the tsunami aftermath.


  • Eddie tells Bosco that he's not allowed to talk to Buck.
  • Chimney asks if they're supposed to stop the guys in the parking lot, or Buck and Eddie.
  • Buck asks where Eddie is while they're in the rage room.


  • Buck notices Eddie's injury, but Eddie says that it's nothing he needs to be concerned about.
  • Buck asks for Eddie's help, but Eddie says that Buck has it. The lawsuit proved it.
  • Buck notices Eddie grunt in pain as he pulls away.


  • Eddie and Buck look for a victims fingers.
  • Eddie watches Buck nearly fall on the ice.
  • Buck whistles as Eddie steps out of the truck.
  • Buck and Eddie present the standee of Bobby.
  • Eddie and Buck sit next to each other during lunch.
  • Buck and Eddie lift the patient onto the gurney.
  • Buck tells Chimney and Maddie that he thinks something is wrong with Eddie.
  • Eddie and Buck lift the shelving unit together.


  • Eddie remarks on Buck being obsessed with natural disasters.
  • Buck asks Eddie how therapy is going.
  • Eddie remarks on Buck sleeping with his therapist, but Buck is quick to defend himself.
  • Buck opens Eddie's beer for him.
  • Eddie chuckles at Buck suggesting he could talk sense into him.
  • Buck and Eddie work to get the driver out.
  • Eddie and Buck hug Hen.

Christmas Spirit

  • Eddie smiles as he watches Buck make gingerbread houses with Denny and Chris.
  • Bobby asks Eddie and Buck to get equipment from the truck.
  • Buck and Eddie search the woman's apartment.
  • Buck watches Eddie and Christopher hug.
  • Christopher sits between Buck and Eddie at dinner.
  • Eddie watched Christopher open the present Buck gave him.
  • Buck and Eddie stand next to each other during the group photo.

Seize the Day

  • Buck and Eddie catch Stefan from on top of the Firetruck.
  • The woman they helped asks if Buck and Eddie are single for her daughter. They just share a confused look.
  • Eddie and Buck sit next to each other during dinner.
  • Eddie and Buck cheer on Hen and Albert during Karaoke.
  • Eddie watches Buck play with Christopher.
  • Buck says that he's not really a guest in Eddie's house.


  • Buck and Eddie hose down the bike and remove the victim from the merry-go-round.
  • Buck and Eddie try and figure out if they've seen the guy before.
  • Buck brings up Eddie's argument with Chris' teacher, at the most awkward time possible.
  • Eddie asks if Buck is still in the "don't tell me what to do" phase.


  • Eddie corrects Buck's reference, and Buck asks why he won't let him have the win.
  • Eddie asks Buck if he wants to go out for lunch, and Buck agrees before loosing his appetite.

Eddie Begins

  • Buck and Eddie are with Bobby as they go over the blueprints.
  • Eddie and Buck lower the radio down to Hayden.
  • Buck lowers Eddie down the hole.
  • Buck tells Bobby to give Eddie more time.
  • Buck wants to go down to get Eddie, but Hen says that will just give them two cut lines.
  • Buck claws at the ground while screaming Eddie's name in a futile attempt to dig him up.
  • Buck helps him up when he gets back.

The One That Got Away

  • Buck and Eddie check over the victim.
  • Eddie tells Buck that he can't come to celebrate, because he has to help Christopher's sleepover.
  • Eddie tells Buck that things won't change if one of them leaves.


  • Buck tells Eddie that dispatch gets calls from Hot Air Balloon places, and when he asks if Maddie told him, he says it was someone else.
  • Buck and Eddie help the woman out of the truck.

What's Next?

  • Eddie brings in a brochure to help him ease his mind about sending Chris to camp, but Buck just makes it worse.
  • Bobby tells Buck and Eddie to start searching for a way to get into the train.
  • Eddie tells Buck to keep Sam talking.
  • Eddie tells Buck that he needs to stop trying to save Sam, and tells Bobby that Buck made a promise to Abby.
  • Eddie tells Buck to move.
  • Eddie asks Buck if he's okay, but Buck just asks what's next.
  • Buck accidentally hits Eddie in the eye while they're taking pictures.

Season 4

The New Abnormal

  • Buck mentions that Eddie and Hen went back to their kids months ago.
  • Eddie looks over Buck's shoulder as he looks up the impact of the quake.
  • Eddie tells Buck that "at least it's not a tsunami' when they see the bus stuck in the building. Buck just gives him an annoyed look.
  • Eddie secures Buck so that he can do a rope rescue.
  • Buck and Eddie secure the bus.
  • Eddie radios Buck to ask if everyone's off the bus.

Alone Together

  • Eddie hooks Buck to the rope, and gives him an axe.

9-1-1: Lone Star; Hold the Line

  • Eddie tells Buck "welcome to Texas".
  • Eddie says that Buck is staring at Marjan.
  • Eddie punches Buck in the shoulder when he says he recognizes Marjan.
  • Buck tells Hen that he doesn't know where Eddie is.
  • Eddie pats Buck's back as he walks by.
  • Eddie tells Marjan that Buck helped him build Chris a skateboard, and that he's mostly harmless.
  • Eddie says that Judd doesn't know Buck if he thought he would think ahead.
  • Eddie asks Marjan to follow Buck on instagram.
  • Eddie asks Buck where Hen went.


  • Buck takes Eddie's insult as a compliment.
  • Eddie and Buck simultaneously answer no when Chimney asks if parents can't both be good cops.
  • Eddie questions what Buck's definition of too much discipline is.


  • Buck pulls Eddie under the firetruck and gets him inside it
  • He help's Eddie's wound as he frantically pushes a paramedic to the side
  • Buck starts shaking after he gets out of the hospital; looking ghastly and pale
  • Buck visits Christopher to inform him on Eddie's injury
  • He and Chris cry together over Eddie's surgery going successfully
  • Buck visits Eddie at the hospital
  • Buck states that it should've been him who got shot, and Eddie gives him an annoyed and disapproving look
  • Buck comes to pick Eddie up from the hospital
  • Eddie tells Buck that he's the legal guardian of Chris if he dies
  • He also says that he didn't ask Buck for consent because he knew he wouldn't refuse
  • Eddie tells him that no one will ever fight harder for Chris more than Buck
  • Eddie tells him that he's not expendable
  • Buck drives Eddie home


Eddie“You're badass under pressure, brother.”
Eddie“Hell yeah. You can have my back any day.”
Buck“Yeah. Or, you know, you could you could have mine.”
— Under Pressure
Buck“Is your son really the reason you don't date?”
Eddie“That and, they weren't my type.”
Buck“Not mine either. Not anymore.”
— Stuck
Buck“He loves that kid like crazy. He's a really great dad.”
Maddie“So, does this boy crush on Eddie mean that you're finally ready to, uh, move on from Abby?”
— Stuck
Maddie“He is so cute.”
Buck“Yeah, he gets that a lot. You should meet his kid, though.”
Maddie“Wait, Chimney has a kid?”
Buck“No, I-I thought you meant-[Eddie]”
— Dosed
Woman“You two have an adorable son.”
Buck“[awkward pause] Thank you.”
— Merry Ex-Mas
“The is nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you.”
— Eddie
Eddie“You slept with you therapist?”
Buck“I was, uh, going through a phase. Hey, didn't you just go through one of those?”
Eddie“Yeah, yeah.”
— Fallout
Buck“I don't really get why I had to bring something anyway. You practically shamed me.”
Maddie“Because it's what you do when someone invites you to their house. YOu don't show up empty handed.”
Buck“Uh, this is Eddie's house. I'm not really a guest.”
— Seize the Day
Eddie“You hungry? Wanna grab a bite after we drop him?”
Buck“Definitely. Haven't had a proper meal since Bobby left.”
— Pinned
Eddie“Someday, if I didn't make it, Christopher would be take care of. By you.”
Eddie“It's in my will. If I die, you become Christopher's legal guardian.”
Buck“Uh, I mean, h-how does that even work? Don't you...don't-don't you need my consent.”
Eddie“My attorney said you could refuse.”
Buck“You know I wouldn't.”
Eddie“Nah, I know you wouldn't.”
Buck“I mean he-he has grandparents, other family.”
Eddie“Yeah. After Shannon lef, they all tried to guilt me into giving Christopher to them. It's not what I wanted then, it's not what I want now.”
Buck - "If it came to that, wouldn't they fight for him?"
Eddie“I don't know. Maybe. Probably. But no one will ever fight for my son as hard as you. That is what I want for him.”
Buck - "Well, you said you did this last year. Why are you just telling me now?"
Eddie“Because, Evan, you came in here the other day and you said you thought it would have been better if it had been you who was shot. You act like you're expendable. But you're wrong.”
— Survivors

Behind the Scenes

Oliver Stark (Buck) has openly stated how he loves that fans support the relationship between Buck and Eddie, and has even liked a few Buddie related tweets and videos. He eventually stopped which garnered negative attention from some fans. In December 2019, he explained in a tweet that the reason he stopped was because he didn't want fans to get false hope on where the relationship was going, since he didn't even know[1].

Observer“We can’t talk about the important people in Eddie’s life without talking about Buck. It was heart-wrenching to see Buck’s reaction to Eddie’s shooting, but it was moving to see his reaction when Eddie told him about potentially becoming Christopher’s legal guardian if he dies. Can you talk about the decision to go with that ending? How does that strengthen the relationship that they already have?”
Tim Minear“It’s interesting. The reason I decided to go with that particular story was there’s always been something about how Eddie sees how protective Buck is for his kid. Eddie is always going to do the thing that he thinks is gonna protect Christopher the most, and just like at the end of the tsunami when he tells Buck, “There’s no one I trust with my son more than you,” that’s something he meant even then. The thing that I found fascinating about that scene is not that Eddie decides [after the shooting], “I want to put in my will that you would be Christopher’s guardian.” It’s that he has done it six or eight months before and he just hadn’t said anything to Buck, and I don’t think he would have ever said anything to Buck if he didn’t feel like Buck needed to hear it. He trusted he was doing the right thing, but he just didn’t want to burden Buck with it. He’s not planning on being killed in the line of duty or something and not being there to raise his son; he’s just doing the responsible thing and planning for worst-case scenarios.[2]
Observer“It’s no secret that Buck and Eddie’s relationship has become a cornerstone of the entire 9-1-1 franchise, and a lot of people have fallen in love with the idea of them together. Oliver has even said that he doesn’t think that Buck could survive without his relationship to Eddie and Christopher, and we certainly saw evidence of that in the finale, and it’s unlike any relationship that I have ever seen on television. Has there been an evolving dialogue in the writers’ room to define the kind of love that is clearly there?”
Tim Minear“Yeah, it’s come up specifically and continuously. I always get bagged on by the fans for stuff like this, but all the conversations that the fans have are conversations that happen in the writers’ room. It’s interesting because we had Eddie’s character in Season 2 and from basically the moment that Buck laid eyes on him—and it’s mostly in the way that we introduced him, with a particular song and putting his clothes on in slow motion—that may have started it from jump street. But you can’t plan when actors have chemistry together, and I think that Ryan and Oliver have a ton of chemistry together. Now, how you want to define that chemistry, I think, is its own kind of evolving thing, which is almost why I don’t want to define it because the show’s not over. So, I’m not even really sure how to answer that question. I know that there’s a contingent of fans that would like a certain outcome and the [relationship] has a life of its own in fandom in that respect. But I do think that, look, at the very least, these are two guys who have a deep spiritual bond with each other. And by the way, I have seen it on television before—I’ve seen it in Band of Brothers. It’s that kind of out there, on the front lines. Hen (Aisha Hinds) and Chimney (Kenneth Choi) have it as well, so if there’s more than just that kind of chemistry between Buck and Eddie and a lot of people see that, I’m not gonna deny what they’re seeing. But I know that’s not a satisfying answer to your question.[3]


Whatta Man | Salt 'N' Pepa
Buck see's Eddie for the first time
Come and Get You Love | Redbone
Buck and Eddie hug during the party
Photograph | Ed Sheeran
Eddie trusts Buck with Chris more than anyone else


The pairing quickly sky rocketed in the 9-1-1 fandom, being noticed by most fans almost instantly. Most fans were drawn to the pair because of the initial antagonist behavior, since rivals are rather popular in shipping culture. Their rivalry didn't last long, but fans were still drawn to the pair.

Fans of the two will typically edit videos together of their moments, them being more common than art or fic in the fandom. Meta Posts are also very popular, as fans are quick to write them after episodes, bringing up all their moments from the episodes. Some will bring up how their moments parallel other romantic relationships in the show, such as Maddie/Chimney or Abby/Buck. Many will also bring up how there seems to be a romance being set up between the two, and how their relationship is the strongest one they have outside of their families. A common joke by shippers, is that Buck's sister, Maddie, is the #1 Buddie shipper, given that she's made comments on their relationship and seems to be reacting whenever their friendship is brought up.

Meta is also surrounded about how comfortable they are with each other. Often bringing up how they feel at home at each other's place's, or how Eddie might have a key to Buck's apartment. This is often used as evidence that the two might be in a secret relationship.

Fics will mostly revolve around them getting together, with or both of them pinning for the other. Some will also include people mistaking them for a couple, or just have their friends getting annoyed by their pinning. Some will also just have the two comforting and helping each other through difficult times. A common belief by 9-1-1 fans is that Buck and Maddie didn't have a good relationship with their parents. Fics that deal with this, will often have Eddie help Buck through seeing them again, and possibly getting together during that time as well.

Eddie getting a new love interest in season 3, did not sit well with shippers, as they felt it came out of nowhere and was a way to stop shippers, or that they were being queerbaited. Some fans are trying to quell others, that they need to give the ship time, but fandom has had bad times with ships like Buddie, and make it hard to trust creators with the pairings.

On AO3, Buddie is the most written ship for Buck and Eddie; it is also the most written ship in the 9-1-1 (TV) tag.



Buck/Eddie tag on AO3
Eddie/Evan tag on FanFiction.Net


Buddie posts on Tumblr


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  • Buck is the first person on the 118 that Eddie tells about Christopher.
  • In "This Life We Chose", an Instagram Live Feed shows them saving someone. As they do, several viewers comment on how hot Buck and Eddie are, as well as one saying that they are cute together, and another suggesting that they should be a couple.
  • In "Christmas Spirit", during the group photo, Buck and Eddie are standing under the mistletoe.
  • Buck and Eddie are the members of the 118 who have had the most comments on how hot they are.
    • In "Under Pressure" both Chimney and Hen comment on how good Eddie looks. Which Hen finds astonishing since she's a lesbian.
    • In "Stuck" several of the drunk girls at the bar, are astonished by how hot Buck is, jokingly say that they're strippers, tell their friend that she doesn't want to throw up since there are hot firemen, two of them ask them out and when the girl is pulled out, agrees with her friends. At the end of the episode, Carla says that she missed Buck's face and comments on Eddie's perfect bone structure.
    • In "Christmas Spirit" a woman becomes embarrassed because the "extremely handsome men" are going to rummage through her apartment.
  • As of "Kids Today", Buck and Eddie are the only main members of the 118 who are single.
  • In TVLine's "What TVLine is Thankful For" article, writer Andy Swift stated that he was thankful for "The Irrefutable Romantic Chemistry Between 9-1-1’s Buck and Eddie"[4].
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt (Maddie) said that she supported the ship in an Instagram post[5].
  • When twitter user biaamartins07 said that Buck should just move in with Eddie, the official 911 account replied with "Hint hint"[6].




  • Buckley-Diaz Family refers to the ship between Eddie, Buck and Christopher Diaz



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