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Chaffron is the het ship between Charmy Bee and Saffron Bee from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Charmy and Saffron were childhood friends who lived in the Golden Hive Colony. However, when confronted with his Acknowledgment Ceremony, Charmy decided to leave the colony and flee from his royal duties. Saffron, unable to understand why Charmy was so upset, wanted to help him, but he ignored her and left. Around a year later, Charmy cane back and accepted his role as a prince. He also became Saffron's fiance.

After Sonic's disappearance, the Eggman Empire began taking over various regions, including the Golden Hive Colony. Charmy and Saffron were forced to flee the attack and take shelter in Knothole. Charmy rejoined the Chaotix and Saffron became a member of the group as well.

Charmy and Saffron later teamed up with Ray for some Chaotix missions as they were the three smaller members and also the ones capable of flying.

Saffron and Charmy were eventually separated when Thrash the Devil sent most echidnas to another realm with a warp ring. As Saffron was with Julie-Su at the moment, she was pulled in the ring as well.


While not the most popular pairing for Charmy, Chaffron has some following. As Saffron appears exclusively in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Archie comics, it is shipped by fans of that series.




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