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Lucio“D.Va in the flesh! Woo! Can I get your autograph?”
D.Va“Only if I can get yours too! I love your new album!”
— Mutual fan appreciation

Bunnyribbit is the het ship between Lúcio and D.Va from the Overwatch fandom.


Under the username D.Va, Hana Song became a professional gamer, and represented South Korea in StarCraft tournament. At 19 she was drafted into the MEKA porgram. She defends the coast of the East China Sea from Kuishin omnics.

Lúcio Correia dos Santos took up DJing as a hobby when he grew up in Rio. When the Vishkar Corporation took control of Rio, Lúcio stole the sonic technology that his Father had invented for the company and led the citizens against the company. Vishkar was forced out of the city, and Lúcio's music career began to gain popularity around the world.

Lore does not depict any connection between the two. However, a voice line indicates that D.Va is a fan of Lucio's music, while Lucio is a fan of D.Va's gaming streams.


A more popular Overwatch ship. Fan art typically depicts the two doing normal everyday things. Fans enjoy the possible casualness of such a relationship, given both of their more carefree personalities. Some will also depict the two wearing their own merch, or each others.

Like all Overwatch pairings, art and fic will depict the two in their alternate skins. D.Va's Cruiser skin, will typically be paired with Lúcio's Jazzy skin, due to the 1950s aesthetic that came with both skins.

Shippers who are also fans of "Dad76", specifically as D.Va's dad, will have Soldier 76 being overprotective of D.Va. Even her possible relationship with Lúcio.

On AO3 Bunnyribbit is the most written ship for both characters.



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Lúcio/D.Va on Fanlore


  • D.Va is 19, while Lucio is 26
  • Johnny Cruz, the voice of Lúcio, and Charlotte Chung, the voice of D.Va, support the ship and often will do videos together of their characters flirting


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