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Chaebedo is the poly ship between Tartaglia, Kaeya Alberich, and Albedo from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Childe has no canonical interactions with Kaeya nor Albedo, both of whom have canonical interactions and voice lines about the other. There is no collective information on them besides the voice lines and an interaction between the latter two in the Midsummer Island Adventure event. Childe was not involved. Their heights vary: Childe is the tallest and Albedo is the smallest in this polyship.

There are a lot of differences between the three. Childe, Kaeya and Albedo's visions are all different, each one holding a hydro, cryo and geo vision, respectively. Their personalities are also starkly dissimilar; Childe is quite relaxed and cheerful, but his murderous tendencies shine through occasionally. Kaeya has sadistic traits and is a great strategist, but, "you can only trust half of what he says," according to Diluc. Albedo is much more reserved and precise.

All three of them seem to enjoy taking care of children, though. Kaeya and Albedo take care of Klee, the girl being Albedo's self-proclaimed younger sister. Childe takes care of his younger brother Teucer and cares for him deeply.

In gameplay, their team compositions can differ. The recommended roles for each are Tartaglia as a DPS, Kaeya as a sub-DPS or a cryo applicator for frozen reactions and Albedo as a geo support, his skill allowing him to deal damage off-field.

Childe is one of the eleven Fatui Harbingers, while Kaeya and Albedo work for the Knights of Favonius. Since the Knights of Favonius are enemies with the Fatui, this may cause tensions; however, Mondstadt so far has proven to be quite hospitable to Fatui diplomats, but this is majorly because they do not want to sour their relations.

The three are also familiar with Khaenri'ah. Albedo's Master, Rhinedottir is from Khaenri'ah, and it is speculated that Rhinedottir is the same person as the alchemist known as Gold, an alchemist who corrupted Durin (written in Volume 1 of Breeze Amidst the Forest). Kaeya originated from Khaenri'ah, but was placed in Mondstadt to serve their interests. His father had abandoned him in this strange and unknown land to fulfill his mission, and it was Master Crepus and the city of Mondstadt that had welcomed him with open arms when they found him. Childe, at fourteen, fell into the Abyss; it is not confirmed, but it is speculated the Abyss is or at the very least has a strong connection to Khaenri'ah.


“Albedo, eh? Calm, collected, and incredibly talented. He's the type everybody likes, some even more so than others. What, you into him as well?”
— Kaeya's voiceline about Albedo
“I once ventured deep into the abyss and came face to face with an enormous beast. I don't know its name, all I know is the sight of it chilled me to the bone. But mark my words, one day I will march back in there and behead that beast, and you, comrade, will be my witness!”
— Childe's Voiceline referencing the abyss, sometimes thought to be Khaenri'ah
“Relationships are...quite troublesome. Once you establish a relation with someone, you must continue to maintain it; if you lose contact, you must reestablish the relation. This taxing cycle requires a lot of time...”
— About Albedo: Socializing
“The time required to sketch portraits closely correlates with one's mood. I could spend half a day sketching Huffman, while I might only need three strokes of the pencil to sketch Kaeya — one for the face, one for the eyepatch string... and one for the eyepatch.”
— More About Albedo: III
“Klee. Seems she has failed to elude the Acting Grand Master's investigative skills, despite the pointers I gave her... Haha, I'm kidding, no need to go reporting me or anything.”
— Kaeya's voiceline about Klee
“Indeed, I view Klee as my younger sister. Whenever she gets herself into some explosive sort of trouble, I can only console myself with the fact that her current destructiveness is nothing compared to that of Miss Alice.”
— Albedo's voiceline about Klee
“However far away my motherland may be, we all live under the same sky. That snow-white moon... My family must be able to see it too. I hope my siblings are well... And I hope that they have turned out to be formidable warriors too.”
— More About Tartaglia III


Chaebedo made its first major debut on Twitter in between February and April 2021. The appeal of the ship begins shining when you take note of how similar they all may be, but different at the same time.

Many differences are split between these three, which happens to be part of the major appeal of the ship. Childe is very prone to making relationships, while Albedo and Kaeya refrain from doing so. All are very knowledgeable, yes, but in different fields. Two are associated with the Knights of Favonius as captains, while the other is with the rivaling group to the knights, the Fatui, as a harbinger.

No content as of yet is dedicated to the three, partly due to the fact that Childe is from Morepesok, Snezhaya (currently residing in Liyue) while Kaeya and Albedo hail from Khaenri'ah (both currently residing in Mondstadt). It is uncommon for the playable characters to have a voiceline of a character from another nation. It can be considered a rare pair among the Genshin Impact fandom, and is often overshadowed by Kaebedo and ChiLi, which are the most popular ships for those respective characters. There are less than thirty fanfictions depicting the three on Archive of Our Own.



Albedo/Kaeya/Tartaglia tag on AO3


Chaebedo hashtag on Twitter


  • Childe has canonically been to Dragonspine as of his second banner trailer.
  • Childe is good with kids, and Albedo does happen to have a little sister who could be only slightly younger than Teucer.
  • In Childe's trial run, Kaeya will be the only other member of the team, possibly for the frozen reactions.


Chaeya refers to the ship between Tartaglia and Kaeya Alberich
Kaebedo refers to the ship between Albedo and Kaeya Alberich
Tartbedo refers to the ship between Tartaglia and Albedo


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