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Chaeya is the slash ship between Tartaglia and Kaeya Alberich from the Genshin Impact fandom.


The two have never met nor interacted due to the fact, the two live in different nations. Kaeya lives in Mondstadt, though formerly in Khaenri'ah. While, Childe lives in Snezhnaya. They both don't have voicelines of each other, and can be rare to have voicelines of each other due to being from different nations. Gameplay-wise, these two could notably work, as an significant duo since the two could do the elemental reaction, frozen. With their skills and bursts.

However, the two have some similarities. They're both tall within their appearances, maybe even the same height. Both of course, have visions and seem to have something to do with the Abyss. In Childe's voiceline about Interesting Things, it's revealed he trains in the Abyss. As for Kaeya, he's from Khaenri'ah, the Abyss all originated from Khaenri'ah.

The two have a notable connected to Snezhnaya's Archon, Tsaritsa. In a sense that they are both held in high regard by her. Childe is one of the Fatui Harbingers, a high position given to those the Tsaritsa deems worthy. Kaeya was granted a cryo vision on Diluc's eighteenth birthday, Tsaritsa is the cryo archon. Although it has been confirmed that archons do not give out visions as Raiden Shogun has stated "it is not by my will that Visions are granted or denied."


“ I once ventured deep into the abyss and came face to face with an enormous beast. I don't know its name, all I know is the sight of it chilled me to the bone. But mark my words, one day I will march back in there and behead that beast, and you, comrade, will be my witness!”
— Childe's Voiceline about Interesting Things
“Is the Abyss Order causing you trouble? If there's anything bothering you, you know you can talk to me.”
— Kaeya's Voiceline about Kaeya


Cheaya is a popular ship within the Genshin Impact fandom, considering how many supporters are there, its rivals ships are ChiLi, ChiLumi, and KaeLuc. It's one of the most written fanfictions for the two of them, being the 4th most written fanfics for the two of them. Currently, there are over 1000 works of the Chaeya ship on Archive of Our Own.

The two are usually portrayed in the popular fanfiction troupe, "Enemies to Lovers", since Childe is one of the Fatui Harbingers and Kaeya is a Knight of Favonius who protects Mondstadt.



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Chaebedo refers to the ship between the two and Albedo
DCKZ refers to the ship between the two, Zhongli and Diluc Ragnvindr
ZhongChaeya refers to the ship between the two and Zhongli


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