Careshipping is the het ship between Jack Atlas and Mikage Sagiri (Mina Simington) from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds fandom.


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Mikage was tasked with watching over Jack by Rex Goodwin. Mikage took care of Jack after he is hurt in the Fortune Cup. Jack leaves the hostpital (due to being attacks by the Dark Signers). Mikage tracks him down finding him at Carly's place. Mikage got upset when Jack chose to stay with Carly instead of coming with her.

Lafter Mikage aids Jack in getting back to Satellite in her helicopter. They witness Yusei and Kiryu's duel. Jack wanted to help but Mikage advised him that without his Duel Runner he can't help.

During the battles with the Dark Signers Mikage shows concern for Jack. She is revealed to hear from Aki that Jack won his duel against Carly who had become a Dark Signer.

During the World Riding Duel Grand Prix, Mikage is assigned to investigate Jack for forcing opponents into Turbo Duels and making them crash. She struggles with the idea that Jack would do such things. It later turns out to be robot duplicates of him.Later during the tournament she cheers Jack on and rushes to his side when he is injured.

At the end of the series she supports Jack when he decides to leave the city and become the King of the Ride Ace Dueling League with the title of World King.


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Careshipping is a less common shippings. Supports feel that Mikage was a good match for Jack since he was the most serious of his love interests. It mainly rivals Retributionshipping.



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  • Named because Mikage cared for Jack while he was injured.
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