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Catmeleon is the femslash ship between Blake Belladonna and Ilia Amitola from the RWBY fandom.


Ilia and Blake are both comrades from their old White Fang days and close friends. They are close enough that Ilia tells Blake about a painful part of her past that motivated her to join the White Fang. Ilia later admitted in "Alone Together" that she had a crush on Blake at the time which Blake seemed unaware of.

When Blake first arrives in Menagerie, Fennec Albain claims that Ilia would be elated if Blake returned to the White Fang. However, as Blake begins to actively work against the White Fang the two become somewhat unwilling enemies. Blake tries to warn Ilia from becoming like Adam, while Ilia wants to further the goals of Adam's White Fang under the orders of the Albains. They fight several time while Blake is in Menagerie, though Ilia still tries to warn Blake away for her own safety.

Ultimately, after Blake tells Ilia that her ways go against the wishes of her parents and Ghira saves her from certain death, Ilia betrays the White Fang and joins Blake. She goes with Blake to Haven Academy to prevent Adam and the reminding White Fang from setting off explosives around the school grounds. Afterwards, in "Argus Limited", she is saddened that Blake is leaving Mistral with her friends, but she respects her decision. Ilia gives Blake a hug at the train station and thanks her for everything before they go their separate ways.


Catmeleon is a small ship in the fandom, though still a popular one for Ilia herself. While many were happy that Ilia's crush on Blake was canon, other were displeased that the first instance on an LGBT character was a villain. However, Ilia's redemption in the later volumes soften this stance. Around the time of Ilia's introduction the RWBY fandom was spreading the "Weiss is a useless lesbian" meme. After Ilia admitted to liking Blake the fandom began referring to her as the "useful lesbian" to counter Weiss.

On AO3 it is the most written ship for Ilia and the eighth for Blake.



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  • Ilia admitting her crush on Blake led her to being the first confirmed LGBT+ and lesbian character in the show.


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