Cabba x Caulifa is the het ship between Cabba and Caulifa from the Dragon Ball fandom.


Caulifla agrees to join the tournament of power only if Cabba teaches her the Super Saiyan form. In all of the moments they are at the screen in the same time, Cabba's way of talking and body language clearly gives away the fact that he has an obvious crush on her. He agrees and they go to the desert to get it done with. They spend a nice time together, with Cabba teasing her and Caulifla trash talking to him. They seemed to be nice enough to each other, that it made Kale worry that she was going to lose her best friend to some random boy. Caulifla easily masters Super Saiyan 1. Later on, when Kale goes beserk on Cabba, Caulifla Saves Cabba's life by deflecting Kale's attack to the nearby rocks that was meant to hit Cabba. After that, despite saving his life and having a good time with him, from her own side, she neglects having any feelings for him to Kale, despite the fact no one bought it up. Now, the important thing to note here from Caulifla's side is that, the fact that Caulifla UNLOCKED SSJ2, just to save Cabba’s life. Only the deepest of emotions or the desire/anger to protect someone can bring up a transformation like that without training. Plus at that point, he was still the enemy, as he was from the defense forces, but she still saved him despite the fact that she already got what she needed from him, which was SSJ1. This is the biggest hint that Caulifla has dormant feelings for Cabba, possibly caused after seeing his power as a super saiyan.


Despite being a new ship introduced in the year of 2017, the popularity of the ship has been rising at an above average rate.



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