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Cacklebean is the femslash ship between Cackletta and Queen Bean from the Super Mario fandom.


Cackletta and Queen Bean are both beanish characters from the Beanbean Kingdom who only appear in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and its remake. Although, future games do reference them. Throughout the game, Cackletta terrorizes Queen Bean's kingdom and the Mushroom Kingdom for her own agenda.

Before Cackletta's plans began, Queen Bean's son, Prince Peasley, discovered the witch's schemes. Queen Bean and the prince then decided to warn Princess Peach. Through this, when Cackletta disguised herself as the Goodwill Ambassador, only Birdo's voice was taken away, leaving Peach as safe.

However, the queen and prince were not able to predict everything. After warning Peach, Prince Peasley was transformed into Dragohoho. Then, Cackletta gave Queen Bean a Belly Blech worm that transformed her into a more muscular state. Through this, Cackletta forced her to fight the Mario Bros.

Before the charade with the brothers and Queen Bean, Cackletta stole the Beanstar and planned on using Peachbots to awaken it. Thanks to the voice swap plan previously mentioned, Cackletta's plans were temporarily stopped.

After Cackletta becomes Bowletta, Queen Bean is shown to be surprised by the action, but goes along with Prince Peasley's plan to give her the fake beanstar.

Throughout the game, Cackletta destroys Beanbean Castle Town twice. However, Cackletta is finally defeated after the second attack.


“Oh, my... How has it come to this? Who would have thought that Cackletta would possess Bowser...”
Queen Bean, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga


Throughout the game, Cackletta is shown to know more details about the castle than most other npcs. Not only does she perfectly disguise herself as Lady Lima twice, but she knows that fixing the castle's plumbing will cause the Beanstar to appear. Neither Queen Bean nor Prince Peasley call her degrading names either. Rather, they will only do such to her assistant, Fawful.

With that stated, fans speculate that Cackletta and Queen Bean originally had a close relationship with each other. Some believe Cackletta to have originally been a servant of Bean's akin to Lady Lima, while others will go further and state that the pair used to be romantically involved. Either way, if the theory is in fact true, an unknown event caused the pair to split.

With fanart, Queen Bean is typically portrayed as the larger of the pair in both height and mass. The two may typically be cuddling or occasionally kissing. Some art may even have Cackletta be a motherly figure to Peasley when he was a child. Others may also go into the aftermath of the two women's relationship, which potentially involves angst. Due to Cackletta's bat-like appearance, theming around the creatures may also go into it.



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