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CamieMina is the femslash ship between Camie Utsushimi and Mina Ashido from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Mina and Camie have yet to interact in the series as of manga/anime canon, or even in the number of spin-offs MHA/BNHA has stemmed in its run-time, yet have been deemed as irrevocable soul sisters by many, thanks to the many key factors they share, from prominent bottom eyelashes to the usage of “hella”. Additionally, even without as much of a mention of one another, Mina can be inferred to be/have been aware of Camie’s existence since the Provisional License Exams, as they supposedly competed in the same exam, although Camie remains unaware of Mina, being that Himiko acted in place of her during this time.

Mina is known for several things, such as her rambunctious, bubbly personality, as well as her pink skin and hair, but nothing as much as her confidence (and rad dance moves), which shines in each fight she has. She doesn’t hesitate to speak or do what’s on her mind, even if that’s poking the ticking time bomb that is Katsuki Bakugou with teasing lilts on his gremlin personality. Camie’s rather similar, but in honey-blonde and a different uniform. From the get-go of her meeting with Katsuki at the Remedial Courses, Camie doesn’t think twice before telling Katsuki he’d be better if he shut his mouth, and like Mina, remained undeterred by the screaming that followed. A common ground can easily be stemmed from here. A strange one, but common ground nonetheless.

Above all, the girls, in one, admittedly mean word, are stupid. Absolute, undeniable airheads living in a blissful cloud of teenage ignorance. So much, that Mina ranks 19th in a class of 20 in terms of academics. So much, that there was trouble deducing the details behind Camie’s disappearance prior to the Provisional License Exams, due to how dimly Camie treated the situation. This doesn’t seem to mean too much in the end, as both girls are exceptional fighters, and full of heart.


A common ship partner to the ever-beloved KiriBaku and vast pairings of the BakuSquad, CamieMina holds its ground in the war zone that is MHA/BNHA ‘rare-pairs’ with 50+ fanfictions written in its tag, even without a single interaction between the girls. Camie and Mina are both portrayed in not just works of fiction, but in canon to have personalities reminiscent of the stereotypical American teenager, or ‘valley girls’. This similarity was quickly eaten up by fans of the series, especially those of Mina and her endless army of femslash ships.

Both Mina and Camie have been known to make comments on the physical beauty of guys, although notable, neither have ever shown a desire to move past that, or make a romantic advance towards the target of their compliments. This allows space for, and holds water for a number of WLW headcanons to be made, most commonly bisexual for either, although Mina often tends to be labeled/though of as more female leaning.

Fan works involving a center of CamieMina often follow the trope of the girls being introduced to one another, or meeting through Katsuki, as he is the only one to have met Camie, and be well acquainted with Mina (while Shoto also knows Camie, he and Mina are quite distant), who’s counted as a close member of his [Baku]Squad. Fanfiction between the two almost always carry the “gay awakening” trope as a bonus.



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  • Before morphing into its desired shape, Camie’s Glamour is reminiscent of Mina’s Acid in terms of shape and color.
  • The girls are both 5”3 (161 centimeters) tall.


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