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Chair is the het ship between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass from the Gossip Girl fandom.



Chuck and Blair shared their first kiss in "Victor, Victrola" (1x07) right after Blair broke up with Nate. And Blair even loses her virginity to Chuck.

Blair is triing to get Nate back on her birthday in "Seventeen Candles" (1x08). Chuck is jealous and tells Blair that he likes her and she rejects him. But than Nate tries to use Blair and Chuck is trying to comfort her and they and up kissing.

Chuck and Blair continue secretly hooking up in "Hi, Society" (1x10). They get later in a fight and Blair ends things between them and she hooks up with Nate.

Nate breaks up with Balir in "The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate" (1x13) after he finds out she slept with Chuck. Blair tries to get Chuck back but he tells her he doesn't want her anymore.

They kiss again in "Much 'I Do' About Nothing" (1x18) and it seems that it's gonna last. They even plan their summer holiday together. But Chuck freaks out from having girlfriend and he lets her go on a holiday alone.


Blair arrives fom holiday with new boyfriend in "Summer, Kind of Wonderful" (2x01). Chuck is jealous and wants her back. She tells him that she's his if he tells her he loves her. Chuck can't do it and Blair leaves with her boyfriend.

Blair hooks up with Chuck and cheats on her boyfriend in "The Dark Night" (2x03). Her boyfriend gives her a second chance and she chooses him over Chuck.

Chuck helps Blair humiliating Vanessa in "Chuck in Real Life" (2x07) and his price is one night with Blair. They end up hooking up for real and Chuck wants Blair to tell him she loves him. She can't do it and this time Chuck is the one to.

Blair keeps chasing after Chuck in "Pret-a-Poor-J" (2x08) but it is pointless because she can't say those three words. Chuck and blair have later conversation basically saying they love each other but they would not work right now.

"O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" (2x13) is about Chuck's father's funeral. Chuck is grieving and doesn't want anybody around him. Blair tells him she isn't going anywhere because she loves him but Chuck doesn't say it back. He comes to Blair's later and she finds him sitting on a bed crying. They fall asleep hugging and when Blair wakes up she find a note on her bed. It is from Chuck and it says that he's sorry, that Blair deserves better and to not look for him.

Chuck comes back and tries to kill himself in "In the Realm of the Basses" (2x14) but Blair saves him.

Chuck is pretty mean to Blair in "Gone with the Will" (2x15). He comes to her apologizing later, but Blair tells him she's done and that there is nothing going on between them anymore.

Blair kiss Chuck in "The Grandfather" (2x19) but he tells her that she isn't the Blair he wants because she's been acting strange lately. He comes to Blair's later and fins out she's kissing with Nate.

Blair asks Chuck if what he feels is real or if it's just a game in "The Wrath of Con" (2x23). He tells her it is just a game. Serena asks him why did he say it and he answears that because he loves her but he can't make her happy.

"Valley Girls" (2x24) is a prom episode. Blair thinks Chuck was the one that sobotage her prom night. Than she becomes a prom queen which was really unlikely. Dan asks who voted for her and Chuck says that he did, 150 times.

Chuck finally tells Blair that he loves her in "The Goodbye Gossip Girl" (2x25) and they FINALLY get together.


They keep dating in season 3. Cute moments in 3x01, 3x03, 3x06, 3x08, 3x12, 3x14, 3x15.

Blair breaks up with Chuck in "Inglourious Bassterds" (3x17) after he chooses his hotel over her the worst way he can.

Chuck and Blair are suppost to be the happy couple on Dorota's wedding in "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" (3x18) but Blair reveals that they are not happy at all during the ceremony. She breaks up with Chuck for good later in the episode.

In "Ex-Husbands and Wives" (3x21) Chuck tell Blair to meet him at the Empire State Building. And if she will not be there tomorrow at 19:01 than he's closing his heart for him forever.

Blair decides to meet Chuck in "Last Tango, Then Paris" (3x22) but she does not make it in time because Dorota is in labor. Chuck thinks Blair doesn't love him anymore and he sleeps with Jenny. Blair comes to Chuck's later with flowers he left on the top of the Empire State Building without knowing he slept with another girl. They get back together and Chuck is about to propose when Blair finds out about Jenny and she end things between them again. Chuck travels to Prague where he's shot.


Chuck and Blair meet again in "Double Identity" (4x02) after chuck changed his name and found new girl even though he still loves Blair. Blair tells him she doesn't love him anymore, but that she wants him to come back because it wouldn't be her world without Chuck in it.

Blair ruins Chuck's relationship with Eva in "Touch of Eva" (4x04) and Chuck tells her that this is the start of a war.

They keep fighting until "Easy J" (4x06). Chuck suggest truce and Blair accept, it is ovious there still is a lot of chemistry between them.

They seem kind of distance in "War at the Roses" (4x07) but they end up hooking up at Blair's burthday party.

They keep hooking up until "The Witches of Bushwick" (4x09). They say they love each other but they decide to end things between them so they can focuse on their future.

Blair ends Chuck's hopes on them getting back together in "The Kids Stay in the Picture" (4x18). Chuck starts drinking after that and he make a scene when he finds out Blair has a boyfriend. Blair tells him Louie proposed to her in "The Princesses and the Frog" (4x20) and Chuck accidently hurts her when he's drunk and angry.

Chuck literally saves Blair's life in "The Wrong Goodbye" (4x22) and Blair forgives him. They have a lot of fun the same night and they even kiss. Blair decides to choose Chuck over Louie, but Chuck let's her go right before she tells her fiancé because he thinks he isn't good enough for Blair. Blair and Chuck say they will always love eachother and Blair leaves with Louie after that.


Blair finds out she's pregnant with Loui's baby in "The Jewel of Denial" (5x03) and she tells Chuck. The episode ends with Chuck crying in a bed because of it.

In "The Jewel of Denial" (5x06) Chuck apologizes to Blair for all the things he¨ve done in the past and kind of let's her go by getting rid of the proposal ring he had for Blair.

Chuck and Blair get back together in "Riding in Town Cars with Boys" (5x10) when Blair chooses Chuck over Loui when Chuck tells her she should be with him because he'll love the baby the same way he loves her. But they have a car accident on their way home.

In "The End of the Affair?" (5x11) Blair is recovering much better than Chuck and she preis for him. She promises that she'll stay with Loui if Chuck is gonna be okay. Than a miracle happens and Chuck is doing much much better. blair takes it like a sign and tells Chuck with tears in her eyes that she is going to stay with Loui even thoug she loves Chuck, but doesn¨t tell him the reason.

Blair marries Loui in "G.G." (5x13) Chuck tries to stop her but she rejects him because of her promise. But after she got married, Loui tells her that their marriage won't be so dreamy for her after the Chuck thing and Blair escapes from her wedding.

Dan and Blair breaks up in "The Return of the Ring" (5x24) and she wants Chuck back. But he rejects her after his father disapoints her. But Blair finds him in a casino later and tells him, that he've fighted for her the whole year so she is going to fight for him now.


They've spent a few nights together in the casino hotel and decided that they'll focuse on their work and than they can be together in "Gone Maybe Gone" (6x01).

They share bunch of cute moments in "Dirty Rotten Scandals" (6x03).

Lily destroys the only evedens that Chuck had agains Bart to protect him. Chuck tells Blair that they can never be together because of that in "Save the Last Chance" (6x07).

Chuck decides to leave to keep Blair save from his father. Blair kiss him before he get's on the plain. Chuck's father tries to kill Chuck during the flight but he'll fail. Chuck reveals Bart's secrets to everyone. Bart falls from the roof-top later and dies in "The Revengers" (6x09).

Chuck and Blair get married in "New York, I Love You XOXO" (6x10).


Blair“At last i have someone who loves me by my side. You should find someone who loves you too.”
Chuck“I have. She is standing right in front of me.”
Blair“Love me?”
Chuck“You went.”
Blair“Every bone in my body tried to slow me. Every voice in my head screamed don't. But I didn't listen. I followed my heart because I love you.”
Chuck“Your world would be easier if I didn't come back.”
Blair“That's true. But it wouldn't be my world without you in it.”
Blair“You're Chuck Bass.”
Chuck“I'm not Chuck Bass without you.”


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On AO3 it is the most written ship for Chuck and second for Blair. It is the most written ship in the Gossip Girl tag.



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  • Ed Westwick (actor that portray Chuck) once mentioned that he's “Madly in love with Leighton Meester“ (acress that portray Blair).
  • A YouTube account 'MsMojo' marked Chuck and Blair like the 4th best CW couple in their video in 2019.