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Wade“You look up complicated in the dictionary and our relationship is the picture next to it. First I met Nate when I was hired to kill him. I let him win because I knew I’d be more popular than he is and it would look good on my resume. For a while we got together in a “Stuck On You” meets “Brokeback Mountain” kind of way (he wishes!).”
Nate“I wish I knew how to quit you.”
— Split Second #2

Cablepool is the slash ship between Cable and Deadpool from the Marvel fandom.


Nate and Wade have one of the most unlikely and complicated relationships in Marvel history. Cable, the Man out of Time, and Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth, met a few time before Marvel gave them a shared comic book. The two then became inseparable.... literally. Their genetic codes became linked. When one uses Cable's teleporter, the other comes with. Being forced together eventually lead to a friendship that deeply effected them both even when they were no longer genetically linked. Although after their split there were very few reunion's between the two. Deadpool had some kind of non-platonic feeling for Cable, although he had never acted upon them. Except for some occasional flirting, and a fantasy involving lotion.

New Mutants


New Mutants 98 DPFA.jpg
Cable is in the X-Mansion library when he is suddenly shot from behind. As he struggles to get up, Deadpool appears in front of him. He introduces himself, and tells Cable he was hired by Mr. Tolliver to kill Cable. Just as he’s about to shoot Cable, Cannonball appears and begins to fight Deadpool. Deadpool is able to disarm him, but it gave Cable enough time to recover and he attacks Deadpool. Cable seems to have the upperhand, but Deadpool then throws a knife into his leg, and is about to kill Cable, just as the rest of the New Mutants show up, followed by Domino, who takes out Deadpool. They tie him up, and Cable asks what they should do with him. Deadpool suggests a prison in the Bahama’s but Cable and Domino decide to send him back to Tolliver.

Cable & Deadpool


Cable & Deadpool -1.png
Cable and Deadpool both break into Sunic Pharmacopeia. Deadpool on a mercenary mission, and Cable on a mission of his own. The two end up running into each other, but Cable doesn't want to deal with Deadpool, and get on with his mission, so he uses his telepathy to blow Deadpool's brains out.
Cable & Deadpool -2 Ryan Reynolds.png
Cable is searching the city for criminals who had stolen a dangerous virus, when Deadpool finds him and confronts him on destroying the virus. Cable argues that the virus is a dangerous weapon, but Deadpool’s employer had told him that it could be used for other things. Deadpool decides that he’s going to have to fight Cable, but Cable just blows his brain out again. As Cable extracts the Virus from one of the criminals, Deadpool shows up and puts a gun to an exhausted his head. He then steal’s the virus and gives it to the One World Church.
Cable & Deadpool -3.png
Cabe & Deadpool -3 (2).png
Cable breaks into the church and finds Deadpool, who is being experimented on. Cable tells Wade that he plans to break him out, but he has to wait to figure out what the Church is planning. Wade doesn’t hear him, delirious from the pain. Cable tells him he’s here, and takes a step back to see what the Church does next.

Wade becomes affected by the virus and his appearance changes, becoming a member of the Church. He asks Cable to join him, and the two talk. Cable becomes affected by the virus and uses his telekinesis to destroy it, but it blocks him mutant powers and unlocks the techno-organic virus within him. Deadpool reveals that he still wishes to kill things despite the churches virus and attacks Cable. The two fight and are pushed into the courtyard. Cable threatens the minister of the church to cure him of the virus but Wade pushes him aside. Cable asks Wade if he actually believes what the Church says. Wade doesn’t think it will be successful but the idea is nice. He then elbows Cable in the face. Cable is eventually able to throw Deadpool across the yard and into the church. Deadpool returns in his Merc suit and begins shooting at Cable. He chases after Cable and eventually pushes him off a cliff and into a building.

Cable & Deadpool -4.png
The building is revealed to be the armory and Cable uses the weapons to break out and fight the Church and they run away. Cable reaches the scientist to force them to find a cure for him and Deadpool goes after him. Deadpool fights him so that he can’t get to the virus, not believing that Cable would use it for good. Cable only wants to find a cure for the viruses he has, since they’re eating at him. Deadpool likens it to cancer and Cable asks about his healing factor. Deadpool believes he will be fine, but Cable begins to ask about the church's plan. Cable starts to appeal to Deadpool when he tells him that in a world run by the Church would take away most of the things that Deadpool love’s, including porn and Taco Bell.
Cable & Deadpool -4 (2).png
Deadpool still isn’t sure, but Cable begs him for his healing factor. Wade is about to leave when he begins to melt. Cable tells him that the only thing that can save the other is each other’s blood…. Awkward.

Deadpool slowly crawls his way towards a paralyzed Cable as he melts. He eventually fully melts, and Cable uses some of his telepathic abilities to pull what’s left of Deadpool into him. He is cured, and immediately throws up Deadpool. Deadpool punches Cable for swallowing him, but Cable reminds him that they just saved each other’s lives. Cable tells him he’s going after the minister, and Deadpool want’s to come with. The melting thing really threw him off continuing with the church. Nate flies away leaving Wade behind.

Cable & Deadpool -6 Bodyslide by 2.png
Cable & Deadpool -6 Bodyslide by 2 (2).png
Cable uses the virus and infects the world. He then reassembles his teleporting matrix. He activates it to take him to the Daily Bugle office. Deadpool in Singapore, is then taken with him. The two teleport and are read as one person causing them to be attached. Cable realizes that he was tricked and Deadpool tries to shoot him. Cable transports again taking Wade with him again. He transports a third time, changing the words to transport him and Wade but not being attached together. Cable attacks Wade and reactivates the virus, causing everyone to revert to normal, including Deadpool.
Cable & Deadpool -6 Teleportation Station.png
Cable & Deadpool -6 End.png
Cable goes to see Wade and apologize, but Wade’s too angry. Cable was the hero and all Deadpool got was being able to teleport with Cable at the same time. Cable promises to find a way to fix the problem as soon as he can. Deadpool doesn’t see it as a problem, since he can be there when the power of being the savior of the world gets to Cable’s head, and someone has to inevitably take him out. He tells Cable to leave, and he does, but not before telling Wade that it could be different. Wade knows, but doesn’t continue as Cable leaves.


While contacting his informant Weasel about the mercenary The Cat, Weasel tells Wade that The Cat is working with both China and Japan, who have united to take down Cable in his attempt to save the world. Wade breaks into Cat’s employers to get a back a piece of technology that could defeat Cable. The Cat offers to let Wade join them, but Wade makes a swipe for the tech as he tells them that he’s not sure if he wants to stop him. He then uses bodyslide to get out.

Deadpool and Cable appear in Wade’s apartment, mixed together. Cable yells at Wade for using the teleportation technology when he told him not to. Deadpool tells him he didn’t have a choice and lies about where he was. Cable leave’s as Deadpool makes a call.

Cable & Deadpool 8.png
After being rescued by the X-Men, Cyclops asks Wade if he knows anyway to stop Cable. Deadpool brings up how Cable can’t read him mind, and that he can teleport into Cable’s sanctuary, Providence, at any time. Cable then teleports onto the SHIELD helicarrier taking Deadpool with him. After giving his demands to the leaders of the world, Cable teleports away with Deadpool.
Cable & Deadpool 9 Belief.PNG
Deadpool and the X-Men break into Providence. As they reach Cable, Wolverine tells him to make his move, but Deadpool shoots Wolverine and Bishop in the back while telling Cable their plan. Cable freezes Wade and gets what’s left of Six Pack to fight the remaining X-Men. Cable asks Deadpool why he betrayed the X-Men, since they were the best offer he’s ever had. Deadpool doesn’t respond, as Cable figures out that Deadpool believes in his cause. Despite Deadpool’s insistance that he doesn’t Cable let’s him go and thanks him for his support, but he reveals that he wanted the X-Men to succeed. Deadpool is confused, as Cable explains that he wanted everyone united against him, but Deadpool is shot by Cyclops before Cable can continue.

The Silver Surfer shows up to take out Nate, giving the X-Men time to come up with a plan to defeat him. They realize that if they use the device on Nate then Providence will fall. Deadpool thinks that Nate would have found a way around the problem. Cyclops asks Deadpool why he should trust Deadpool’s instincts, but Deadpool thinks he shouldn’t. He should trust Cable’s. Deadpool knocks out Cyclops and The Cat gives him the rest of the device. Deadpool then uses bodyslide to get to Cable.

Cable & Deadpool 10.png
Deadpool gets Cable away from the surfer just before he can take away Cable’s power, and they end up at a safe house. Cable tells Deadpool to use the device and Deadpool does. The device causes him to go brain dead and Deadpool begs Cable to wake up.


Some time later. Deadpool breaks into A.I.M. to steel a small alien, that could possibly help fix Cable. Weasel tells Deadpool to bring the alien to him so they can figure out what to do next. When Deadpool gets there he explains to Weasel Cable’s backstory, specifically how the alien is connected to his techno-organic virus. Wade needs to find someone who can use the alien to fix Cable. Weasel suggests they contact The Fixer.

Deadpool gets to him but he apparently worked with the Fixer before and it was not good. The two battle, as Deadpool explains what he needs the Fixer to do to help Cable. Once he hears what Deadpool needs, and who he needs it for, The Fixer agrees to help.

After getting attacked by Agent X, Deadpool takes Weasel and the Fixer to the safe house where Cable is. The Fixer is able to fix Cable and he wakes up. Deadpool is very happy. Cable thanks Wade and he returns to Providence.


Cable & Deadpool 14.png
On the recap page, Deadpool explains that he has been staying in Providence to keep an eye on Cable. The murder of Barat happens on the Providence and Deadpool figures out that he had blacked out and done it. Irene Merryweather goes to tell Cable. Cable tells Irene he can’t fight Wade since he’s leaving tonight. Irene argues that he can’t let a murderer free on the island, but Cable replies that there are several reformed one’s on the island. Irene suggest using Bodyslide to get Deadpool here, but Cable believes that he wouldn’t survive it. He also wants to give Deadpool the chance to make the right decision.

Just as Prester John defeats Deadpool, Cable arrives and shoots him in the back, blasting him away from Deadpool. He sends John away so that he can talk to Wade alone. One they’re alone Cable asks what happened, and Wade admits that he has no memory of killing Barat. He then asks if Deadpool knew him anyway, but Wade doesn’t know that either. Deadpool doesn’t like what he did, but he just hopes that there was at least a reason for it. Cable reveals to Deadpool that Moira Mactagert had looked at his medical files and came to the conclusion that as long as Wade had the healing factor he would never be mentally stable, but removing his healing factor would cause the cancer inside of him to kill him.

Deadpool wishes he could understand the world around him all the time and Cable wishes he could help him in some way on Providence, but the two both know that Deadpool can’t stay. Cable is leaving on a mission, and Deadpool asks if he can come with, but Cable just says he’ll bodyslide if he needs him. Deadpool asks if he trusts him on Providence, but Cable just asks him why he killed Barat. Deadpool doesn’t know. Cable tells Wade to leave, and that if he kills anyone again, he’ll kill him.


Deadpool returns to Providence looking for Cable, only to find out that he’s gone missing. Wade suggests they use the link between himself and Cable in order to try and find him. They create a device that will get Wade closer to Cable every time he body slides. Wade says the words and sets off to find Cable.

Deadpool bodyslides to an alternate universe where Apocolypse took over the world and made Cable the horseman of War. War finds him, Siryn and Canonball. Canonball and Wade start to fight war, as War starts to talk with Wade. Siryn takes out War and has to remind Wade that it’s not their Cable. Wade counters that this could be their Cable only extremely brainwashed. Siryn and Canonball tell Wade to bodyslide, but Wade says that he can’t leave her. War taunts him, but Siryn yells at him to go, and he bodyslide’s away.

Wade ends up in another Universe where Cable is able to create his utopia. He meets the Cable of that Universe and instantly know that it’s not his. Wade hate’s the utopian society. Cable tells him that he convinced this world’s Deadpool to his ideals long ago, as Wade insults his alternate reality counterpart, especially because of how boring this earth is. Cable of this earth tells him that his Cable isn’t here but his essence is. Wade is confused but Cable only says that he’s not searching for his Cable, but himself. Siryn and Canonball show up and Wade immediatly bodyslides away, so that he doesn’t die of boredom.

Cable & Deadpool 16.png
He ends up on an eath entirely made of the Techno-Virus that Cable has.The techno-virus senses Wade and starts to try and take him over. It is revealed that the virus took over Cable on that earth, and the virus took his goal of uniting humanity and twisted it. Wade tries to reason with the virus, just as Canonball and Siryn show up and save him. Part of the virus infected Wade and he starts to convince himself that being taken over is what Cable would have wanted. Siryn tells him that this wouldn’t be what Cable wants. Wade then fights off the virus. He then bodyslide’s to the next earth.

He ends up at a quiet farmhouse and begins to shout around for Cable. He finds a baby Cable in the farmhouse. It is then revealed that Sinister has the baby Cable. As more of the world is revealed Wade becomes more confused by it. Sinister asks about his relationship to Cable. Wade says that they are best friends, and that he disappeared while fighting the Skornn. He then explains how he’s able to teleport from earth to earth. Sinister then asks why it’s so important that Wade finds Cable, and Wade just says that he’s important to him...and other people.

Cable & Deadpool 18 (1).png
Canonball and Siryn want to leave Sinister once they get to the earth, but Wade refuses to leave a baby Cable with the mad scientist. Canonball and Siryn leave as Sinister confronts Wade on wanting take Cable away. Sinister says he’s not going to harm baby Cable but Wade doesn’t believe him. Sinister then attacks Wade and takes some of his blood. He’s going to use the blood to rapidly age Cable, but it also causes a surge in Cable’s mutant powers that begins to disrupt the lab. Wade is able to grab Cable but is then unable to bodyslide away. As the world starts to disappear Wade is able to bodyslide away with Cable. Wade ends up back on his own earth which confuses everyone since he would have only ended up coming back once he found Cable. They then look down and see the baby Cable at Wade’s feet.

They finally come to the conclusion that the baby is their de-aged Cable. They also realise that all the alternate Cable’s they encountered were part of their Cable and they need to combine them. Wade complains about having to go through all the earth’s again, but Forge tells him that the teleportation harnass absorbed parts of the other Cable’s so they don’t have to go back. Black Box’s control over Wade then kicks in as he picks up his gun and reveals that he’s here to kill Cable. Wade is able to fight the brainwashing by questioning why he went to so much trouble saving Cable if all he was going to do was kill him. Forge scans his brain and finds Black Box’s manipulation. Wade his unable to fight the manipulation and turns his gun on himself and fire’s.

Cable & Deadpool 18 (2).png
Wade wakes to a child Cable staring at him. The team keep’s asking how this happened but Wade doesn't have answers for them. Cable is able to figure out that it was Black Box who controlled Wade, and decides he himself has to be the one to fix Wade. Cable uses the device that transported Wade to the other earth’s to up his powers and gain back his memories. Irene tries to convince him that Wade is not worth giving up the possibility of a new life on, but Cable ignores her and goes to him. Wade then tries to convince him that he’s not worth the possibility of burning from the inside out. Cable knows that’s not what Wade believe’s and he’s just scared of what could possibly happen to himself. Cable then fixes Wade.
Cable & Deadpool 18 (3).png
The next day Cable gets ready to leave with Wade, but the members of X-Force are skeptical since they don’t know if Wade is fully cured. Cable tells them he just needs some time to talk with Wade. They then bodyslide to Intercourse Pennsylvania.


Cable & Deadpool 19 (1).png
The two are in a bar where Cable begins to tell Wade about his seventeenth birthday, but is constantly interrupted by him. He is eventually able to get out how he spent it fighting nanites to not take over the world. He then asks how Wade spent his. Wade lies and says he probably had a big party in Ohio or something, when really he spent it getting beaten by his dad, and having sex with a random person. Cable asked if he was from Ohio, but Wade is from all over since his dad was army. Cable asks if Wade’s dad is still alive, but he was shot when he was out on a bender. Cable says he’s sorry to Wade. He may have had people who were close to him growing up, but he never knew his father and is about to say that having it end horribly for Wade probably hurt, but Wade interrupts him. His life isn’t a lifetime movie, and he just sees most of life as crap. Cable doesn’t, Wade knows this. Despite Cable’s upbringing he’s kept a very positive outlook on life. Cable just says he couldn’t ever afford to lose hope, while Wade says he could never afford to have it.
Cable & Deadpool 19 (2).png
Cable asks how Wade could live that way. Wade had hope once but it didn’t take and he decided to live without it. Cable asks if Wade’s mother’s death was the start of his father’s problems. Wade confirms this and starts talking about how he started acting out to get attention. Cable asks if he’s actually talking about his father. Wade immediately changes the subject to Cable and how he’s been fighting war since he was a child. He asks what Cable was actually fighting for. Cable says he just fought, since the only other option is to be ruled by Apocalypse.

Cable asks Wade about what happened after his father died. Wade quickly goes over his entire backstory starting with joining the military and ending with Weapon X. Cable laments that he makes it seem like it was all so simple. Wade says that not everything is complicated and he had nothing else to do after his dad got what was coming to him. That everyone’s life sucks and we might as well deal the hand their dealt. Cable asks if Wade chose his life of if the life chose him. Cable always thought he never had a choice besides survival or death. In the end his life chose him. Wade tries to trick his way out of the answer but Cable calls him out for it.

Cable & Deadpool 19 (3).png
Wade says he just dealt with what he was dealt and never felt the need to think about it. Cable thinks that Wade isn’t being truthful to himself. He asks Wade again how his father died, but Wade says that it was in a bar fight and that he got what was coming to him.
Cable & Deadpool 19 (4).png
Wade asks Cable about the Nanites being in the soldiers. Cable says that he didn’t know how to undo the nanites so he ended up killing all of them. Wade tells him the age up is done and tells him to pick up the tab and walks out of the bar. Cable follows him. They both decide to tell each other the truth and leave Intercourse behind.


As Wade fights Luke Cage and Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Cable appears and throws Luke across the room. As Luke gets up he asks Cable why he’s helping Deadpool when he tried to kill him a few months ago. Cable says that Deadpool had actually saved his life as Luke rushes at him.

Cable & Deadpool 21 (1).png
Luke, Wade, Danny and Cable follow Weasel out of the compound, Cable finds the three women hired to steal tech from Rand. They reveal that someone else stole the tech but Weasel did create a virus in Rand’s systems. Black Mamba then puts the five men under. When they awaken Danny’s on top of Luke while Wade’s on top of Cable, and he apparently had a dream involving suntan lotion.
Cable & Deadpool 21 (2).png
The five head back inside where Weasel explains what the virus was and why he uploaded the virus to begin with. Cable has an idea of who hired the thief and tells Wade he’s going back to Providence and he’s welcome to join him. They head out as Cable tells him that Wade could have helped Weasel, and he would have helped. Wade says that’s why he didn’t. Security see’s them and is about to arrest them, but the two bodyslide away before they get the chance.

Cablepool -1 (1).png
Cable & Deadpool 22 (2).png

Wade and Cable spar on Providence as Cable explains how the Dominus Objective works to Wade. He finally gets it and tells Cable that they had a good spar. Cable says it was missing something, too which Wade offers the suggestion of massage oil as Cable hits him on the head.

The two execute a plan to find Black Box and end up at his headquarters. They get the jump on Rive and Makeshift his hired guns. Wade believes he killed them once before and Cable confirms this. Cable confronts Black Box and talks to him like he knows him. Wade becomes confused as to what’s going on. Cable is about to reveal Black Box’s identity but he’s hit in the face by him, and sucked into Black Box’s mind.

Cable & Deadpool 22 (3).png
Cable is able to get out, and attack Black Box. He pulls the wire out of Wade’s head. Wade asks how he was able to get out, and Cable explains that the overload of information was the same as having telepathic powers, and he’s felt the pain before. They defeat Black Box who is revealed to be a robot and his real identity is Garabed Bashur. Wade asks if he can kill him, but Cable says that he gets to kill him, but Wade can kill the Rive and Makeshift clone’s.

Wade asks Cable why Black Box would want to steal the Dominus Objective, and he reveals that it would help him focus and control everything. He then begins to use his powers to attack at the Techno-Virus living inside of Cable. Cable then reveals he linked with the Dominus Objective and starts to use Black Box’s powers against him. Cable is eventually able to convince Black Box to join him and they go back to Providence.

Irene asks Cable is Wade knows that Cable was the one to hire him, and Cable replies no. She thinks he’s should tell him since they’re so close. Cable says that Wade needs to be his own man and telling him wouldn’t help with that. He then calls Wade disguise and asks him to take on another job.


When Cable goes missing Irene asks Wade for help. Wade tries to bodyslide but it doesn’t work. Black Box finds what Cable was tracking, which prompts Irene and Wade to start looking there. They break into an ancient sphink in Akkaba in an attempt to search for Cable. They find a Sphynx inside the Sphynx that is an ancient spaceship. It opens and inside is Cable, whos says he wishes to bring back Apocalypse.

Wade is convinced that he’s mind controlled, or a clone, or even an alternate evil Cable but Cable assures him that he’s none of those things. Irene thinks that bringing back Apocalypse crazy, but Wade think’s Cable is right. He follows Cable into the alien ship. Although Wade trusts Cable, he doesn’t really understand how bringing back Apocalypse is a good idea. He asks Nate to explain since it would be messed up even for him. Cable tells Wade not to do anything stupid, Wade suggesting blowing up Apocalypse before he can wake up. Wade is then grabbed by Apocalypse’s hand.

Apocalypse calls Deadpool a lesser being as Wade rambles. He asks Cable why he let’s it talk, and Wade simply replies that it’s impossible for Cable to get him to shut up, and then shoots at Apocalypse. Deadpool then fight’s Apocalypse’s minions as Cable fights Apocalypse.


Wade makes his way to the front of the crowd where Cable is. He tells him that he didn't kill Flag-Smasher. Cable knows this. The two are then in the Rumekistan government office deciding on ways to rebuild the country. Afterwards Cable asks Wade to shadow the former rebel leader, since the man was actually killed nine weeks ago in prison.

As Domino shoots Cable, Wade bursts in, pulling his gun on Domino. Cable tells Wade to stand down, but Wade is hesitant since Domino did just try and kill him. Domino then shoots again and is able to hold a gun to the back of Cable’s neck. Cable realises that Domino doesn’t believe in him and she leaves. Wade then crack a bunch of jokes, and talking about how Cable doesn’t really care what Domino thinks anyway. Too bad he’s wrong.


Wade is singing in his apartment, when Cable suddenly shows up, surprises him. He confronts him on joining the pro registry side to hunt non-registered supers. Wade thinks it’s a good gig, given how much they’re going to pay him. He should probably figure out which side everyone is on. Cable asks who recruited him and Wade says it was a CSA guy who offered him a badge. Wade is about to leave when Cable asks why Wade never asked him which side he’s on. Wade replies that he figured Cable was above the registration act anyway.

Deadpool follows Daredevil to a warehouse where members of Captain America’s team attack him. Cable then shows up. Cable offers Wade a lot of money and a bigger badge as a bribe to get him to join Cap’s side but Deadpool declines, and is knocked out. Cap’s team head's out on a mission, leaving Deadpool wrapped in duct tape.

Cable returns to Wade in a state of anger over the loss of Goliath. Deadpool cracks a couple of jokes and Cable yells at him to stop. He then bodyslide’s them to the white house. After a very long conversation with Cable the president orders Deadpool to apprehend Cable. Dead or Alive.

The two begin to fight, which doesn’t exactly sit right with Wade. Cable is eventually able to use his powers to hold Wade in mid-air. He has another talk with the president on the Super-Hero registration and then bodyslide’s himself and Wade away to the one world church in Paris. One there Wade starts to fire on Cable who blocks the bullets, but Wade just switches to punching. Wade suddenly realizes where they are, which distracts him enough to allow Cable to get the upper hand and punches him. He’s able to catch his breath before Wade starts firing bullets again, before passing out.

When Wade awakes, Cable had duct taped him to a chair, and they are in the center of the church. Cable reveals how he bought the church so that the non crazy followers could continue to practice. Wade questions why Cable would bring him there before he realizes that it’s too teach him a lesson. Wade knows that Cable only thinks that Wade joined the government for the money, but he genuinely believes with what they’re doing. Wade is then able to escape his bonds and holds two of the church members hostage. Wade says that he has the right to take anyone hostage since he was given authority by the US government, when Cable reveals that he had been broadcasting them through the info net. He then bodyslide’s the two to Wade’s apartment.

Wade pulls a gun on Cable for ruining Wade’s chance of “going legit”. Cable thinks he stopped Wade from making the biggest mistake of his life. Wade says that Cable didn’t have to mess everything up, since that’s his job. Cable believe’s that Wade could do more by his side. He asks Wade to trust him, but Wade just thinks that Cable wants him to obey his every word. Cable tells him that his powers will return any second, and Wade lowers his gun.

They realize the only thing they gained out of today, was finding out whose side the other was on.


After an explosion breaks out on Providence, Cable bodyslide’s just in time to save the citizens trying to contain it, bringing Wade along with him. Cable apologizes for pulling Wade along, but immediately passes out after. Wade then passes out as well

Wade watches TV after passing out, and Cable comes to visit him. He says he wants to leave, since he has work to do. Cable hopes nothing too illegal, and Wade assures him that it’s almost moral. Cable begins to take some weapons, getting ready to leave for Rumekistan. Wade says that they probably need him on Providence more, but Cable thinks that the only reason the attack happened was to get him away from Rumekistan. He then bodyslide’s the two of them there.

Wade asks why he’s here, Cable explaining that he need’s Wade as backup til his gravimetric field come back online. Wade asks why he would help Cable. Cable just has some blind faith in him. They find the members of Six Pack in the sewer, and Cable laments on how there are only five members. G.W. then introduces the sixth member, the one who cause the explosion on Providence, who shoots Cable in the back. It’s Deadpool.

Six Pack leaves the city as the power goes out, but Cable is able to stop them and fight them on the road. He picks up Wade who expects a lecture, but Cable knows that he can’t change the way Wade is. But he never wants Wade to come back to his country and throws him out.

Wade is back in his apartment watching the news. He know that Cable wanted him to feel bad about joining the other side, but he doesn’t. He unconvincingly says he feels no guilt at all.

Cable had implanted a subliminal message into Wade’s mind, causing him to see those he had previously killed. It causes him to freak out and he begins to fire his gun in a public place. Cable arrives before he can accidentally harm any of the civilians. Wade is angry since they’re divorced and Cable shouldn’t be here and messing with his head. The gun clip is empty and he pulls out a grenade. Cable pushes him through the window out of the bar before the grenade can go off.

Wade asks Cable what he did to him, and Cable explains how he tapped into Wade’s subconscious. Wade says that when he kills people, he kills the one’s that are trying to kill him or deserved it. So he doesn’t give a damn about killing any of them. He tells Cable to turn off the messages which he does. He asks if Cable thought that making him feel guilty would cause him to run back to Cable for forgiveness. Cable genuinely does. Or at least it would have given them a place to start. Wade says he doesn’t need Cable’s help. Cable says that the images came from Wade’s own head, so if he doesn’t need Cable’s help, he at least need’s some kind of help. He then bodyslide’s them away just as the cops show up.

They end up on a roof. Wade tells Cable not to speak for a few minutes. Eventually Cable tells Wade that what they keep going back to is that they’re two people who keep saying they don’t need each other, they end up doing a lot of stupid stuff to stay together. He then heads back to Providence, leaving Wade alone on the roof.


As Cable stays in a locked state of mind he begins to think of Wade. He decides that whatever the Wade in his mind says, he’ll just do the opposite. He starts to debate about defeating the Hectabomb, but if he does Rogue dies and he will lose himself. Wade tells him Cable to listen to himself since he already knows what to do. Cable thanks him before he disappears.

Wade is headed to Providence to help Nate. When he arrives he stops Sabertooth from killing Irene. The two leave as Wade fights Sabertooth. Domino tells Cable that Wade showed up and he heads to help him. Cable shows up to the fight and throws Sabertooth into the ocean. Cable sticks his hand and Wade shakes it, knowing that they’re on the same side again. Cable then explains they have to blow up the island in order to stop his enemies from getting information from the future. Wade says that he’s going to stop them before they get the chance. Cable explains that he has to go to his apartment to get the data files. Just as their about to split up Cable is going to say something, but Wade tells him, not to say thank you, that he’s proud of him or good-bye, but Cable just says that his zipper down. Wade looks down as Nate says he was joking. Wade runs away, yelling how immature Cable is. As Nate begins to walk he mentally thanks Wade, says he’s proud of him, and says good-bye.

Nate leads two of Apocalypse's former horsemen to the core of Providence. As they attack him, he activate’s bodyslide and Wade is teleported off the island. He then activate’s the self-destruct and the island explode’s with Nate on it as Wade ends up in his apartment. He breaks the data files from the future. He looks around and says that he wasn’t worth it, but he won’t let Nate down.


Wade visits the statue dedicated to Nate in Rumekistan and begins to talk to it. He questions why Nate hasn’t come back, since there’s going to be some excuse to get him back. He then hears someone behind him and begins to unsheathe his sword. Scott Summers reveals himself and tells Wade that he’s only here to pay his respects to Nate. Wade asks why he didn’t do that when he was alive, but Scott says it’s complicated. Wade says that Scott should have been there on Providence when Nate needed him. Scott replies that he can’t be everywhere at once, but Wade says that he should have still been there. Scott says that making amends is part of the reason he’s here, and tells Wade that the X-Men need his help.

After the mission Wade returns to Scott in Rumekistan, and he confirms his completion. Once Scott leaves, Wade turns to Nate’s statue. He says that he has new friends, and that he’ll miss Nate, but it’s time to move one. He jokingly says that Nate was never one for looking back. He then turns away and walks to Bob and Weasel.

Deadpool Vs. X-Force

Nate begins to feel that something is wrong with the time stream. He goes to a man named Talbot, who reveals that he sent Wade back in time using a prototype time machine to save his grandson, but Wade them stole it and started using it. Nate asks if he has another prototype, and assembled X-Force to go through time and stop him. Wade is in 1777 about to shoot a member of the British army, when he see’s Nate through his scope. Nate feels as if Wade is familiar, but ignores it, in favor of focussing on the mission. He calls out to Wade in hopes of distracting him, but is quickly shot in the head.

X-Force then attacks Wade and traps him in the basement, just a Nate comes too. He orders X-Force to fire but Wade slips through the time stream before they get a chance. They follow him and end up in Gettysburg 1863, where Wade is leading a group of soldiers. He orders the soldiers to fire on X-Force. Which they do, but quickly fight back. Wade then once again slips through the timeline. Nate calls to go after him but suddenly there's a large rumbling. Wade had caused even more damage to the timeline and now they have to fight against robots.

Nate gives orders to the members of X-Force before going to take care of Wade himself. Nate finds him and they start to fight. Nate asks why Wade is ruining history, which Wade replies that he's doing it for the money. Nate is eventually able to pin Wade down, when he reveals that he put a bomb in one of Nate's pouches. It goes off and Wade starts to slip through the time stream again, but Nate tackles him and falls through with him.

They fight in the time stream and Wade is able to get the upper hand. He puts a mind control collar on Nate and gives Wade complete control over him. He finds a group of soldiers and makes Nate fire on them. Nate is able to use his telekinesis to stop the bullets from hitting the soldiers, which Wade doesn't catch on and just thinks the device is broken. Nate asks why Wade is doing this if Talbolt only asked him to save his grandson. Wade is confused since that is not what he was hired to do. Wade was sent back to ensure that America would be a higher military power than it already was.

Nate realizes that the only reason he was sent back was so that Wade would kill him and get him out of the way. He crushes the collar around his neck which shocks Wade. Wade starts making one liners, when Nate tells him to shut up and punches him. Wade starts to fire at Nate but none of the bullets seem to hit him. Nate is able to take away Wade’s gun and fires on him, causing him to be ripped apart. He goes through the time stream leaving a torn apart Wade.

Wade eventually heals and time travels to a young Hitler. He then sets up a trap to lure Nate to him, but it is taking awhile. X-Force eventually fixes history and travels to 1991 only to see it taken over by Talbolt as member of the Nazi’s. Wade then slides into the future ready to fight Nate. Nate tries to convince Wade that he can still change things, but Wade decides to kill him instead. X-Force all attack their surrounding enemies, as Nate makes his way to Wade. They fight and in the process, Talbolt is hit with Wade’s gun causing him to never exist. This causes the entire story’s event to never happen, and for both Wade and Nate to forget they ever met, until New Mutants #98.

Split Second

A Nate is searching through history he see’s Dr. Carl Weathers get shot. Nate see’s who the shooter, completely shocked to find that it’s Wade. He travels back in time and puts a gun to Wade’s head, warning him not to kills Weathers. Wade doesn’t realize who it is, asks why he would kill Weathers when he could kill him instead. He knocks Nate’s feet out from under him and cuts off half his gun. Nate then knock the sword out of Wade’s hand and pulls out a second gun, and says to stay away from Weathers, and that he has to trust him. Wade asks why he should trust him. Nate says that he’s never steered him worng before and reveals that it’s him, which shocks Wade.

Nate says he has to stop him from killing Weathers, which Wade doesn’t understand why he would want to do that since he just saved Weathers. He remarks on how bad Nate looks, but Nate is still focused on Weathers. Wade then knocks out the gun and is able to knock him down, which disappoints him since Nate used to be on a much higher ground. Nate had forgotten how fast Wade was, and starts to tell him about how he keeps seeing into the future, including Wade killing Weathers. Wade knows that Nate saw what he saw, and decides to figure out what’s going on.

They go to wear Weathers is staying and watch him. Wade makes comments on him losing his telepathy and instead gaining precognition, which seems funny to him since Nate is from the future and he’s actually seeing into his own past. Nate admits that he doesn’t really know who he is anymore, and all Wade knows is that he’s more popular than Nate now. Nate asks about Wade being married, which Wade enjoys, but the crazier part of his life was having a daughter and hands a picture of her to Nate. Nate asks if he can handle it everything given how him brain issues, but Wade thinks that you have to at least be a little crazy to handle everything he does. They then stake out Weathers till the morning. When he exits his hotel, Wade goes down, thinking he’ll help him, just as Nate calls out no. Wade ignores him and heads towards Weathers.

A time traveler suddenly appears and tries to shoot Weathers. Wade begins to attack him, and Nate joins him, yelling for Wade to move out of the way. Wade shoots at the time traveler but he disappears as he does. He appears again and attacks Wade. As their fighting Wade’s gun goes off. Wade thinks about how normally he hate’s hearing Nate telling him I told you so, but this is one of those moments where he knows he screwed up, since the bullet hit Weathers son.

Wade is shocked and the time traveler tries to get away. He lands where they are again and Nate and Wade are able to grab him, but they time travel with him. Wade says that he’s not finding the time travel funny, and Nate reminds him that he’s been doing for the past forty years. He realizes that they’ve been sent back only a minute, giving them a chance to stop what’s going to happen. The time traveler appears and Wade attacks him. Nate yells to keep him occupied, but they end up being sent back again. Nate says that Wade killed someone, and Wade says that’s why he’s going to sit this one out.

The time traveler appears again and Nate starts to fire on him, but keeps missing. Wade watches the fight, highly entertained. They end up going through several time loops, something going wrong every single time. After being in the loop seventy times, Wade has memorized it. He is able to come up with a plan and take out the time traveler. Nate tells him that he hit the part of the device that keeps it stable and the device explodes taking all three of them with it.

Wade and Nate end up chewed up and spit out by the time stream. Wade seems fine, but Nate, who is normally unfazed by time travel, is paralyzed. A second time traveler appears and says that he’s here to kill Nate. Wade says that he won’t let him, and grabs the time traveler’s sword as he swings it at Nate. Wade is able to hold him and the future police off, but Nate is still paralyzed. Wade picks up Nate and walks around trying to figure a way back. He decides to go to Shiklah since she’s immortal, and will hopefully know of a way. They head to the timetech facility and Wade keeps asking for Nate to snap out of it, but is still out of luck.

Wade finds the time traveler and follows him. They begin to fight, the traveler insisting that he needs to kill Nate. Wade still won’t allow it. Their fight is stopped by the time traveler’s boss. He orders Wade to go through time and stop Nate’s fractured mind from destroying the time line. Wade refuses to do it, but the time traveler says that he will and reveals himself to be a future version of Wade. Current Wade is then sent through the timestream.

Wade see’s all of Nate’s timeline, including when the two first met. He eventually ends up in Nate’s future, where he sees Nate using Captain America’s shield to take out a member of Apocalypse’s army. Wade hinds from him as the temporal agent calls him. Wade says that he’s not going to kill the younger Nate despite the other’s insestince. He tells Wade that Nate’s meant to die at this moment, and Wade knows he’s not going to do it, so he tackles Nate out of the way, just as someone fires at him. This causes Wade to go back into the timestream.

He ends up at another point and hide’s so that a twenty year old Nate doesn’t see him. The agent tells Wade that this is the first time Nate is going to time travel. Wade asks why the agent doesn’t stop Nate himself, but he only answers that they have tried before. Wade really hates time travel, and questions why Nate doesn’t remember any of these time travel moments when they first met. Nate activates the time travel device but it starts to kill him. Wade sees this and takes a gun and shoots the device, saving Nate. He then is sent through the timestream again.

Wade see’s the first time that Nate gets together the members of Wild Pack, including Domino. Wade once again saves Nate, and sent into the timestream. The agent reveals that saving Nate has cause several other timelines to no longer exist, so he did more good by saving him. Wade is worried that because so many younger versions of Nate have seen him, shouldn’t that be affecting the timeline more. Wade eventually puts the pieces together and realizes that Nate knew him before they ever met, and that’s why he’s put up with him for so long. He then goes back to where he first saved Nate and shoots the shooter, the original time traveler who he calls Split Second and he ends up back in modern day Manhattan.

Wade stops Split Second and tells him that he had to stop a different version of him from killing Nate, who suddenly shows up, more rugged and with a metal arm again. Nate then suddenly stabs Split Second, and they end up in the future. Wade gets Weathers to fix his time device and travels to the future too look for Nate. It turns out Nate is going through time to try and kill past versions of himself hoping it will fix the timeline.

Wade finds him where he once again saved him the first time. He asks how Wade found him and the two begin to fight. Nate still doesn’t feel like himself, but Wade tells him that he got everything back including his telepathy. Nate then starts to look through Wade’s head. The two begin to fight there, despite Nate’s reluctance, but Wade says that fighting is the only way Nate ever see’s reason. Wade tells him that the only way that Nate is ever going to fix himself is too stop fighting himself, when suddenly they’re kicked out of his head. Wade questions if Nate actually listened to him as several versions of Nate come to him. Wade pulls out a pair of jumper cables and gives Nate’s time harness a power boost, and they’re jumped back to the present.

When Wade arrives he doesn’t see any sign of Nate, when he suddenly appears, looking how he did years ago. He feels more himself and Wade says that he knows to mean thank you. He then asks if Nate wants to join the Avengers with him. Nate wants to take him up on it, but he has to sort out something in the future first. Wade jokes about Nate learning a lesson from all this and then tells him his fly is down. He runs away yelling made you look, Nate smiling at him. It’s the end for the two of them...till next time.

Uncanny Avengers


The Avengers Unity Division is fighting a large number of unknown creatures, when Nathan suddenly shows up and saves them, shocking Wade. Wade says that it's good to see him, but he's busy, but Nate interrupts him. He explains that the Avengers fail their mission, and they need to change things or the world will end. He starts to argue with Rogue, but Wade interupts the two. He tells Rogue that Nate being here means that things are worse than they thought, but tells Nate that he needs to remember who's in charge of the mission. Nate then continues to explain what they're fighting, and gives an antidote to Quicksilver before their interrupted by Ivan Guerrero, who knocks out most of the team.

Deadpool (Video Game)

Cablepool VG Shoulder.JPG
Wade is wandering around Genosha when Cable suddenly appears. Wade becomes excited to see him, as do the voices in his head, and asks why Cable's there. Cable starts to tell Wade a warning from the future, but Wade starts to become bored and begs the player to end it all. It only ends when the player presses X and Wade shoots himself in the head.

Wade wakes up to find that Cable had stabbed a not to his chest. The note tells him to meet Cable at the far end of the city, and is able to trick him into going by saying there's a hot girl there with him.

Cablepool VG grope.png
Wade arrives and see's a hot girl, he runs towards her only to come out of his delusion and realize that it's Cable. Cable decides to ignore what just happened and tells him what they need to, but Wade starts to space out again. Cable gets him to focus again, and mentions Sinister, who Wade has a vendetta against for getting rid of his contract. Wade goes to take out Sinister as Cable calls after him to stop, which Wade ignores.

Cable has to go into the future and tells Wade to wait till he gets back to form a plan. The voices in Wade's head decide to move on ahead, and talk about how proud Cable will be of them when he gets back.

Wade seems to defeat sinister, and the building he's on falls apart. He appears in front of Cable, who has returned from the future. He tells him that he defeated and tries to end the game, but Cable interrupts him and tells Wade that that Sinister was a clone. Wade asks if they're going to team up to take out the real Sinister, but Cable has to go to the future. He tells Wade where the real Sinister is, but it'd take awhile to get there. Wade finds a setinal part, and figures they can use it to get there faster. Cable says that if it's going to work, he's going to need Wade to collect parts for him. Wade needs to get through a set of doors but they're locked. He's about to charge at them when Cable blasts them open with his gun, knocking back Wade. Wade yells "What the hell, Summers!?", but Cable says that he learned it from him.

Wade is able to find both parts, and Cable finishes the device. He tells Wade that Wade's plan is extremely risky and warns him against it, but Wade flies off before Cable can finish.

Later, Wade sees Cable fighting several Sinister clones, and he calls down to help him. Wade joins him not taking the whole thing seriously. They're able to defeat the clones and eventually the real Sinister. Wade asks if that was the real Sinister, and Cable confirms so, letting the credits roll.


During the Ferris Beuler style end credits scene, Wade tells the audience a secret about Deadpool 2. It's going to have Cable. They have no idea who they're going to cast but the people they're considering are Mel Gibson, Doph Lungren, and Kiera Knightly.

Deadpool 2

While Wade is in a mutant prison, it is suddenly attacked by Cable. Wade gets outside of his cell, along with Russell, just as Cable blows it up. Wade believes that Cable is after him, as he and Russell try and get away. Cable see's them and starts to go after the two, cutting them off, where it's revealed that he's after Russell, not Wade. Cable is about to shoot Russell, but Wade knocks the gun away just in time, and the two start to fight. Cable gets the upper hand and is about to shoot Wade, but Russell distracts Cable, who goes after him. Wade regains himself and knocks Cable to the first floor of the prison. The fall knocks off Wade's mutant suppressant collar, causing his healing factor to come back and he sneaks up on Cable, hitting him with a lead pipe. Cable gets in Wade's face and asks him who he is. Wade jokingly replies "I'm Batman!" and continues their fight, getting a hold of Cable's gun. Wade shoots at Cable and knocks him back to the showers.

Wade confronts Cable, demanding to know why he's trying to kill Russell. Cable tells Wade that he's from the future, and that Wade should leave. Cable then uses his telepathy to get his gun back, and fights Wade again till he's able to get the upper hand for a short while. Wade rams Cable through a collapsed wall, but Cable knocks him back and causes him to lose the ski ball token Vanessa gave him. Cable takes the token and tells Wade it's to remember him by. Wade demands it back, but Cable just punches him. Cable demands to know why Wade is protecting Russell, but Wade lies and says that he doesn't care, in order to distract Cable and pull the trigger on one of his grenades. Cable throws the grenade and covers them with a shield, but they're both blasted through the wall behind him and fall down the mountainside.

Wade decides to go save Russell and assembles a team (most of whom die) to help him. Domino gets to the truck transporting Russell and holds off Cable till Wade arrives. Wade starts to shoot at Cable, who puts up his shield but Wade just kicks him back. The two fight metal hand to gun, before resorting to fist fight. Cable starts to shoot at Wade, who seems to deflect all the bullets with his sword, but actually just ended up getting shot a lot. The two continue their fight until Russell released the Juggernaut from his prison and causes the bridge the truck is on to collapse.

Wade is recovering at Blind Al's coming up with a plan to help Russell. He starts describing what he's going to do to Cable before realizing that he's standing behind Weasel, Dopinder and Domino. They all pull guns on him, but Cable says that he's here for their help. Cable admits that he doesn't like it, but they're running low on time, since Russell is about to make his first kill. Wade asks why he can't use the time travel device, but Cable explains that he only has two charges, which Wade just sees as lazy writing. Cable explains that after killing the headmaster of the orphanage, Russell goes on a killing spree and ends up killing Cable's family. Cable puts on some chapstick and tells Wade that he reminds him of his wife, which Wade is taking aback by. He tells Wade about Russell coming to kill his family, and Wade says he's sorry, actually meaning it. Wade says that they may happen in the future, but they can still stop Russell, Cable arguing that the best way is killing him. Wade asks for one chance to save Russell, and Cable agrees.

Cablepool Taxi.gif
Wade decides they need back up and they pile into Dopinder's cab. On the drive Wade asks what Cable does in the future, but all Cable will give him is that he was some kind of soldier. Wade tells him that he was in special forces and they'll probably be best friends in fifty years. Cable tells him that Wade's dead since his entire generation ruined the planet. Cable tells Wade that isn't a hero, just an idiot dressed like a sex toy, but Wade knows that his heart is in the right place, and Russell won't kill anyone because of him.
Cablepool Slow Walk.gif
Unable to get help from the X-Mansion, they arrive at the orphanage just in time. Wade asks about the dirty bear that Cable carries around, and Cable says that its not dirty, but covered in the blood of his dead daughter. Wade tries to diffuse the tension with a joke, but decides to just cue the music as they got to stop Russell.

Russell blows open the doors of the orphanage, and Cable decides that Russell is too far gone, but Wade reminds him of their deal. They're interrupted by the Juggernaut and Cable shoots him back. Cable, Wade and Domino attempt to fight him, but are loosing till Colossus arrives and takes on the Juggernaut himself.

Cablepool 2 shot.gif
Wade and Cable go to stop Russell, but are confronted with several staff members. Wade asks Cable for a gun, but Cable says no, leaving Wade with just a brick as a weapon. The two firght the men off, seemingly in sync, which Wade enjoys.

Just as Russell is about to kill the headmaster, Wade and Cable enter. Russell is already unleashing fire and blasts them as they try and stop him, but Cable is able to protect them with his shield. The building starts to collapse from the fire, and Cable pulls out his gun, but Wade stops him from taking the shot since Russell hasn't killed anyone yet. They try and stop him but get blasted out of the building.

Cable see's the gun with one bullet left in it, but Wade has one last go at talking to Russell. When that doesn't work he has a final idea. He takes the mutant collar and uses it on himself, making him no longer able to heal, and tells Russell that if he's going to kill anyone he should kill him. Russell powers up and Cable goes for the gun. Wade see's this and goes to stop him. Cable fires the gun, but Wade jumps in front of the bullet and Cable ends up shooting him in the chest, shocking everyone.

The group gathers around Wade as he starts to bleed out. Wade notices that the bear is fixed, meaning that his plan worked. Wade seems to die, only to come say some last words. He tells Cable to get back to his family, tell them hi for him. Wade dies, and Cable walks away, trying to figure out what to do. He holds his daughter's bear close, before activating his time slider and going back to save Wade.

Cablepool Swipe Right.gif
They exit the cab, and Wade asks about the bear. Cable tells him that it belonged to his daughter, Hope. He then puts his hand over Wade's chest and sneaks the ski token into his pocket, Wade joking that Cable swiped right on him. They do all the stuff said above, but when Cable shoots Wade, Wade discovers the token and lives. He realizes that Cable used his time slider to save him, and now can't go back to his family. Cable says that they're safe, and he didn't do it for Wade. He decides to stick around and try and stop the world from being the worst. Wade then insists that he did it for Wade, which Cable denies. They go back and forth before Cable gives up. They get the collar off of Wade, and he gets up telling Cable that he doesn't know how to thank him, instead choosing to hug him. He pulls Cable close, but suddenly feeling pain and realizing that Cable stuck a knife in his dick. He makes the smart decision of backing away, and the group start to leave.

As they leave the headmaster yells at them, and Cable pulls out a gun deciding to shoot him. Wade stops him, confusing Cable, and tells them that they're better than the headmaster. The headmaster continues when Dopinder suddenly runs him over, grossing out Cable. They continue and all leave, as a family.


Cable & Deadpool


  • Cable says that spending time with Deadpool has already made him talk like him.


  • The Cat say when Nate loses control, Wade corrects the “when” to “if”


  • Domino asks Nate about Deadpool, Nate replies that they have a conjoined situation


  • Deapool puts on one of Rachel’s old costumes thinking it will distract Nate since he’ll be staring at his legs


  • Deadpool fights minions who accuse him of killing Nate, their savior
  • Deadpool didn’t tell anyone where the catatonic Nate is
  • One of the citizens of Providence tells Irene Merryweather that the person most determined to save Nate is Deadpool


  • Nate watches as Deadpool avoids being brought in by Prester John


  • Wade makes a note to Nate about the balance of his swords
  • War!Cable says that he killed his world’s Deadpool


  • War!Cable says that his world’s Deadpool died with a gun in his hand
  • Wade says that being taken over by the Cable/Techno-Virus felt nice for a moment


  • Wade mentions to a client that he has a “friend” whose holier than thou and he has to make sure they would be approved by him
  • When Black Mamba place Wade in a delusional states, it’s revealed that his darkest desire is too massage Nate’s robotic arm on a beach


  • Wade asks Nate to create a symbolic image above his head to understand how the device works


  • Wade thought they were done with the make Nate all bubbly method of killing him
  • Wade believes that Nate goes brain surfing to get out of fighting


  • Nate watches Deadpool fight Spider-Man
  • Nate only focuses on the fight between Spider-Man and Deadpool and has Black Box focus on everything else
  • Nate defends his choice to send out Deadpool to Irene


  • During the recap Wade says he will use what little time he has in the issue to make fun of him
  • Wade breaks into Avengers tower to steal something for Nate


  • Deadpool flies all the way from Manhattan for a meeting with Cable
  • Right before going off to find Cable, Wade tell’s Irene he’s going to be packing massage oil


  • Cable places his hand on Wade’s shoulder
  • Wade wants to kill Ozymanias but Cable stops him
  • Cable tells Wade not to push against the minion’s too hard


  • During the recap page, Wade says he would normally mention Cable, but since he’s barely in the issue he’s not going to
  • Weasel mentions how close Wade and Cable are
  • Wade says that Cable probably doesn’t want him to kill Domino


  • Wade mentions how good looking Cable is on tv
  • Domino asks Wade if he really believes in Cable
  • Wade informs Cable about the status of Citizen V


  • Daredevil believes that since Cable is on their side, Deadpool will be too


  • Cable recommends duct tape for Deadpool, at least one roll for his mouth


  • During the recap page, Wade calls the split between him and Cable a divorce
  • When Wade passes out he falls on top of Cable
  • Cable asks about Wade after the explosion, and says he’ll talk to him


  • Wade mentions how much Cable has tried to shut him up
  • Wade suggests that they not leave him where he is and take him above


  • Domino remind Cable to check up on Wade. He’s been checking on him every day
  • Mind!Ajax tells Wade the best thing he had going for him was hooking up with Cable


  • Taskmaster tells Wade that Cable defeating him ruined his reputation


  • Wade brings up his friend who isn’t his friend anymore, Cable, who was able to fix the holes in his memory


  • Cable looks into Wade’s mind and see’s that he’s happy
  • Cable imagine’s Deadpool telling him to get to do the right thing


  • Wade says that Cable would kill him if he let Domino and him switch places
  • Wade tells Domino to tell Cable that he’s sorry in case he never see’s him again
  • Cable is surprised that Wade came to help Providence


  • Wade thinks that Cable would know that he would only look into the future for trivial things
  • Wade knows that if the statue was so important he would never trust Wade with it


  • Wade mentions how Cable saved him since he believed he would do something good


  • Wade says that Cable will probably be back during the next big crossover


  • Nate sends a weapon from the future to help Wade fight the symbiote controlled dinosaurs

Deadpool (Video Game)

  • The voices in Deadpool's head argue about whether or not to believe Cable's letter.
  • Cable tells Wade that he is extremely important in stopping Sinister.

Split Second

Cablepool SS2.png


  • Wade references Nate, and his tendency to carry very heavy firearms into battle


  • Wade brings up how with his change in popularity he gets to be on top now, since before Nate was the more popular one.
  • Wade comments that Nate won’t ever be as popular as him


  • Wade jokes about Nate being pulled out of their team up book to raise Hope
  • A young Nate says that he knows Wade just as he disappears into the timestream
  • Wade says he almost forgives past Nate for his awful haircut since he’s likely twenty then


  • Wade has a statue of Nate in his head alongside several of his past love intersts

Deadpool Too Soon?


  • Wade mentions how the only partner he wants is someone with a gun who is clearly over compensating for something. He misses Cable


  • Squirrel Girl says that a cable is mean, but Wade can think of a meaner one

Uncanny Avengers


  • When Nate see's a picture of Wade as one of the Avengers, he states that they must have been decimated to have him.


  • Wade asks if Nate has any round he can borrow.
  • Wade and Nate walk next to each other as the Avengers get to headquarters.


  • Nate and Wade break onto the Queen's Kathleen
  • Wade asks if Nate was supposed to disappear when he activated his time slider.

Deadpool 2

  • Wade expresses a lot of love for Cable's gun.
  • Wade asks Cable at what point do movie audiences get sick of Metal Arms
  • Cable hate's dub-step, while Wade loves it.
  • Wade expresses disappointment that Cable isn't as tall as his comic counterpart.
  • Wade starts describing everything that Cable is doing in double entendres.
  • Wade shoots at Cable as he catches up to the trucks.
  • Cable throws off several prisoners to keep Wade back from the truck.
  • Wade attempts to do the same move as Cable to get onto the back of the truck...but fails.
  • As they free fall Wade ends up tea-bagging Cable.
  • Wade decides that he's not gonna let Cable kill Russell no matter what happened.
  • Cable asks if it's necessary for Wade to be gross at every possible moment.
  • Cable calls Wade handsome.
  • Wade tells Cable that he's a grower not a show-er.
  • Cable shoots the man who is choking Wade.
  • Wade fights off three men who are about to attack Cable.
  • Cable sarcastically tells Wade that he's doing a great job getting to Russell.
  • Wade tells Cable to go for cover just as Russell fires a fire ball at them.
  • Wade and Cable both agree that the Headmaster looks like a pervert.
  • Cable watches as Russell tries to talk down Russell.
  • Cable can barely watch as Wade seems to die.


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Cablepool was popular during the release of the comics series, Cable & Deadpool, but is more rare in modern fandom, given the popularity of Spideypool as well as Marvel marketing that relationship more. Although the ship has become more relevant after the release of Deadpool 2.

On AO3, Cablepool is the most written ship for Cable and the second most written ship for Deadpool. It is the second most written ship in the Deadpool (Movieverse), Deadpool (Comics) and Deadpool - All Media Types tags and the most written in the Cable & Deadpool tag.



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  • Deadpool's first appearance, in New Mutants #98, was also his first interaction with Cable.
  • Wade will often call Nathan, "Priscilla".
  • Post Civil War, the split between Cable and Deadpool is often called by themselves, and others, a "Divorce".
  • Cable is unable to read Wade's mind, despite his telepathic powers.
  • Both appear in the X-Men 92 cartoon.
    • Deadpool only has a small cameo while Cable appears in several episodes.
  • Cable compares Wade's voice to sounding like Demi Moore's.
    • A ruining gag is Cable saying the actress's name, only for Wade to correct him on the pronunciation.
  • According to Fandometrics Cablepool was the 19th most blogged ship the week ending May 29th 2018[1].
  • Both 616 Wade and Nate left the Uncanny Avengers team in issue #23


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