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Chaream is the het ship between Charmy and Cream in the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



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In Sonic Heroes, Cream and Charmy met during the team battle between their respective teams, with both characters being the fly formation of said team. Despite starting out as almost enemies, their teams later allied with two others to defeat Neo Metal Sonic. Since then, no hard feelings have been shown between the two teams.

In Sonic Generations, both attended Sonic’s birthday party together with the other main characters, but no major interaction was shown between the two. They are playable characters in the Sonic Dash and (now discontinued) Sonic Runners mobile games, as well as in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Both also have cameo appearances in Nintendo-focused games. In the Mario & Sonic series, Charmy and Cream are both referees, while in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, they are stickers that your playable character can equip. Charmy gives a slash boost, and Cream electrical resistance.

Sonic X

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In “Defective Detectives”, Cream’s mother sent the Chaotix to find her missing daughter. As they spy from behind a bush, Charmy notices Cream with a big scary security guard, and the bee lets Vector take a look with the binoculars. After Espio is knocked out by Amy’s hammer, both Charmy and Vector personally get inside the Thorndyke mansion and demand the mansion’s occupants to hand over Cream. As Vector threatens to attack Ella with Charmy’s stinger, Amy starts the fight. It breaks off when Sonic and Vanilla come into the room, mother and daughter reunited. Charmy asks what Sonic had done, in which the hedgehog thought he kidnapped the young rabbit.

In “Galactic Gumshoes”, the Chaotix tried once again to bring Cream back to her mother. When they besiege the Blue Typhoon, Charmy wore protective clothing and tried to reason with the main characters. Thinking the bee was a Metarex, Chris ordered Cream and the others to attack Charmy. After Sonic sorted out the misunderstandings between them, Vector agreed to let Cream stay on their adventure. Charmy took a picture of Cream, which a fax was sent to her mother regarding the young rabbit’s condition in outer space.


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Cream and her family visited the Chaotix in their office after the events of the Metal Virus saga.


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Charmy and Cream are both 6 years old, making them the youngest two characters with canon ages in the games. Mainly because of this, the two are frequently shipped. Other motivations include their ability of flight.

On AO3, Chaream has six fan works as of October 2021, making it the second most written romantic ship for both characters, only behind both of their ships with Tails, Charmails and Taiream. Other rival ships include Charine and Rayream, also featuring two of the youngest characters.



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