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Bunally is the femslash ship between Bunnie and Sally from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


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Both Sally and Bunnie are members of the Freedom Fighters.

In "Sonic and Sally", both prepare Sonic in his next infiltration of Robotnik's base. While Bunnie packs canisters to the hedgehog, Sally commands Nicole to arm them. The three then synchronize their watches, and Sonic tells them to get to their places. After counting down, Bunnie turns the power switch to off, allowing Sonic to plant the canisters. Both go to the intended meeting place but Sally is nowhere to be found. As Sonic tries to go back to find the chipmunk, the rabbit reminds him of acquiring a Power Ring first. Later, a humiliated Bunnie is repairing her robot arm that fell off at an unknown time in front of “Sally”. The next day, Bunnie and Tails enter Sally's house and wakes “her” up. The three inspect a carrot garden, with Tails suspecting “Sally” to be a fake. Once Sonic, Bunnie, and Rotor discover the fake Sallybot, the hedgehog was able to rescue the real Sally from being roboticized.

In "Sonic Conversion", Sally used a de-roboticizer to revert Bunnie to her whole rabbit self. Sonic and Sally ask the rabbit if she is all right, in which she replies, “the Bunnie bod is back”. Later, Sally told Bunnie that they were able to de-roboticize Sonic's uncle. The chipmunk turns on a table projector, revealing a scale model of Robotropolis. She plans the first group to be de-roboticized to one of the factories in the ruined city. As Bunnie excites herself in helping Sally, she gets shocked and her robot limbs come back. The rabbit laments at the loss of her once-normal left arm and cries. Sally pulls her up and gives Bunnie a hug, assuring her that she will be returned to her normal rabbit self. The chipmunk realizes the same reversion would happen to Uncle Chuck. The robot hedgehog captures Tails and Antoine. Sally and Bunnie ride on Dulcy to trail them, then free Sonic out of the quicksand. All three are last seen dismantling the de-roboticizer, already having an alternative to returning their friends back to their normal selves without the use of the device.

Both have cameo appearances in Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball together with other characters from the television series.

Archie comics

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

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In issue 122, Sally went to a concert that Sonic is leading. She is shocked to see Mina beside him singing like an angel. Tails spots the princess, and Bunnie calls her attention outside of the crowd. The rabbit asks Sally what is bothering her. The princess, reluctant at first, shares a past memory about her and Sonic being soulmates, and worries that Mina might ruin her future. Bunnie replies that Sonic cares for the princess "more than [anything here in this] world", and asks if she does too. As Sally tries to get a clear answer, Nack kidnaps her while one of his weasel lackeys pushes Bunnie out. Sonic interrogates the weasel lackey, who wanted Sally's parents to pay a ransom for her release. Bunnie throws the weasel out of the castle then grabs him back in and knocks him with a kick. After the King arranged an offer the weasel cannot refuse, thereby disclosing Nack's hideout, Sonic heads out to rescue Sally.

In issue 144, Bunnie wrote to Aly admitting that she was "deeply in love with "this guy" and he loves [her], too". The rabbit continues that she misses him despite their arguments, and asks for her help. Aly replied that Bunnie should go "back to square one", stand up to him, and tell him about her feelings. Bunnie bursts into tears. Later, the rabbit read Sally's question to Aly about Sonic, somehow related to Bunnie's own. It is revealed that Aly persona in the Knothole News is none other than Princess Sally herself, with Nicole as her guide. This eventually allowed Bunnie to mend her relationship with Antoine.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

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This ship has some following, even when femslash ships are uncommon in the Sonic fandom. Rival ships include Sallicole and Saliona for Sally, while said ships involving Bunnie are rare.

There are handfuls of fan art featuring the two together. A fanclub on DeviantArt was set up in March 2011, but less than half the content is related to this pairing. Some fans tend to make this a friendship pair rather than a romantic one as Sally and Bunnie are already in a relationship with Sonic and Antoine, respectively.



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Bunallails — the polyship between Sally, Bunnie, and Miles "Tails" Prower
Bunallicole — the polyship between Sally, Bunnie, and Nicole the Holo-Lynx
Bunalliona — the polyship between Sally, Bunnie, and Fiona Fox


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