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Chaffron is the het ship between Charmy and Saffron from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Charmy and Saffron were childhood friends who lived in the Golden Hive Colony.

In Knuckles the Echidna issue 14, Charmy was hospitalized after suffering an overdose of dandelion syrup. We see then a flashback of the bee running away from his parents and his acknowledgement ceremony. When Charmy passed through a garden, a blue-haired bee wanted to talk to and help him with his problems. Charmy knows that was Saffron, so he ignores her pleas and flies away from her; thinking she was “such a nudge”. Charmy then settled on the Floating Island for about a year, eventually becoming a member of the Chaotix. Ater the death of his friend Mello and temporarily parting with his teammates in the next issue, he came back home to his hive kingdom and accepted his role as a prince. He also became Saffron’s fiancé around that point.

The two were spending time together in the Knuckles the Echidna panel of Sonic issue 93, when suddenly the latter notices a green flash coming towards them. Charmy introduces the green echidna to his fiancée, not knowing they were followed by Nack and Nic. The former comes forward to Knuckles and the bees, asking to help repair his Skymaster. The echidna demands him patience, but Nack strikes his knife down in front of the former’s shoes and threatening to “kiss the happy lovebirds bye-bye”. His sister locks her weapon on Saffron, but was stopped by an unknown figure. The green echinda then gets arrested and put into the Chaos Syphon. In the next issue, the bees searched far and wide for Knuckles or Nack. They were able to see Knuckles being under pressure from the machine, so Charmy “crashes [the] system” by distracting the controller while Saffron presses a button to free the echidna from his cuffs.

After Sonic’s disappearance, the Eggman Empire began taking over various regions, including the Golden Hive Colony. Charmy and Saffron were forced to flee the attack and take shelter in Knothole in issue 138. Charmy rejoined the Chaotix and Saffron became a member of the group as well. The team joined Sonic and Knuckles in taking the recapturing zones one by one, eventually reaching the Hidden Palace Zone, along with Dr. Finitevus and Lien-Da. Both are then seen sitting on Ray’s long tail. They cheered together with Sonic and the Chaotix as they get introduced to Kneecapeon Mace. Charmy parts with Saffron, who wishes him to “come back safe”, before continuing on to Dingo City.

Over a year later, Knothole was attacked by Eggman. Charmy was captured during the attack and placed inside one of the Egg Grapes, which caused him to lose memories. Sonic managed to free Charmy from the grape and brought him to Dr. Quack. Saffron tearfully asked Charmy if he could remember her, to which he responded that he did. The two then hugged.

Charmy and Saffron later teamed up with Ray for some Chaotix missions as they were the three smaller members and also the ones capable of flying.

They were eventually separated when Thrash the Devil sent most of the echidnas to another realm with a warp ring. As Saffron was with Julie-Su at the moment, she was pulled in the ring as well.


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This rare ship does have some following. As Saffron appears exclusively in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Archie comics, it is shipped by fans of that series. The ship’s popularity is superseded by those based from the games or later comics, such as Chaream (Charmy×Cream). Pairing Saffron with a male Sonic character is even rarer.

In Archive of Our Own, two fan-made literature with both characters in mind have been written. Though, the first only came out in mid-April 2022. A handful of fan-art have also been drawn featuring the two.




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