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CasJo is the het ship between Castiel and Jo Harvelle from the Supernatural fandom.


Jo watches Cas do shots with her mom. Once he's done with his row, he says that he's only now starting to feel something, amazing Jo.

Jo knocks on Cas' window asking if he's ever heard of a door handle. As she turns around and he answers her yes, having teleported outside of the car. He looks around and realizes that the town is filled with reapers. He informs them that he has to figure out what's going on and leaves.


  • Jo lines up shots for Ellen and Cas.
  • Jo and Cas go to the living room for a picture.
  • Cas rides in the car with Jo and Ellen.


CasJo is a small ship in the Supernatural fandom.



Castiel/Jo tag on AO3


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