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Charazi is the non-binary ship between Charlie/Clotho and Behrad from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Charlie and Behrad hook up after he's been with the team for a while. Afterwards, Charlie leaves the Waverider to protect the team from her sisters, unbeknownst to Behrad who really likes Charlie and thinks Charlie just flaked out on him. When they fight off Genghis Khan, Charlie returns to help Behrad out and saves his life. Behrad, in turn, saves Charlie when Charlie is almost run over by a van.[1] When Behrad's murdered on the Waverider after all of the loom rings have finally been gathered, everyone chomping at the bit to have Charlie reverse/change certain fates. Charlie decides that she will be the one to choose as everyone keeps arguing and she immediately chooses Behrad.[2]


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