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A page is no longer a stub when it has the following content:

When editing the canon section of ship pages, the section must be at least three paragraphs long. A paragraph is not a sentence. Each paragraph must be at least 5 sentences long. If a ship is of characters who interact very little, or not at all, the canon section needs to at least state this, then go on to talk about similarities between the characters.

The fanon section must have at least one paragraph (see above): explain how the ship is portrayed in fan works, or how shipping began in the fandom. Statistics for works on other sites are also welcome. If a ship is between characters who never/rarely interact, this section must be three paragraphs, since most of the shipping would come from fan content.

The fandom section must have one link to a fansite for the pairing. This can be eg. AO3, forums, tumblr searches/users, deviantart pages, popular fan twitters etc.

Here is a list of other sections that can be added to the page. They are not required to be filled out, but do help improve the quality of the page overall. If a ship is a rare pair, please have at least two of these section filled in someway.

Once all of the required sections are filled out correctly, the page will no longer be considered a stub.
Do continue adding content to the page. We always want the pages to grow. If you have any questions, contact an admin.

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