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Cabbie is the het ship between Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro from the Victorious fandom.



Season 1

Cat and Robbie have been friends for an unknown period of time as they both attended Hollywood Arts. From the first episode they are often seen together and seem to enjoy each other's company a lot.

Cat is disgusted that Rex (Robbie's ventriloquist puppet) is hitting on all the girls in the school.

Rex claims he has never hit Cat. Robbie judges Rex, as a separate person, from him so one possible reason Rex never woos Cat is because Robbie doesn't like it when other guys woo Cat. Robbie may want to respect Cat. perhaps he's too shy to woo Cat, even through Rex.

Cat seems offended by Rex's lack of interest in her. and she might be angry that Robbie isn't flirting with her and seems worried that Robbie might not be attracted to her.

When André and Robbie get hurt, the redhead looks worried about both of them.

The stage kiss that makes Robbie have a crush on Trina.

During an audition Robbie and Trina have to kiss, and the boy gets a crush on the half-latina much to the latter's chagrin. Cat is the only one who notices, seeming a little frustrated that Robbie is so focused on trying to get Trina to go out with him, perhaps a sign of jealousy. Robbie for his part has no problem talking about it with Cat, who tries to convince him that kiss meant nothing and when Robbie says that kind of passion, it couldn't be bogus Cat interrupts him by kissing him. She may have taken the opportunity to kiss him because she likes her, and she may also be jealous that Robbie liked Trina and she tried to win him over. After the kiss, Robbie asks Cat to meet her parents, and one thing he didn't do with Trina, a sign that he liked Cat's kiss better. The girl seems agitated but unlike Trina she does nothing to avoid the boy, on the contrary she remains seated next to him.

Robbie's grandmother has computer problems and torments him for help. When he asks someone to accompany him at her home Cat is the only one to volunteer. Robbie agrees, but he warns her that his grandmother knows to be very critical. Cat thinks she can handle criticism well, but Robbie knows she doesn't and when he tells her she takes offense, so he apologizes and she forgives him instantly. Unfortunately, Robbie's grandmother doesn't like Cat at all, and when he tells her that the redhead isn't his girlfriend, her grandmother comments that he can have better.

Robbie ditches his grandmother with an excuse to go away with Cat.

When his grandma connects with Robbie in the middle of a class, Cat is the only one who doesn't laugh at him. Later Robbie proposes to go to mini-golf and she accepts, but first they have to stop for half an hour at her grandmother's house. Cat is not happy, and as soon as the lady sees her she asks her nephew why she brought her with him. The girl starts to leave, but Robbie leaves her. His grandmother introduces him to a girl named Brenda, saying she doesn't want him to end up with someone like Cat. Eventually, while his grandmother and her friend argue, Robbie makes up an excuse to leave with Cat.

Robbie starts running a tabloid blog about their school's students initially ignores Cat, who doesn't come to him complaining about his blog (though it could be because he's developing an addiction to online shopping). Later Robbie decides to talk about his problem too, perhaps to help her but apart from one occasion, Cat is the only one not to blame him and not try to make him stop with his show "Robarazzi".

Robbie hugs Cat after she frees him and the others.

The heat explodes and the gang decides to take a trip to the sea. However, once they arrive Cat comes out of Beck's roulette to go to the bathroom. Shortly after some people parked their camper in front of the roulette wheel, preventing the boys from going out, who get stuck in the heat. Her friends are counting on Cat to come back and free them but the redhead makes friends with a group of boys and spends the day having fun with them, forgetting about her friends (in her defense, it must be said that she could not know what happened to them), Robbie seems worried about Cat's delay (flirting with a guy in the meantime). When Cat finally comes back and free the group, Robbie is very happy and embraces her like everyone else.

When Cat, Tori, and Beck have to video chat for a school project, Robbie intrudes on their chat. Cat was about to tell Robbie the same joke she had told the others, but he reminded her he told her yesterday, which shows that the two interact quite a lot. Cat doesn't seem to care that Robbie is constantly trying to interrupt their video chat, and she seems distraught when Tori removes Robbie from the chat.

When Robbie arrives at school one morning, Cat is the first to notice his unkempt appearance and when he asks what is going on, the boy replies that he has been having several nightmares lately. Cat wants to know which ones and when he blurts out that it's not his business, the girl seems to be offended and the two begin a brief discussion at the end of which Cat seems quite saddened.

Cat wakes Robbie.

When Robbie falls asleep during class the next day, Cat wakes him up at the end of it, and when he finds out that he continues to have nightmares, she suggests he talk to school counselor Lane, advice that Robbie decides to follow.

It is later revealed that Cat and Robbie along with their other friends pretend to be part of a ping pong team to use the money the school gives the team to go to expensive restaurants.
Cat starts dating Daniel (an ex-boyfriend of their friend Tori) and when she introduces him to all their friends, Robbie is gone. She may not want to meet him, as she wishes Cat to go out with him and that she knowingly chose a time when the ventriloquist wasn't there. Surprisingly, Tori finds herself jealous when she sees her ex dating her friend and it is Robbie who tells her where the two are, and when the half-Latina arrives there it ruins their romantic night. It is unclear if Robbie planned this and there is no evidence that he did, but it should be noted that before Robbie spoke to Tori, he looked at the cheese fountain where Cat and Daniel were and perhaps he saw them making out by the fountain, and after talking to Tori he walks away sighing, head down.

Robbie still seems to disapprove of the brunette's behavior and seems angry at her for kissing Daniel but if he was the one who caused this, he may feel guilty. Robbie doesn't seem to like Daniel and throughout the episode he seemed annoyed with him, which could indicate jealousy.

Cat, Robbie, Andre, Beck and Jade go to a venue called Karaoke Dokie and Cat and Jade enter the singing contest. Their performance is spectacular, but the owner of the venue and competition judge wins daughter Hayley and her friend Tara. Disgusted by his nepotism, Robbie protests through Rex.

Robbie gets a lead role in the one-act staged by Professor Sikowitz, while Cat doesn't get a part and works with the lights. During lunch she Cat asks Robbie about his date without sounding jealous, but maybe that's because she already knows that the girl Robbie dated, she doesn't seem to appreciate her going out.

During the dress rehearsal, Tori aspires with a giant Rex machine that is almost completely destroyed. Robbie is quite agitated and Cat tries to calm him down as much as she can, looking seriously sorry. The redhead is even part of the group that offers to take Rex to the hospital.

Cat worried about Rex.

Cat truly believes they will take the puppet to the hospital and reminds the group how much Robbie cares about Rex.

Beck“We're not really going to the hospital. It's a puppet.”
Cat“Not for Robbie.”

Cat also seems to strongly disagree with Jade, when she proposes to get rid of Rex and is the only one of the group. This is a relevant fact as Cat is almost always in agreement with everyone and Jade is one of her closest friends.

Robbie uses Rex to tell Cat to stop singing.

As Cat sings Rex tells her to stop and the girl is very offended. Mr. Sikowitz one of the boys' teachers proposes that they sing at the birthday party of his four-year-old friend's son and since they will be paid the group accepts.

Robbie writes a song for the party but even if the lyrics are good at first, then it's not good. At the end a song by Andre is chosen and the group achieves great success, but not wanting to continue singing for the kids, when Cat gets another gig, they refuse to help her and Robbie openly tells her he doesn't like singing children's songs. So Cat is forced to get help from other people.

When during a conversation the group wonders how to solve Jade's problem, and Cat has a clever idea, Robbie looks as amazed as the others.

When Robbie arrives late for class one morning, Cat is the only one asking him why, a sign that she cares about him. Even in episodes where they don't have common plots, Cat and Robbie are almost always seen together in scenes where the whole group is in.

Sikowitz the acting teacher, proposes to the group to spend an evening at his house in which they will have to remain in the characters that will be assigned to each other for the whole evening. It is up to Cat to choose Robbie's character, and she gives him a motivational guide who drank a magical super potion that makes his legs go limp and wobbly. Robbie initially saw it as easy, but the detail of his limp legs baffles him.

The rules state that whoever leaves the character must leave. Robbie and Cat are the first to be eliminated, but while he goes to the Vega house, Cat goes out with their teacher's nephew Jason. But Robbie sends her a message and the two join him. The bespectacled doesn't seem bothered by Jason's presence, but maybe, that's because unlike Daniel, Jason and Cat aren't in a relationship and just met.

Cat and Robbie watch a movie (with Jason).

Season 2

When Robbie, after being rejected by a girl named Sadie, asks his friends what is wrong with him Cat is the only one who says nothing, a sign that she thinks there is nothing wrong with Robbie or that at least she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. When he learns that Cat calls for her to a rescue company due to a misunderstanding, Robbie looks worried and his words convince her to call an ambulance.

Later Cat would like to do something after school with Robbie and Tori, but then she doesn't say anything because she gets a phone call.

Cat dreams that children want to eat her and Robbie and gets angry because in the dream Robbie didn't try to save her. Robbie points out that she can't blame him for what she did with her in her dreams of her, and he also seems pissed off by Cat's anger.

When Robbie is admitted to the hospital, Cat appears worried and asks to be allowed to visit the ventriloquist. Shortly after seeing her friend, however, Cat is dragged away by Trina who, having to play the role of a tuberculosis patient, she wants to record the cough of real patients, so that she can be as realistic as possible without opposing.

Tori decides to organize the first Hollywood Arts school dance, and Robbie immediately goes to invite Cat but it's too late: the redhead has already accepted another boy's invitation. Cat seems really sorry to have to turn Robbie down and she says that she would have liked to go to prom with him. Robbie gets depressed about it, but Rex convinces him that Cat lied to him.

At the prom for a series of coincidences Robbie doesn't see Cat's date, so now fully convinced that she turned him down just because she didn't want to go with him and that he didn't even have the decency to tell her face and walks away angry. . Cat seems really upset by this and hurt that Robbie doesn't believe her.

The mid-term holidays arrive and Tori is persuaded to go to the village of Yerba by someone who sells food to Hollywood Arts students: in exchange for free entertainment for the other guests, they can stay free in his brother's hotel. Cat and Robbie are immediately persuaded. It's worth noting that originally only Tori and Andre were supposed to go with them, and so maybe Robbie and Cat were hoping to be alone together. In the end, however, for various reasons, Trina, Professor Sikowitz, Beck and Jade also join.

Robbie and Cat in bed together.

But the country is at war, there is a battle at night and Robbie frightened does not want to be alone so he slips into the girls' room. Cat unlike the Vega sisters (when Robbie arrives, Jade is asleep) doesn't seem sorry and Robbie lies between her and Trina, without either of them complaining.

During the performance Tori accidentally hits the Chancellor of Yerba in the eye and is arrested. Cat and Robbie complete each other's sentence in informing Tori of the incident.

Robbie and Cat in jail.

Tori is sentenced to four years in prison and the rest of the group goes to the chancellor to beg him to let her be released. Unfortunately, Robbie accidentally kills the Chancellor's octopus, so all the teenagers are thrown in jail. Nobody takes it out on Robbie, including Cat. When Cat disappears for a while, Robbie asks her worriedly where she went. Eventually the group escapes with Sikowitz's help.

Later when Robbie has to act in a Tori show and entrusts Rex to Cat. Given how much he cares about Rex, it means that Robbie trusts Cat a lot.

Robbie entrusts Rex to Cat.

Trina also participates in the show, during which she is injured due to a problem with the equipment. The school counselor decides to question the boys, because there is a possibility that someone has sabotaged the equipment on purpose to injure the girl.

Most of the characters tell how they remember what happened before the show: Robbie thinks it may have been Cat who tampered with Trina's carabiner, because he said she was jealous of him. In reality it was Robbie himself, who sabotaged the carabiner, because Trina had hit Rex, so in all probability he invented this absurd story, only to confuse the ideas of others and not be accused and punished.

Robbie is always the one who seems least annoyed by Cat's behavior and generally gives her a rope.

Over time, Cat seems to begin to enjoy Robbie's company more and more, as typically when the group splits up, she goes in the same direction as he does and there are instances where she seems to be staring at him dreamily.

Robbie and his Cat silhouettes.

Robbie trains Tori to get her to pass an exam, and to do so he uses cardboard cutouts of Cat, which he had in the house (one of which is flirting). When Tori asks if Cat knows about the silhouettes, he says no and tells her not to tell him. The workout succeeds, but when Cat sees the silhouettes she looks really shocked. But Cat seems to forget everything after a short time.

Cat after seeing that Robbie has her own silhouettes.

The boys are enrolled by Professor Sikowitz in a parade and Robbie proposes to cast lots, who will decide the theme of their allegorical float. The draw wins Cat and she chooses to make a wagon in the shape of a giant cupcake and everyone has to put on candy pajamas. Robbie seems to like the theme a lot and Cat seems happy about it. Given the low speed of the wagon, the boys leave the night before the parade. On the way, however, they hole up in an infamous neighborhood. Eventually the group is helped by some strangers.

Cat: Oh my ... great, great Robbie thank you! This is the best gift ever!

When Christmas comes, both Cat and Robbie look very happy. Sikowitz arranges a secret Santa for his students. Robbie gets to give Cat a gift and hires her a candy floss machine for a week, complete with a worker. For a week, Cat will have all the cotton candy she wants. To give her the gift, Robbie makes a megaphone announcement in front of the whole school.

Cat hugs and kisses Robbie after he gives her a Christmas present.

Cat is delighted with the gift and hugs and kisses Robbie on his cheek, with great joy of the boy.

Season 3

The group is put on detention and must spend Saturday mornings at school. When they talk about a video game and Robbie says he can't get past level 23, Cat looks sad, just like when Mr. Dickers (their vice principal) yells at Robbie and increases his punishment.

Robbie and Cat eat their first taco.

Shortly thereafter, Trina procures tacos for her friends in detention. It turns out that Robbie and Cat have never eaten any and that they are vegan. In the end they both seem to really enjoy tacos.

Robbie flirts with Cat.

Robbie later gets a makeover from Andre and Beck, to flirt with Cat and the girl seems to like and reciprocates the flirtation. The two also do it after school. Before leaving they leave a note for the vice principal, Cat signs "And I" and through Rex, Robbie tells her that the vice principal can't hear her, so she uses her name.

Robbie and Cat imitate a dolphin (with Andre).

When the group goes to a gameshow organized by their friend Sinjin and they deal with some girls from Northridge, Cat talks badly about them, perhaps because Robbie seems to hang out often and she is jealous. The group finds themselves participating in the gameshow, and when it turns out that they both have seen the same movie about a dolphin detective and start to imitate him (along with Andre).

Cat has to dog-sit for her mother's boss and since having broken up with Beck, Jade has nothing to do and forces the girl to take her with her. Jade, however, starts poking around the house of Cat's mother's boss and ends up breaking a guitar that belonged to Elivs Presley and a window. In a panic, Cat calls Robbie to help her, which shows that she has great faith in the boy.

Robbie comes to Cat's rescue.

Technically, Cat's trust turns out to be well placed since the boy manages to rearrange the guitar and the window ... but because of Jade, Robbie breaks the coffee table and the badly fixed guitar, falls again. Cat starts to cry and her ventriloquist tries to console her. Fortunately due to a sudden earthquake, a lot of things in the house break down and Mr. Gibbons assumes that all the damage was caused by the earthquake.

When Cat is sad because she believes one of her favorite actresses is dead, she stands by Robbie's locker, perhaps because thinking about him makes her happy.

Cat next to Robbie's locker.

Cat later goes to San Diego, with Tori and Jade. At the same time, Trina spreads stories that Beck (one of the most popular kids in school) would ask her out, in order to become more desirable for the boys. Beck, Andre and Robbie, so they pretend to be interested in her and pretend to fight for the honor of dating her, to teach her a lesson. Robbie arrives last and he may have agreed to participate, only after making sure that Cat doesn't believe he is interested in Trina again.

Cat whispers her idea to Robbie.

Sikowitz pretending to be an acting exercise, makes Cat and Robbie have to tell his neighbors' son that he wrecked his go-kart. Cat has the idea of doing it by singing a song and Robbie approves. Shortly thereafter, while they are chatting Andre decides to use them to break the bad news to Beck in the same way. The two have a lot of fun and Robbie says he'd like to keep doing it. Cat doesn't initially seem interested, and Robbie looks sad about it, but in short, everyone is using them to give people bad news.

The two later sit together to watch Sikowitz's play in which their friends play.

Cat gives Robbie the batteries.

Cat starts shopping compulsive again and buys a huge box of alkaline batteries which she gives to Robbie and all of his male friends. Soon after she decides to distribute them throughout the school and asks Robbie to help her. The boy asks if he can hug her after her and she replies "maybe" in a flirty tone and Robbie happily accepts. Cat accidentally shaved Jade's eyebrows and Jade obviously gets very angry with her. At lunch the two eat seated side by side, with Andre, Beck and Jade ... the latter handcuffed by the first two. When Jade tries to jump on Cat, she crouches on Robbie, seeking comfort and protection in him. When Jade tries to beat Cat, Robbie looks amused.

Cat crouches over Robbie for comfort and protection.

When Jade shaves Cat out of revenge, Robbie tries to console her, along with Andre and Beck.

While playing the Wizard of Oz, Robbie, Andre and Beck appear in front of Cat and the redhead seems happy only with the arrival of the first even if she then hits him on Andre's orders.

Robbie tries to give Cat some sweets

Robbie and Cat are seen close together more and more often. The two seem to be closer emotionally too and react to situations in the same way. When Cat develops an addiction to a sweet called Bibble, Robbie denounces Cat in Sikowitz, to prevent her from continuing with Bibble. Eventually Robbie tries to give Cat some, but the agent hired by her parents to guard her stops her.

When Cat tries to chat with Tori, Robbie looks happy, despite being at Tori's house, while the latter is depressed.

Cat is towed by Evan.

To make a student film directed by Beck, Cat, Tori and Jade have to put on blonde wigs and Tori decides to keep them to go out to eat, because she is sure that men prefer blondes. Tori is partially right, as Cat gets picked up by a guy named Evan who's obsessed with blondes.

The following day Robbie is very happy to have finished writing a song dedicated to Cat. The latter greets him and Tori with a hug and the boy realizes that he is very happy. When Tori says she is so happy to have met a boy, the dark-haired man gets depressed, but tries not to show it. When Robbie and Tori discover that Cat, she forgot to tell Evan that she doesn't have blonde hair and her blue eyes both look, perplexed. Robbie is surprised to see Cat cry out of fear that Evan doesn't like her.

Robbie tries to cheer Cat up anyway, but Cat continues to fear disappointing Evan and an angry Robbie points out his qualities, but when she says he doesn't know how boys think, the ventriloquist leaves in anger.

A quick internet search of Jade reveals that Evan only has blondes in mind and eventually Robbie puts on Cat makeup again like the night before, a sign that he puts the girl's happiness before his own.

Andre's parrot (used in the film and escaped during filming) lands on Cat's head, and for fear of the wig falling off, the girl runs away. Tori and Robbie follow her and she begs the second to fix her wig. The boy doesn't want to but accepts, but in the end Tori persuades her friend to introduce herself to Evan as he really is. Robbie tries to give her courage and takes her away to take off her wig.

Robbie consoles Cat, singing her the song he wrote for her.

Robbie“Evan is really stupid if he doesn't understand how awesome you are. Do you want to listen to my new song”
Cat“I don't know if I'm in the mood for Robbie.”

Unfortunately, Cat's fears come true: as soon as he sees what Evan really is, he ditches her and walks away. Robbie knowing this, decides to console her by singing her the song he wrote for her.

Cat appreciates the song and seems happy, but doesn't realize at the moment that the song is dedicated to her, and that makes Robbie a little sorry.

Season 4

To take advantage of a sale, the group sneaks into the Wanko Warehouses and decides to spend the night there, waiting for the sale of the following day, in order to skip the line.

Cat cheers Robbie up.

Robbie gets excited about walkie-talkies, but no one finds them interesting and he feels stupid. Cat consoles him with a caress and tells him even if they are stupid she likes walkie-talkies and Robbie seems very happy.

Robbie stops Cat from licking the laser.

When closed, a laser safety system is activated. Cat tries to lick a laser, but Robbie blocks her in time. Later the boys decide to slide the flatter of them under the laser so that it turns off the alarm. The flatter turns out to be Robbie and is given the mission. Although she does not support the choice Cat she appears worried about her friend and she tries to encourage him.

Robbie unfortunately runs into two thieves and fails to deactivate the alarm, which Cat carelessly activates. The group thus escapes and to save the ventriloquist, are Tori, Andre and Beck (although it must be said that he had only called for help to the last two).

Robbie and Cat together at Nozu's.

Robbie becomes skilled with the Ambon and goes to eat at Nozu's with Tori and Cat. The three chat and Cat and Robbie seem to be on the same wavelength.

Robbie is mistreated by two boys, one of whom is persuaded that he is better than him in the Ambon. The two believe her Cat is her girlfriend and blow her in the face. Robbie gets angry and declares that Cat is not his girlfriend (he takes the opportunity to ask her if she wants to become one, but she politely refuses and the boy doesn't seem to mind) and agrees to leave the club with the two to resolve it, not wanting them to mistreat Cat, as they threaten to do.

Very worried, the redhead immediately informs Andre and Jade and the three follow the friend outside. There is a challenge from Hambone and Robbie asks Jade to bring him the crate, and she turns the task over to Cat who gladly does. The girl then cheers on Robbie in the challenge.

Cat worries about Robbie after his defeat.

When Robbie loses the challenge, Cat appears sad and worried and looks back when the boy asks to be alone for a while. Robbie gets Tori to train for the rematch, and Cat helps with training (but Andre and Sinjin do too) however due to nervousness Robbie yells at her, which she regrets a little, even if she continues to help him.

Cat kisses Robbie on the cheek, to wish him good luck.

Before the rematch, Cat wishes him luck by also giving him a kiss on the cheek. Robbie looks very happy about it.

Hollywood Arts organizes a show to raise money for the school. Robbie does a magic show and asks Cat to be her assistant, and the girl accepts. An old friend of Beck's, Moose comes to visit him and being a very attractive dude, Cat, Jade and Tori get a crush on him and try to impress him, neglect their friends.

Robbie sends Andre to tell Cat that she has to go to him in the evening to try out the magic number, and it could also be a way to spend time with her.

Cat sings for Robbie.

Robbie gets angry and decides to replace Cat, with Sinjin really caring about helping him and having his friend Burf as a backup. Cat is sorry that Robbie has replaced her, but continues to try to win Moose, failing. In the end, however, she and Tori repent, go to the show and sing a song dedicated to the boys of Los Angeles. During the singing, Cat sits on Robbie's lap and he seems very happy. At the end of the performance, when he says it was sweet what they did, Robbie looks at Cat, even though Tori also performed.

Sikowitz, judges (rightly) his students, addicted to the use of mobile phones and then bets with them that they would not be able to be without using them, even for a week without technology: if they make it, he will give them all the best. votes for the entire semester.

Robbie stops Cat from letting him lose the bet.

The boys begin to feel the lack of technology in a short time and Robbie tries in vain to console Cat. Later the girl goes into a real withdrawal crisis and in order to recover her cell phone she gets to fight with friends, including Robbie, which barely block her.

The boys, seeing the collapse of Cat, judge the girls as weak and do not want to miss out on good grades, obtained without studying. Robbie is the one who judges the girls to be weak and Cat admits that maybe he is right. Eventually Sikowitz decides to have females versus males.

The girls realize they don't have enough willpower and Jade proposes to tempt one of the boys, to make him lose the bet and the choice falls on Robbie. Cat doesn't object and collaborates on the plan, but Beck and Andre manage to save their friend.

It is worth noting that Robbie reacts a bit like Cat, but that ultimately his reaction is much more controlled (it turns out that Cat, knows a friend of Robbie's that no one else knew. This implies that they talk a lot and confide in each other. more among themselves than with other group members).

The boys decide to use the same deception as the girls against them and it is Robbie who makes them fall into the trap. So the boys win the bet, thanks also to the help of Sikowitz (who as a man wanted to help the boys).

Robbie one morning when Cat greets him he asks her to talk to him in a whisper and she obeys, (receiving a thank you from Robbie) but asks why and he replies that he is looking after her sister's pet butterfly while she is at the cheerleader gathering. Cat notes that after his little cousin is injured, Robbie should no longer babysit and he quickly excuses himself, saying it was an accident, further proof of the confidence between the two.

Cat flirts with Robbie.

When Robbie begins to stimulate the butterfly, Cat wants the insect to look at her and persuades Robbie to open it by flirting with him (wrapping her hand around his neck, playing with his shirt while and stroking his hair). However, the butterfly flies away and eventually slips into Cat's ear, which worries Robbie.

Cat and Robbie watch Jade perform together.

Until Robbie finds a way to get the butterfly out, decides it needs to be fed, and sticks a banana into Cat's ear, with the redhead's approval. Robbie then builds a habitat for butterflies, hoping that the insect will come out of Cat's ear, found a better place and the girl sticks her head inside her, but the plan doesn't work. Eventually Robbie gets help from Andre's grandmother to get the butterfly out. Eventually the two witness a performance by Jade together.

Cat“Do you know about the Cow-wow dance this Saturday night?”
Jade“Yeah, I know about the Cow-wow.”
Cat“Well, Robbie wrote to me saying he wants to talk to me today, maybe he'll ask me to go with him.”
Jade“How disgusting!”
Cat“Don't say "How Disgusting!", I like Robbie.”
Jade“Then go to prom with him.”
Cat“No! How disgusting!”
Jade“You just said you like him.”
Cat“Look, Robbie is a friend of mine, I think it would be weird to go to a dance with him.”
— {{{12}}}

Cow-wow dance arrives, and Cat fears that Robbie wants to invite her and it worries her, and ends up letting off steam with Jade, declaring that she likes Robbie, but that it would be strange to go to a dance with a friend. When the boy arrives, the redhead runs away.

Robbie- “You don't have to keep running away from me. I've already asked Gabriella to come with me to Cow-wow.”

Cat- “Gabriella? And what did she say?”

Robbie: - “She said "Yes".

Cat- “But that's great!”

Robbie- “I know. Well, I don't believe it yet.”

Cat- “Great. You found yourself a girl to take to Cow-wow”

Robbie- “Yeah. Well I wanted to tell you that you don't have to run away when you see me.”

Cat: - “Thanks Robbie.”

Robbie: - “See you in class.”

Cat- “Ok. NO! Gabriella!”

Cat keeps running away from Robbie, but eventually he manages to reach her ... only to tell her that he decided to invite another girl to the prom and that she accepted. Cat looks happy for him ... but as soon as the dark-haired guy leaves, she throws a chair against the wall, yelling at us and then spitting out the name of the girl who agreed to go with him to the prom, as if it were an insult.

Cat: I am so angry.

Beck: Ehilà.

Jade: I would ask you why, but I don't care.

Cat: The reason is that!

Beck: You told Robbie you didn't want to come with him tonight.

Cat: Then? This doesn't give him permission to bring another girl.

Jade: So you don't want to go out with Robbie ...

Beck: … But you don't want Robbie to invite another girl to dance.

Cat: Yup! And thank you very much!

Cat is not having fun at the dance, and keeps watching Robbie and Gabriella. Her jealousy is evident and the girl vents with Beck and Jade, who, however, given her childish way of acting, do not console her. Cat leaves angry and to make Robbie jealous, she starts dancing with Sinjin. But Robbie doesn't seem to care, and Cat gets even angrier.

Cat- Wait up. Do you want to stay with me?

Robbie- Why me?

Cat - I want you to stay with me until I feel better.

Robbie- Ok.

The girl then gets kicked in the face by mistake and needs treatment. Robbie watches and when the redhead recovers, she asks him to stay with him. The two chat amiably with each other, and Cat admits she's sorry she didn't come to the prom with Robbie, taking his hand. The two listen together, the song of Tori and Andre.

Robbie kisses Cat at Cow-wow.

Soon after, Robbie kisses Cat. The bewildered girl runs away, because even though she loves Robbie, she's afraid of ruining their friendship if she becomes her girlfriend (as stated by Ariana Grande). Robbie watches her flee disconsolately.


Cabbie is one of Victorious' most supported and popular ships. Ariana Grande the actress who plays Cat had confirmed on Twitter that Cat and Robbie would become a couple in a future episode, but that never happened before the series was canceled, and since the Sam & Cat spin-off was also canceled, the relationship will begin in a hypothetical future.

This ship has many loyal and supportive fans and is one of the most popular couples on the show, as she is often loved regardless of fan preferences in the Tori / Beck / Jade triangle, in which also André is sometimes included.

There are many videos and fanfictions dedicated to this ship.



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