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Caulscott is the het ship between Max Caulfield and Nathan Prescott from the Life is Strange fandom.


After seeing Nathan shoot Chloe in the girls bathroom, and learning of his drugging of both Kate and Chloe, Max is firm enemies with Nathan. Nathan's hostility toward Max can be determined on whenever or not she has made choices that could harm Nathan in any way, such as if Max reported him for any of his misdeeds. Despite his apparent dislike for her, his behavior towards Max is less aggressive if she has chosen not to tell Principal Wells about him carrying a gun into the girls bathroom, make fun of Victoria for getting paint on herself or to blame him for Kate's (attempted) suicide.

Nevertheless, Nathan attacks Max at the parking lot in Episode 1 and when he catches her and Chloe breaking into his dormitory room and stealing his mobile phone in Episode 4. Also, in the same episode, she's not reluctant in helping Chloe to get her revenge against him for killing Rachel. However, regardless of Max's choices, in Episode 5, Max will get a voice message from Nathan in which he apologizes for everything and warns her about Mark Jefferson.

In the alternate timeline, Nathan and Max seem to be friends since he texts her about hanging out and according to Victoria's texts, he is worried about her since she ran off.


On AO3, Caulscott is the sixth most written ship for Max, and the second most written for Nathan. It is also the tenth most written ship and most written het ship in the Life is Strange tag.



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